Race Reports from Huronia’s Triathlon Winners

Andrew Bolton and Kristen Marchant, both won the Huronia Sprint Triathlon. Here are the race reports from these two Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series Ambassador Team members.

Andrew Bolton’s Race Report

I was out racing the MSC Huronia sprint triathlon this past weekend. For regular followers of my blog, you will know I have had quite a run of second place finishes (seven in a row to be exact). This past weekend however, I finally broke the streak as I got my first overall win in a couple years (in my first ever sprint race). It wasn’t a particularly competitive race or an exceptional time, but considering I was training through the event, I am definitely pleased with the result.

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Kristen Marchant’s Race Report

YAY to being back at triathlons!!! This was the start of what is to be a very short season for me (less than 2 months) but I am excited nevertheless to be back racing! I only started running a couple of weeks ago and it hasn’t been easy- there is still a fair bit of pain throughout the shin, but in all likelihood is just the tendons so I will continue to run through it (fingers crossed that this isn’t a bad decision).

** I am going to preface this race report by saying that my helmet was taken from transition after the race by someone, and I am pleading for its safe return. It is a Specialized road helmet, and is red/black, and a silver/white colour. Same helmet that I am wearing in the background pic of my blog. It bothers me greatly that someone would take what isn’t theirs and I am sincerely hoping that this was just a mistake. (I am a destitute student and can’t actually afford a new helmet right now, so I am pretty screwed if it isn’t returned). Please contact Multisport Canada if you have information as to its whereabouts.**

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