Rose City Post-Race Report 2016

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A New Distance & A New Venue Equals an Awesome Weekend!

The rave reviews continue to come in and by all accounts, everyone enjoyed their race experience during the 10th #MSCWelland #MSCRoseCity Weekend, and the World Class venue of the Welland International Flatwater Centre. The setting is hard to beat, and if you’d like to experience it again and much more, you can take on the challenge of the Skechers Performance Niagara Falls Barrelman on September 18.

It was a very special weekend for the MultiSport Canada crew and especially our leader, the Founder and President of MultiSport Canada, John Salt.

John Salt on duty at the races to make sure you have the best day possible. When he shakes your hand at the finish line, he truly appreciates that you chose to race with us that day.

Throughout the weekend, John was beaming with pride about the choice of the new Welland race site, was thrilled about how both races were being executed, and on Sunday morning, the successful comeback to this sport by his wife Anne. Without going into all the fine details (because Anne wouldn’t like it if we did), almost four years ago to the day, Anne was hit by a pick-up truck while on a training ride and if it were not for her helmet, she would not be here today. Anne returned to triathlon with Sunday’s Long Course race, and did it with style. She emerged out of the water with the third fastest women’s age group swim, rode the windy course on a road bike, and put in a solid run to finish in 3:54:23. Congratulations on a great day Anne! Your determination on this long road back was inspiring. You had John in tears of joy throughout the day. We love you both!

Saturday June 26, 2016

The short course racers got the first opportunity to race on this new site, and while temperatures were hot even at that early in the morning hours, so was the racing.

Thanks to TRYSPORT NIAGARA, our Local Presenting Sponsor.

Chris Jocelyn (left) and Laura Burberry (right) won the #MSCWelland Sprint Triathlon.

Welland Sprint Triathlon 2016 (750m swim, 20km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Chris Jocelyn M45-49 1:01:01
  2. Ryan McCallum M19- 1:02:01
  3. Nathan Nicholls M25-29 1:02:12
  4. Art Hare M30-34 1:02:32
  5. Nicholas Kolodzie M40-44 1:03:05

Welland Sprint Triathlon 2016 (750m swim, 20km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Laura Burberry W35-39 1:09:33
  2. Anne Belanger W25-29 1:10:20
  3. Jessica Campbell W50-54 1:11:39
  4. Meaghan St John W40-44 1:13:00
  5. Kathryn Sullivan W50-54 1:14:21

The Duathletes starting their day.

Sean Delanghe (left) and Bethany Timmerman (right) won the #MSCWelland Sprint Duathlon.

Welland Sprint Duathlon 2016 (2.5km run, 20km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Sean Delanghe M30-34 58:37
  2. Larry Bradley M40-44 59:38
  3. Garvin Moses M30-34 1:00:10
  4. Jeremy Carter 1:02:59
  5. Kevin P. Gallagher M50-54 1:04:41

Welland Sprint Duathlon 2016 (2.5km run, 20km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Bethany Timmerman W45-49 1:13:07
  2. Jessy Deroneth W30-34 1:14:54
  3. Melanie Correia W35-39 1:20:36
  4. Mary-Ann McKinley W50-54 1:21:07
  5. Tory Jones W40-44 1:21:49

Scott Mallory (left) and Michelle Molodynia (right) won the  #MSCWelland Give-It-A-Tri.

Welland Give-It-A-Tri 2016 (400m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Scott Mallory M55-59 41:16
  2. Matthew Kampe M19- 42:13
  3. Christopher Porter M25-29 43:30
  4. Paul Granitto M55-59 44:10
  5. Brett Knowles M55-59 45:28

Welland Give-It-A-Tri 2016 (400m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Michelle Molodynia W20-24 42:16
  2. Lindsay Robinson W40-44 42:40
  3. Laura Wall W55-59 44:35
  4. Kristi Acorn W30-34 45:15
  5. Jennifer Wright W40-44 46:25

The winners of the Sprint Swim/Bike were Michael Holden and Loreen Holden.

Congratulations to our First Timers! Welcome to the Triathlon Family!

Not ready for doing all three or two sports for yourself? Get your friends or family together to participate as a Relay Team. It will be a fun day for all.

Sunday June 26, 2016

Sunday featured the Long Course races and the classic distance of a 2 km swim, 56 km bike, 15 km run instead of the half distance of previous years. The Long Course Triathlon was also the first race of Triathlon Ontario’s Long Course Series.

Both Jackson Laundry and Angela Quick led from start to finish to claim the overall victory in the Long Course Triathlon.

Welland Long Course Triathlon 2016 (2km swim, 56km bike, 15km run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Jackson Laundry PRO/EAG 2:43:09
  2. Nigel Gray PRO/EAG 2:49:11
  3. Adam Doxtator PRO/EAG 2:55:26
  4. Duncan Ross PRO/EAG 2:58:14
  5. Ryan Power PRO/EAG 3:01:46

Welland Long Course Triathlon 2016 (2km swim, 56km bike, 15km run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Angela Quick PRO/EAG 3:09:53
  2. Miranda Tomenson PRO/EAG 3:12:31
  3. Paolina Allan W45-39 3:19:05
  4. Julie Martens W40-44 3:20:14
  5. Lauren Heinken PRO/EAG 3:32:20

Thornhill’s Frank Sorbara and Vaughan’s Deirdre Maloney won the Long Course Swim/Bike event, while Etobicoke’s Andrew McLeod and Mississauga’s Tammy Purdy claimed the Long Course Bike/Run titles.

Check out Triathlon Magazine Canada’s Report about Sunday’s Long Course Race – Laundry and Quick earn Rose City Long Course Titles.

Ryan Van Praet and Syd Trefiak on the run course at the Welland Long Course Triathlon.

Ryan Van Praet (left) and Syd Trefiak on the run course at the Welland Long Course Triathlon.

We had the privilege of having one of the World’s fastest paratriathletes on the course on Sunday and you’ll be seeing a lot more of Ryan because he’s also a Recharge With Milk Ambassador athlete. At the races, Ryan is keen to answer any of your questions so you can learn more about paratriathletes. We also suggest that you read this great article from Ryan: Paratriathlon – It’s Okay To Be Curious, Some Facts & Fiction to Consider.

Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team

Our Ambassadors Athletes from Sunday’s races.

Make sure to stop by the Recharge With Milk Recovery Zone to get your post-race Chocolate Milk, swag, recover, to have to fun with your fellow racers, and to ask our Recharge With Milk Ambassador Athletes any questions that you might have.

Recharge With Milk Racer of the Day


Congratulations to Janis Milliken and Rob Perry on being the Recharge With Milk Racers of the Day for Welland/Rose City and on winning a free entry to this race, Chocolate Milk for a month and a Recharge With Milk Swag Bag!

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TRYSPORT the Official Swim Course Sponsor of the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series.

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Skechers Performance is the Presenting Sponsor and Official Running Shoe for the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series, and Title Sponsor for the Niagara Falls Barrelman Triathlon.

Ignition Fitness / Skechers Racer of the Day

The winner receives an Ignition Fitness Tri Top and a pair of Skechers Performance shoes after wearing the Tri top at two races.

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Belwood on July 9 – Cody Beals will be in attendance to put on a triathlon clinic and will be available pre and post race to answer your questions.

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