October 2013 Newsletter

Suffering any triathlon withdrawals?

We hope you are enjoying your off-season activities so far, especially with the beautiful weather conditions we’ve experienced. For some of you though, the triathlon season did not end and you are still going strong.

One of those athletes is Jim Sunners. He recently competed at the Ironman World Championship and had a great day. We bring you his story in this issue. The Niagara Falls native will race at our inaugural Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon and registration is currently open for that new and exciting event.

Also in this issue we have the latest Series News, Training Articles and lots of training opportunities to get you ready for the 2014 season.

Enjoy this October issue and for those of you attending the Series Awards Day, we will see you very soon.

As always, the latest news and updates will be posted on the Series website, on Facebook and on Twitter. Feel free to send any articles and feedback.

Series News

Series Awards Day – Saturday November 16

The Series Awards day will be on November 16th at the Orangeville Fair Grounds,  from 11:00 am until approximately 2:00 pm.  For all of you receiving awards, you will receive an official invite soon. If you would like to attend the awards please email Jan at jan@multisportcanada.com

Registration Open for the Inaugural Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon

MSC Niagara Falls logo

After much anticipation and excitement, registration for the new Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon is open. Will you be there?

Prepare yourself for one of the fastest and most iconic Half Iron races in Canada. The Niagara Half Iron will provide an excellent opportunity to race towards a personal best, and also provide lots to do for friends and family before, during and after the race in the beautiful Niagara Region. Events include the Half Iron Tri, the Swim/Bike, Bike/Run or Relay.

We are pleased to have two of our long-time MSC partners with us for this new event, Recharge With Milk will be our Run Course Sponsor and Timex is our Timing Sponsor.

Make sure to register before November 30 to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing.

Niagara Falls Early Entry Has Its Rewards

Our friends at Absolute Endurance have donated a very special prize for early bird entries. Everyone who enters before December 14, 2013 will be eligible to win one (1) spot for their Absolute Endurance Arizona Training Camp> the camp will be held from April 26 to May 3, 2014.

Early registrants will also be entered into a draw for a Timex Run Trainer 2.0 with Heart Rate Monitor, valued at $325. The Timex Run Trainer™ 2.0 is a next-generation, GPS-enabled watch providing real-time pace, and distance. Timex Trainer product details. Everyone who registers before November 14, 2013 will be eligible and the Timex Trainer winner will be drawn on November 15, 2013.

You can sign-up for the race newsletter and register for the race at the Niagara Falls Half Iron website.

Last Chance to Win a Timex Marathon GPS Watch or One of Five Free Race Entries in 2014

Every year we conduct a survey with questions that relate to our sponsors and their products. Our sponsors are supporting Triathlon and Duathlon so please let them know what you think about them and/or their products.

Once you have completed the survey your name will be placed in a draw where you could win a Timex Marathon GPS Watch OR one of FIVE (5) FREE entries to a race of your choice in 2014. Good luck and thank you for taking the time to complete the survey! You should be able to complete the survey in less than 5 minutes. Here is the Annual Sponsors Survey and the Survey Page.

We will be drawing the names of the winners on October 31

Prizes Updated for the Season Long Draw

Thanks to our Sponsors, we’ve added more prizes to the Season Long Draw. You will receive one ballot for every race you participate in and an additional one when you complete the Post-Race Survey for that race. For example: Compete in 5 races, you get 5 ballots. Complete the post-race surveys and get 5 additional ballots for a total of 10 ballots. More sure to complete the Post-Race Surveys for more chances to win.

It’s Back! – MultiSport Canada Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team (formerly Development Team)

Bala Chris Balestrini BikeBack for a third season, MultiSport Canada has joined forces with Recharge With Milk to form an Ambassador Team for up-and-coming and top performing Ontario triathletes.

We will be selecting four female and four male triathletes/duathletes. These eight athletes will be given a minimum of four free races, a racing jersey and will be racing for $5,000 in prize money.

Athletes who are interested in being part of our team should submit a short racing resume which includes their race results for the past few years and their reasons for entering the sport of Triathlon or Duathlon and their aspirations for racing in the sport. If they have a goal of racing professionally we would also like to know their goals whether ITU, Ontario based or Half/Full Iron distance. Please submit your resume by email and include AmbassadorTeam Resume in the subject line.

“MultiSport Canada has always looked for ways to support athletes and the development of the sports of Triathlon and Duathlon. We realize that there are not a lot of opportunities for young athletes to obtain sponsorship and support so this is our small way to help. We will continue to look for and develop new ideas that will assist athletes.” – John Salt

Get Your MultiSport Canada 100% Canadian Cycling Jerseys

New this year is our MultiSport Canada 100% Canadian Cycling Jersey made by Champion System.

Contact our office if you’d like to order one. The price is $60 plus tax.

Champion System

Champion System is the worldwide leader in custom apparel specializing in triathlon, cycling, and running gear. Strong customer relationships and close collaboration with the world’s top athletes has been the key to Champion System’s success. Our distinctive and stylish garments are worn by Olympians, National and World Champions, and recreational athletes of all levels.

Our goal is to allow the customer to be their own brand. We are known far and wide for our solid commitment to pioneering innovative, race-proven garments that can be customized with virtually any design. We have revolutionized sublimation printing, redefined garment construction and simplified the custom ordering process. Get more information about Champion System.

MSC/HRT Returning to Challenge Roth in 2014!

MultiSport Canada and Healthy Results Training will be heading back to the world’s biggest triathlon once again and twelve athletes will be joining us. (Three of the 2013 group had so much fun they are coming back in 2014.)

The 2014 edition of Challenge Roth sold out in record time this year, and so did the MSC/HRT Roth trip. In fact we now have a list of athletes who are hoping to join us in 2015.

Find out more about the trip and this classic race at Team MultiSport Canada – Challenge Roth 2014. If you are interested in hearing from us once we open the 2015 trip please email and let us know. We will add you to the list.

Make sure to check out our 2013 MultiSport Canada Challenge Roth Trip Photo Gallery to see all of the fun that this year’s group had.

Race Recaps and Interviews on MSCtv

Make sure to check out our post-race video recaps and interviews on MSCtv. Become a subscriber and you will be notified when each new video is posted.

MultiSport Canada is The Largest Canadian Owned Triathlon Series in Canada!

We are very proud to announce that going into season ten MultiSport Canada is now the largest “Canadian owned” series in Canada. We would like to thank all who have raced with us and supported the series.

Sponsor Deals for MSC Racers

Apres Velo 48 hr sale for MSC customers only!

Click on the image below, shop for some cool Apres Velo gear, and enter MSC25 at checkout to get 25% off for the next 48 hours.

Apres Velo October offer

Rudy Project – The number one helmet in Kona

The popular Wingspan Aero helmet and new WING57 is in high demand with lots of new colours to choose from. Click on the image below to get yours.

9 CompuTrainer Athletes in the Top 20

CT IM 2013 Results

Athlete CTRY Pl
Luke McKenzie AUS 2nd
Rachel Joyce GBR 2nd
James Cunnama SAF 6th
Cait Snow USA 6th
Eneko Llanos ESP 11th
Leanda Cave GBR 13th
Jessie Donovan USA 14th
Kristin Moeller GER 16th
Amy Marsh USA 19th

When you train to win, as these athletes do, you seek out the best training tools available. And the tool these athletes all have in common is: CompuTrainer. They know CompuTrainer will provide the most accurate cycling ergometer to get them to their training goals  Built to last a lifetime. Only CompuTrainer guarantees to improve your performance or your money back.  A 20% increase in Watts in 5 months.

Just click the image below to see what the athletes have to say.

CT pro testimonials

When you train to win, as these athletes do, you seek out the best training tools available. And the tool these athletes all have in common is: CompuTrainer. They know CompuTrainer will provide the most accurate cycling ergometer to get them to their training goals Built to last a lifetime. Only CompuTrainer guarantees to improve your performance or your money back. A 20% increase in Watts in 5 months.

Here is a simple way to fit a CompuTrainer into your budget.

Note: Phone-in orders only — credit check required.

E-Z Payment Options with 0% Financing

Canadian Orders – NOW with lower cost USPS Shipping!

$460 Down and balance split into 12 equal payments.

Down payment includes USPS Priority Mail International shipping ($110.00 total) into Canada. Average delivery time is 6 – 10 days. Call or email for faster delivery times and pricing.

Ray David  — Ext 311

Jim Donaldson  — Ext 347

Rob Schryvers  — Ext 338

Training Articles

Pushing your body to the physical limit

In the quest for personal athletic success we all want to be the best we can be. That can involve moderate exercise or for those really motivated, it can drive you to push your body to its very limits. In any case, there are many psychological factors that make or break these limits.

The mental prep.

Envision success prior to competition and/or training. Oftentimes it’s not your physical body that holds you back, but your mental state. The urge to quit hits your mind long before it gets to your arms and legs. The key is in knowing how to push past these barriers.  With every mental block you overcome, you’ll get stronger and stronger mentally, and be able to deal with more pressure and adversity. Your state of mind can be a major contributor to achieving success and accomplishing your goals.

Buddy system.

When pushing yourself, you can never underestimate the value of having a partner or personal trainer to give you that extra mental push. When the urge to quit kicks in, it helps to have someone there to kick it right back. Words of encouragement can often be the motivation you need to keep going. However it takes shape, the end result is always a better performance.

Perseverance is key.

You may not be the type to quit at the first instance of discomfort, but as you upgrade to more intense regimes it’s understandable to want to cheat your way out. But to get better, perseverance is important. It will allow you to push past this temporary pain and anticipate the greater success ahead. The good news is that soon, the pain that may have stopped you months ago might be nothing but a minor annoyance now.

Put milk to work.

Pushing yourself to the limits will require effective rest and recovery strategies. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself about the 16 essential nutrients of chocolate milk. To have a better workout tomorrow, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients in your diet today. Drinking chocolate milk within 30 minutes of an intense workout can help provide the fluids, carbs and protein your body needs to rehydrate, refuel and recharge. It’s a great way to make tomorrow’s workout better today. For more, bookmark rechargewithmilk.ca for all the latest news, events and updates throughout the year.

Protected by KINeSYS Performance Sunscreens

These may be the “best sunscreens in the world.” Bold words from the original and still the best performance sunscreen manufacturer from Canada, KINeSYS. In 1994, KINeSYS pioneered the field of performance sunscreens.

KINeSYS sunscreens are formulated specifically to address the needs of active lifestyles. During extensive outdoor activity the skin must breathe normally and oily sunscreens can clog your pores. Sunscreen is a must for summer and winter activities.

KINeSYS products are the only oil, alcohol, paba, paraben & preservative-free, spray on sunscreens. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t block pores) as well as water and sweat-resistant (80 mins).

From the heat of the blazing sun to the burn of the icy snow, KINeSYS protects your skin. Each product provides dermatologist broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB radiation.

KINeSYS is consistently a top pick of professional winter athletes.  No matter what weather you are in – KINeSYS has you covered.

Check out KINeSYS.ca

Winter Planning With Your Coach for 2014 PR’s

By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam

Jessica Adam

At this time of year many athletes feel they need a break from training which sometimes leads to taking a break from coaching as well.  This season may have come to a close and a small break is always recommended for recuperation but there are incredibly valuable training months in the fall that can give you a big advantage next season if you plan them optimally.  Unless you are doing this for financial reasons, you may be losing out on some of the best preparation you can get to be set up for the new year.  Here are some ideas for the type of planning you and your coach can do so you have a head start on everyone else.

1. Plan a focus session with your coach.  Work on a weakness.  Choose a sport that you feel you need to improve upon and have your coach plan a 4-6 week intense focus session.  This may mean training in this discipline 4-6 times a week while not specifically concentrating on the other two for the time period.  You’ll stay in touch with the other two and will maintain fitness while making big gains in the one focused upon.  It’s difficult to make big improvements in one sport when training for all three full time.

2. Fall is running season.  In most Canadian and US cities, the fall usually has lots of choices for running events from 5km to marathon distances.  You can gain some excellent running fitness by incorporating a mini race season of running into your fall schedule.  You can gain speed in your 10km for an Olympic distance season or get an incredible base for long distance triathlon with a half or full marathon under your belt already with lots of time to recover and learning from the experience.

3. Try something a little different.  A good coach can also plan some cross training in to your schedule.  Maybe you want to try cyclocross bike racing, skate skiing, or cross country trail running.  Many of the same principles of training will apply to these types of sports and your coach can work those in to the schedule for you.

4. Get in the gym.  The off season is a perfect time to build strength which will improve your performance for next year and will also help you to stay injury free throughout the year.  This is also something your coach can guide you through for efficient training.

5. Building a base properly.  Do you know how to build a base of fitness to see your greatest potential for next season? It can be a lot more complicated than just logging long, easy miles.  Let a professional take the guess work out of that planning for you.

There are many other possibilities for off season training depending on what your goals are for next season and/or  what you learned from last season.  Take a long enough break to feel rejuvenated both mentally and physically and then get back on the horse and set yourself up for next season.  If you already have a coach keep them and if you don’t hire one.  With an objective eye, they can usually see better than you can what you can do to improve for next year.

LifeSport triathlon coach Jessica Adam has been a coach in Victoria, Vancouver and now resides in the Toronto area. She loves to share her years of experience with beginner triathletes and also experienced triathletes that are trying new distances like ½ IM or IM for the first time. She coaches athletes online all across the country.

If you are interested in working with Jess, write Jess@LifeSportCoaching.com

Endurance Athletes and Chronic Injuries

By Dr. Cindy Lewis

Absolute EnduraceLong distance triathlon and endurance running are blamed for causing many chronic injuries, including those injuries to the knees, hips and low back. And, some studies have shown that more than 50% of triathletes and endurance runners experience injury that interrupts their training at least once during the year. However, it’s been shown that the impact caused by either of them can not be directly linked to causing arthritic changes in the joints. So what is it about these sports that seem to result in these persistent and chronic injuries at times?

As a Chiropractor with a patient base consisting of mostly triathletes, cyclists and runners, I see complex overuse injuries on a daily basis. Most of these issues develop over time from muscular imbalances in the core and hips that lead to faulty biomechanics further down the chain. These issues develop without us knowing, until suddenly we start to feel pain. Then, the athlete seeks treatment. The site of pain is addressed and usually the pain goes away. And then the same injury often occurs again some time later and the athlete wonders why. Usually this is because the cause of the issue wasn’t addressed the first time, the faulty biomechanics continue, leading to a change in function throughout the lower kinetic chain, leading to a recurrence of the same pain or a new injury.

So how can we, as endurance athletes, decrease our chances of sustaining an injury due to overuse, or start to correct any issues that might be causing current issues? The first step is to figure out what might not be functioning the way it should be – for example, perhaps your core is not strong enough or is not active enough. Maybe you hip range of motion is decreased or your glute muscles are not firing strong enough. Maybe your ankle flexibility isn’t where it should be and that’s causing a change in your foot strike and pedal stroke. The first step is getting a functional assessment and getting a picture of how your body is working and what you might need to work on correcting. Once you know what is out of balance and what is increasing your risk of experiencing injury in the future, you can then work with your Chiropractor, a good Physical Therapist or a good Personal Trainer, who have experience working with athletes. You will most likely begin a specific and progressive strength program that is focused on your body’s unique strength and stability needs. It will take dedication and patience to get where you want to be – this needs to be approached with the same focus and dedication as the rest of your training. In order to get the most out of your endurance training program you need to be able to stay healthy in order to maintain consistency in your training!

Cindy Lewis is a Chiropractor, Triathlon and Run Coach, Personal Trainer and Professional Triathlete. She is available for consultation at Absolute Endurance Training and Therapy in Toronto. You can book an appointment with her by phone at 416.483.2388 or by email at cindy@absoluteendurance.com

Shoulder drive and when to use it

Swim Faste rNowDid you know that in swimming there is a hip driven stroke and a shoulder driven stroke? Which one do you use?

Like most swimmers doing a triathlon, the answer is I just swim! If you take time to learn the benefits of how and when to use either stroke, you can finish your races next year leaving the water feeling strong and ready to take on the bike and run.

Where to start? In the past we have talked a lot about hip driven freestyle and broken down some of the key components to swimming faster and smoother with less effort using the hip drive. So what about the shoulder driven stroke. Some swimmers on the international scene do use it solely for distance events. The problem for most swimmers is it requires years of practice to build up to the point of being able to sustain the stroke rate over a set distance.  So, how can you use it in your race? If you learn the technical insights into this style of stroke, you will be able to use it for short spurts within your race to gain a better race position earlier on your swim or to move away from or around a swimmer or group of swimmers during the race.

What is a shoulder driven stroke? In simple terms it is not a hip driven stroke. Basically this means that the hips are not really involved in this stroke. In a shoulder driven stroke the hips stay flat in the water, the kick is strong and the power of the stroke comes from a very specific use of the shoulders.

At Swim Faster Now, we teach you the few key drills that will allow you to quickly develop and understand  the shoulder driven stroke and teach you when and for how long to use it during your race to gain key advantages over your competitors. So whether you are a beginner or regular competitor in triathlons, this can help you perform at your best.

As well, we spend time teaching and refining a swimmers hip driven stroke through a series of progression drills. Through our six step system to faster and easier front crawl, we teach you how to swim faster and smoother with less effort.

CLINICS: Our next clinic will be on Sunday November 10 2013 in Oakville Ontario from 9am-12pm.. Class sizes are small and limited to a maximum of 10 participants. We will go over the hip driven and shoulder driven freestyle, video tape each swimmer individually and mail you a DVD of you alone performing the various drills with key focal points to remember. To enroll for the clinic please call 1-888-380-SWIM (7946).

Athlete Profiles and Special Stories

2014 Ignition Fitness Ambassador Team

Ignition Fitness is very excited to announce the return of the Ambassador Team program!

A huge success in 2013, the Ambassador Team program is back again in 2014! Last year our team members racked up some very impressive stats, including several overall wins, podium finishes, a national championship and top Canadian at the Age Group World Championships. The 2013 program was a huge success and we’ve decided to put together a new opportunity for a new round of athletes in 2014. This is an open call to ALL triathletes, duathletes and runners, regardless of your ability. Whether you’re new to the sport, aiming for an age group podium spot at the Ironman World Championships, or already racing as a pro, we’re encouraging all athletes of all abilities – competing at every level and distance – to submit a 2014 Ambassador Team application! You must submit your application by November 15th.

Check out the 2014 Ambassador Team Application Page for all the details and to apply.

Jim Sunners pb’s at the Ironman World Championship

After 9 hours, 56 minutes and 26 seconds I completed the 2013 Hawaii Ironman World Championships. It was my third time on the “big island” and my thirteenth Ironman – Jim completed 4 IRONMAN races in the last 12 months (Kona 2012, Cozumel, Zurich then Kona 2013) and this was his fastest race in Kona.

While my run wasn’t quite what I had hoped for, it was still reasonable and I was again reminded just how tough the run course is in Hawaii. It gives me so much respect for guys in my (50-54) age group like Pierre Lavoie from Canada and Wolfgang Schmatz from Germany who ran marathon times of 3:21:02 and 3:11:00 – absolutely awesome!

The highlight of my day was having a stellar bike ride. I covered the tough 180 km course in 4:52:57 at 37 km/h average and felt relaxed doing it. I kept waiting for the ride to get hard for me, but it didn’t.

The weather was “kind” to the athletes this year. The horrid winds that blow in your face from the mountain on the way to the Hawi turnaround and reverse to blow in your face from the ocean on the way back to Kona were noticeably absent. Absent also was the scorching sun which was obscured by cloud cover for most of the day. The conditions were as “ideal” as they can be in Kona.

Key to a good race in any Ironman and in particular in Hawaii is having a well thought out plan and sticking to it. For me it’s simply relaxing in the swim (staying out of the crush), breaking the ride down into 4 sections – with an anticipated average speed after each section, and running the Marathon in 6 x 7 km blocks.

My race on Saturday went almost exactly to plan except for “dragging” a little on the run –  I can put that down to a calf strain which limited my running to just 2 short runs in the 3 weeks before the race. But no excuses, it’s just a tough run course.

Jim, a Niagara Falls native, will be featured in an upcoming issue of Triathlon Magazine Canada, and will be racing at the inaugural Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon.

Camps, Clinics & Other Events

The 4th Annual Pumpkin Summit 8k Trail Race – Sunday, October 27, 2013 @ Kelso Conservation Area (Milton, ON)

Pumpkin Summit

We are very excited about this year’s race. It will be bigger and better than last year. New this year – medals and tech race t-shirts. Back by popular demand – pumpkin muffins, amazing race kits, awesome prizes and the kids pumpkin rolling race! The 8km race course is amazing and challenging and we are assured the weather will be perfect! A very family friendly race, it is not to be missed.

We are always looking for volunteers. Please bring along friends or family to help out during the race. Email volunteer names to Lesley@runningsucksraces.com. Volunteer hours are recognized as Community Hours for highschool students.

See you October 27th @ Kelso!

RIDE-ing into the Fall…RIDE Milton Computrainer Studio is now partnering with WattsUp!

Ride MiltonWattsUp is the first individualized power-based cycling program within a group environment. WattsUp @ RIDE Milton is a science-backed, performance-based training program focused on improving your performance.

The WattsUp StudioCycling program is an annual periodized cycling program designed for optimal performance through the summer months. Every WattsUp class is performed on CompuTrainers. The WattsUp program is developed and refined by certified cycling and triathlon coaches. WattsUp classes are lead by experienced coaches and athletes who place your performance first.

Ride with WattsUp program and you’ll find that your cycling training will become more:

• Specific
• Purposeful
• Time-efficient
• Consistent
• Fun
• And effective!

Checkout all the latest updates, schedules and events on our website, send us an email – we WANT to hear from you! www.ridemilton.com

DZ Asheville Spring Training Camp

Asheville, NC

April 6-18 2014 Race option: Assault on the Carolinas, April 12, 2014

Week 1: Check in 1:00pm on Sunday April 6
check out 11:00am on Friday April 11

Week 2: Check in 1:00pm on Sunday April 13
check out 11:00am on Friday April 18

Bridge weekend: Accommodation Friday April 11 and Saturday April 12.

Daily triathlon-specific swim, bike, run and core strength workouts in and around beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

We have been training to Asheville, North Carolina in April since 2006. Why? Because it is the BEST location we have found within driving distance of Ontario for those looking for to be challenged and inspired by a mountainous training environment prior to triathlon season. In particular, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a world-class cycling destination – literally seconds from the door. Our experience running camps in the area ensures that you will be exposed to the best training and relaxation that Asheville has to offer, along with the challenging and fun atmosphere that you have come to expect from Discomfort Zone.

Plus, for those looking for an extra challenge, there is the option to participate in the Assault on the Carolinas (AOTC) cycling event, with your choice of 100km, 60km and 40km courses (accommodation supplement for race weekend is available). For more information on AOTC, visit www.assaultonthecarolinas.com.

Accommodation Options: Trail’s End vacation rental (self catering), Off-site accommodation options, Local athletes welcome

Cost: $895 & up including triathlon camp and accommodation at Trails End, depending on type of room

Discounts to DZ Multisport Triathlon Club Members and Coached Athletes!

Asheville Spring Training Camp Description & Pricing

Camp Reports from Asheville Camp 2013

Absolute Endurance – Cycling Class Schedule and Arizona Training Camp

Absolute EnduraceCheck out our new Computrainer Cycling Class Schedule.

Our annual Triathlon and Cycling Training Camp in Tucson in Arizona will be taking place once again. 2014 dates will be April 26th to May 3rd.

This years camp will feature some new cycling routes but will include the famous Mount Lemmon and Gate’s Pass rides. Sign up before December 31st, 2013 and pay the same rate as 2013! This camp is guaranteed to sell out. Call 416-483-AETT (2388) or email for details.

Wow what a season! We are sure you have had a fabulous time training and managed to get in enough races to satiate your hunger and love for Triathlon! As this race season comes to a close, now is the time to start preparing & planning for next year. There is a lot you can do to ensure an amazing season other than just picking your races and cruising through the same training as previous years. The ‘off season’ is a great time to work on technique and we offer lots of sessions dedicated purely to improving you as an athlete, no matter what you do – swim, bike, run, duathlon or triathlon…

Video Swim Analysis Clinics – Head Swim Coach Colin is trained by World recognized Swim Legends; SwimSmooth and our Video Swim Analysis Clinics are unlike any you have seen before.

A Video Swim Analysis session is the best way to see and instantly understand what aspects of your stroke need to be corrected or developed. Being able to view yourself swimming from a range of different angles is an amazingly effective process. Paired with instant feedback & stoke correction guidance from knowledgeable Coaches it is second to none.

By attending one of our Clinics you are taking an important step in analyzing what you need to do to improve and learn the techniques you specifically need to develop your stroke.

  • Small Personal Group (maximum 4/5)
  • In depth Video Analysis of current swim technique from above & below the water
  • Poolside Review, Feedback, Stroke correction session (in the pool)
  • Take home copy of Video Analysis

Do not spend the winter ingraining poor technique – book a session today!!

Swim Squad Stroke Correction Clinics

Get all the benefits of attending a Squad Session with the added bonus of Stroke Correction Guidance throughout. You will not get this in a big Masters session!!

  • Work harder in a fun relaxed environment.
  • Learn & work on new areas with modern drill sets & coaching
  • Continual observation, stroke correction guidance & regular testing
  • Develop your Technique as well as your speed & endurance.
  • Work on CSS (Critical Swim Speed), Stroke Rate, Open Water Skills & much more

Athelite Indoor Cycling Spin Sessions – starting Saturday November 2nd

Tired of slogging away by yourself on your trainer in your basement or garage? Bored of the same old sessions week in week out? We have the solution!! Weekend & Mid week Indoor Cycling Sessions; 60 minutes – 2 hours of progressive fun & excitement several times a week running from 2nd November until 3rd April 2014.

Sessions are led by very Experienced & Qualified Athletes & Coaches – Genevieve Freeman & Paolina Allan

We genuinely welcome ANYONE of ANY ABILITY, even if you have never done it before – we tell you what to do but you work at your own level.

All our sessions are very reasonably priced and take place in our NEW Studio in Snowball, on the outskirts of Aurora.

Athelite is a Professional Triathlon Coaching Company based up in Aurora, just north of Toronto. As well as everything mentioned above we also offer Performance Coaching, Retul Bike fitting, Personal Training, Bike Box Rental and much more.

We are enthusiastic, experienced and passionate about what we do and we work personally with our athletes using individualized, bespoke training programs to optimize your training and racing performance. Our clients range from first time Tri-a-Tri athletes to Long Distance Age Groupers, swimmers, runners and cyclists.

FMCT winter training options 2013-2014

Training sessions are open to FMCT members and friends of members. Winter membership is $10.

Thursday Swim: A 3 part series of Thursday night swim training from 8:30 to 9:30 pm at the Cobra swim club on McMurchy St in Brampton coached by Lorene and Dave.

Session 1: starts October 10 and finishes on Dec 19 [11 classes] cost $95.00

Session 2: starts January 2 and finishes on March 6 [10 classes] cost $85.00

Session 3 starts March 20 and finishes on May 29 [11 classes] cost $95.00

Options: choose one, two or all three sessions [all three is the cheapest- see package deals below]. Drop in fee of $10.

Saturday Cycle class: 18 weeks of coached cycle training starting November 16 and ending March 29. These classes are 105 min long and will require a moderate fitness base before you start. Classes run from 9am to 11 am.

Cost is $135 for the 18 weeks. Drop in fee $10 per class. Can’t make it to all the classes try the 10 class pass for $85.

Wednesday cycle class: 7pm to 9 pm with 90 min of coached cycling and 30 min of stretch and strength. There are a total of 12 classes which start on January 8 and finish April 2.

Cost for this program is $80 for members and $90 for non-members. Juniors are welcome to join at the member price. Drop in fee $10.

Package deals:

Swim only package: all three swim sessions regular price $275, package price $250.00 [payable in 3 post-dated cheques dated Oct 1 $100.00, Nov 1 $50.00 and Feb 1 $100.00]. Must be enrolled before the swim classes start and post-dated cheques received.

Cycle package: Combine the Saturday and the Wednesday cycle classes … regular price $210, package price $180 [payable in 2 post-dated cheques for $90.00 each One dated November 1 and one dated February 1]

Tri-package: swim Thursday and cycle Saturday…regular price $405 ….package price $375.00 [4 post-dated cheques dated Oct 1, Nov 1, Feb 1, and Mar 1 for the amount of $93.75 each]

All in package: sign up for all the training [swim and 2 cycle] regular price $485 ….package price $410. [4 post-dated cheques dated Oct 1, Nov 1, Feb 1, and Mar 1 for the amount of $102.50 each]

Payment: Cheques should be made out to Dave Jenkin.

Mailing address: Dave: 11 Culpepper Court, Bolton, Ont. L7E5V7. Payment can also be made on the first day of training [swim or cycle].

***** Bring a new [never been to any of our training sessions nor an FMCT member] person out and receive a $10 credit [for each person you bring out] to apply to your training fees.

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