Relay Information for Niagara Falls Barrelman

We have decided to add a new and exciting component to the Niagara Falls Barrelman. After consulting with some of the athletes in various relay teams we have realized there are going to be some very fast times posted and possibly one or more of those teams may set a course record. We have therefore decided to give the very competitive relay teams an opportunity to race against the pros. Relay teams who are anticipating a total finishing time of 4 hours and 45 minutes or less can move up to the first pro wave in the swim. For 2017 this will be done on the honour system. In other words, please do not move to the first wave if you do not have a very high probability of finishing in 4:45 or less.

If you are one of these faster teams all you have to do is go to the Registration Questions and Help Desk. Once there we will make the switch so that Sportstats Timing has you recorded. You will keep the same swim cap colour (Royal Blue). That way our announcer Steve Fleck can let spectators know how the race is shaping up. Please advise us if you are making the switch on Saturday or Sunday at the race site. DO NOT CONTACT our offices about this.