Pre-season update from Meg Lamers


Meg Lamers, a member of the 2015 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team, has a few updates heading into the season.

“I am pleased to say that for the 2015 season I am returning to the Multisport series as a member of the 2015 Ambassador team! Thank you and cheers to the MSC RWM team! Even within the series, it is great to have a team of people who you compete against, while cheering for one another’s success. Rooting for each other, the series and for yourself truly builds community; and that is exactly what the MSC race series does best! Just recently, I was able to solidify my Multisport Canada Recharge With Milk race schedule. I will be attending the following races: Woodstock, Belwood and Wasaga Beach!Will you be attending? If so, which ones? Hope to see you on the circuit!”

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