Return to Normal Events in 2022

Good Evening Triathletes and Duathletes! 


With the recent government of Ontario announcements, MultiSport Canada has a very high degree of confidence that we are on-track for our events to return to near-normal for the summer 2022. 


It’s been nearly two years since we cancelled our 2020 Series and during that time our industry has been one of the most profoundly affected.  Through all this turmoil, our commitment to host Safe, Fair and Fun events have never wavered. 


During these challenging times, we’ve been grateful for many things.  We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from our participants, from our host communities, from our sponsors, as well as for the many small business support programs offered by our various levels of government.  It was this combined support that has carried us through these past two years and allowed us to run some scaled-down events this past summer. 


We are thankful for the efforts made by ALL of those who helped our community get to this point.  All of those who worked to keep our health care system intact to all of those that worked to keep our economy running through these challenging times. 


Lastly, we want to acknowledge the innumerable individual efforts made over the past two years.  Whether that be following the various public health guidelines, stepping-forward to get vaccinated, or simply going without many of the activities you cherish.  We want to thank you for the choices you’ve made that have allowed us to get back to this point. 


We’re looking forward to seeing everyone back on a Start Line in summer 2022! 


Jason Vurma – President, Multisport Canada Productions Inc.

John Salt – Founder, Multisport Canada