November 2013 Newsletter

Time to celebrate the 2013 season

Our last big event of the season takes place on Saturday November 16 with the Series Awards Day. We hope you will join us. It is always great to see everyone dressed up and not in race gear.

And while we celebrate the triumphs of the 2013 season, it is also time to look ahead to 2014. Our 2014 Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series schedule will be released as soon as we finalize a few details. We are always looking to make improvements so there may be a few changes. Stay tuned.

We are also excited about our inaugural Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon. Registration is currently open and there are a number of incentives to enter early.

Check out all of those incentives along with the latest Series News, Training Articles, Deals, Athlete stories, and training opportunities to get you ready for the 2014 season. Enjoy this November issue!

As always, the latest news and updates will be posted on the Series website, on Facebook and on Twitter. Feel free to send any articles and feedback.

Series News

Join us at the Series Awards Day – Saturday November 16

The Series Awards day will be on Saturday November 16th at the Orangeville Fair Grounds,  from 11:00 am until approximately 2:00 pm.

Join us for a delicious lunch of a boneless breast of chicken in white wine sauce, mini white potatoes, caesar salad, rolls and tulip brownies. Beverages include coffee, tea, water and an assortment of pop and juice.  Awards will be presented at approximately 12:30 pm. There is a charge of $10.00 for winners and $20.00 for guests who attend the banquet.  Payment can be Visa, M/C, cash or debit at the Banquet.

In addition to the awards presentation, and the Series Highlight Video from Mike Cheliak, there will be a special presentation by Tommy Ferris of Ignition Fitness – “The real life WHY, WHAT and HOW of training with a power meter.” Tommy will throw all the science, formulas, and “this is way too over my head” mumbo jumbo of training with a power meter out the window and explains the benefits of training and racing with power meters in a real life, practical manner. He’ll go over the why, what and how of power meters and answer all your questions and debunk any myths. Training with a power meter is the best investment you can make on your bike and is not just for the pros. With this presentation you’ll understand why you should train with a power meter; what options you have for training with power; and how to make use of and apply all the data you’ll be collecting on every single one of your rides.

If you would like to attend please RSVP by email.

Register now for the Inaugural Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon for a chance to Win!

MSC Niagara Falls logo

Prepare yourself for one of the fastest and most iconic Half Iron races in Canada. The Niagara Half Iron will provide an excellent opportunity to race towards a personal best, and also provide lots to do for friends and family before, during and after the race in the beautiful Niagara Region. Events include the Half Iron Tri, the Swim/Bike, Bike/Run or Relay. We are pleased to have two of our long-time MSC partners with us for this new event, Recharge With Milk will be our Run Course Sponsor and Timex is our Timing Sponsor.

Register before November 14 to qualify for the first Draw Prize!

Early registrants will be entered into a draw for a Timex Run Trainer 2.0 with Heart Rate Monitor, valued at $325. The Timex Run Trainer™ 2.0 is a next-generation, GPS-enabled watch providing real-time pace, and distance. Timex Trainer product details. Everyone who registers before November 14, 2013 will be eligible and the Timex Trainer winner will be drawn on November 15, 2013.

Other Early Entry Prizes include:

Absolute Endurance Arizona Training Camp (April 26 to May 3, 2014)

Our friends at Absolute Endurance have donated a very special prize for early bird entries. Everyone who enters before December 14, 2013 will be eligible to win one (1) spot for their Absolute Endurance Arizona Training Camp.

Additionally, you should register before November 30 to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing.

You can sign-up for the race newsletter and register for the race at the Niagara Falls Half Iron website.

The 2013 Season Long Draw Prize Winners

Thanks to all of our Sponsors that provided prizes for the Season Long Draw.  Congratulations go out to this year’s winners listed below.

Peter Leis 2012 Cannondale Supersix 5 supplied by Gears – Retail value $2500
Dustin Harding A CompuTrainer from Racer Mate Retail value over $1,800
Sharon Foster One (1) Men’s or Women’s TYR Freak Of Nature Wetsuit $1,200 retail value
Normand Gervais Trico Ironcase Retail Value $450
Morgan Walby Global Trainer GPS SPEED + DISTANCE Value $295
Serrah Gossmann A $200 certificate towards the purchase of an Rudy Project Eyewear, RX Eyewear or Helmet
Brad Daniels A $150 certificate towards the purchase of an XX2i Eyewear
Liam Cherry A 2 hour personal consultation with Nigel Gray to take a look at the athletes training plan and help them to lay out their upcoming season. Value $200
Leon Vanderburgt A 3-month Level I Multisport Coaching Program  Personal Excellence Coaching Services. Value $375
Kristina Jacobson Three (3) one hour private swim sessions with Coach Craig Swim Faster Now Each with a value of $125.00
James Bennett Three (3) one hour private swim sessions with Coach Craig Swim Faster Now Each with a value of $125.00
Tom Van Ry Three (3) one hour private swim sessions with Coach Craig Swim Faster Now Each with a value of $125.00
Ruth-Anne Vanderwater Two prizes of 3 months free coaching from Fit 2 Tir, value of $300 each from Fit 2 Tri
Jennifer Nantais Two prizes of 3 months free coaching from Fit 2 Tir, value of $300 each from Fit 2 Tri
Larry Bradley Two (2) LifeSport Swim Technical Session with Coach Jessica Adam value $100
David Chow Two (2) LifeSport Swim Technical Session with Coach Jessica Adam value $100
Charlene Zimmerman 3 months of coaching (premium package) & EPC wear from Elevation Personal Coaching Value$400
Mike White 2 months of coaching (premium package) & 1 race entry to 2014 Binbrook Triathlon from Elevation Personal Coaching Value $300
Derek Abbotts one cycling jersey, swag bag and $205 gift certificate towards DZ on line personal coaching or camp from Discomfort Zone

Apply for the MultiSport Canada Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team

Bala Chris Balestrini BikeBack for a third season, MultiSport Canada has joined forces with Recharge With Milk to form an Ambassador Team (formerly Development Team) for up-and-coming and top performing Ontario triathletes.

We will be selecting four female and four male triathletes/duathletes. These eight athletes will be given a minimum of four free races, a racing jersey and will be racing for $5,000 in prize money.

Athletes who are interested in being part of our team should submit a short racing resume which includes their race results for the past few years and their reasons for entering the sport of Triathlon or Duathlon and their aspirations for racing in the sport. If they have a goal of racing professionally we would also like to know their goals whether ITU, Ontario based or Half/Full Iron distance. Please submit your resume by email and include AmbassadorTeam Resume in the subject line.

“MultiSport Canada has always looked for ways to support athletes and the development of the sports of Triathlon and Duathlon. We realize that there are not a lot of opportunities for young athletes to obtain sponsorship and support so this is our small way to help. We will continue to look for and develop new ideas that will assist athletes.” – John Salt

Get Your MultiSport Canada 100% Canadian Cycling Jerseys

New this year is our MultiSport Canada 100% Canadian Cycling Jersey made by Champion System.

Contact our office if you’d like to order one. The price is $60 plus tax.

Champion System

Champion System is the worldwide leader in custom apparel specializing in triathlon, cycling, and running gear. Strong customer relationships and close collaboration with the world’s top athletes has been the key to Champion System’s success. Our distinctive and stylish garments are worn by Olympians, National and World Champions, and recreational athletes of all levels.

Our goal is to allow the customer to be their own brand. We are known far and wide for our solid commitment to pioneering innovative, race-proven garments that can be customized with virtually any design. We have revolutionized sublimation printing, redefined garment construction and simplified the custom ordering process. Get more information about Champion System.

Looking ahead to Challenge Roth 2015!

MultiSport Canada and Healthy Results Training will be heading back to the world’s biggest triathlon once again in 2014 and twelve athletes will be joining us – three of the 2013 group had so much fun they are coming back in 2014.

The 2014 edition of Challenge Roth sold out in record time, and so did the MSC/HRT Roth trip. In fact we now have a list of athletes who are hoping to join us in 2015.

Find out more about the trip and this classic race at Team MultiSport Canada – Challenge Roth 2014. If you are interested in hearing from us once we open the 2015 trip please email and let us know. We will add you to the list.

Make sure to check out our 2013 MultiSport Canada Challenge Roth Trip Photo Gallery to see all of the fun that this year’s group had.

MultiSport Canada is The Largest Canadian Owned Triathlon Series in Canada!

We are very proud to announce that going into season ten MultiSport Canada is now the largest “Canadian owned” series in Canada. We would like to thank all who have raced with us and supported the series.

Sponsor Deals for MSC Racers

Get 25% off at Running Free Milton

During the month of November, all readers of the Multisport Canada Newsletter get 25% off!!

Also, Saturday November 16th is Customer Appreciation Day. Come in for discounts and prizing!

Visit us at Running Free Milton – 446 Harrop Drive Milton L9T 3H2  (905) 878 – 4800

2014 Ignition Fitness Ambassador Team – Apply by November 15

Here is a fantastic opportunity for MSC Racers to be a part of a team and get some great coaching to have your most productive season ever. Ignition Fitness is looking for committed, passionate athletes of all levels and abilities. Some perks our 2014 team members will receive include:

– Discounted triathlon, duathlon or running coaching
– $100 A-Race entry fee credit
– $100 nutritional services credit
– Ignition Fitness race uniform
– Ignition Fitness tshirt
– Dedicated personal web page/blog on our website

To learn more about the 2014 Ambassador Team or to submit your application, visit Ignition Fitness. Applications must be received by November 15th!

Bike Trainer 101

Which bike trainer has the best technology, guarantees you big performance gains, and has the best road feel? CompuTrainer. Here’s why.

An indoor bike trainer should precisely simulate the physics of riding your bike outdoors. Riding outdoors you must accelerate the weight of your body/bike (inertia). Indoors on a trainer, the bike is not moving, so physical inertia is missing. To duplicate cycling outdoors, a trainer must create the effect of physical inertia, which CompuTrainer does electronically. As a result, rider performance on CompuTrainer and on the road are virtually identical. Without “electronic inertia” a bike trainer cannot truly simulate real cycling. This crucial fact separates CompuTrainer from all other trainers.

A simple test will tell you whether a bike trainer produces “electronic inertia”. Mount a bike on the trainer. If the trainer is electronic, enter your weight and the weight of the bike in the trainer software (on a mechanical trainer without electronics skip this step). From a standing start, accelerate to 20 MPH and note the elapsed time. If your trainer lacks electronic inertia, the elapsed time will be in the range of 4 – 6 seconds.

If you have access to a CompuTrainer, repeat this procedure on a flat course. The elapsed time will be in the range of 12 to 16 seconds, indicating the existence of electronic inertia. Finally, repeat the procedure outdoors on a flat course on a windless day. The elapsed time will be close to the elapsed time on the CompuTrainer, indicating that performance on a CompuTrainer and on the road are essentially the identical.

Only CompuTrainer guarantees to improve your performance or your money back. A 20% increase in Watts in 5 months.

Just click the image below to see what the athletes have to say.

CT pro testimonials

Here is a simple way to fit a CompuTrainer into your budget.

Note: Phone-in orders only — credit check required. E-Z Payment Options with 0% Financing

Canadian Orders – NOW with lower cost USPS Shipping! $460 Down and balance split into 12 equal payments.

Down payment includes USPS Priority Mail International shipping ($110.00 total) into Canada. Average delivery time is 6 – 10 days. Call or email for faster delivery times and pricing.

Ray David  — Ext 311  /  Jim Donaldson  — Ext 347  /  Rob Schryvers  — Ext 338

Training Articles

Fitness hero Raymond Ortiz

We all have a reason for working out. For some, it’s attractiveness, for others it’s all about accomplishments or general health benefits. Most often, it’s some combination of this and more. For Raymond Ortiz, it was a moment of near tragedy that inspired him to help everyone stay healthy and fit in order to live their life to the fullest.

Fitness minded.

While in school for Kinesiology, Raymond found the perfect part-time job at a gym. This motivated him to keep fit while learning more about his field. Eventually, Raymond moved on to Chiropractic Science, but his passion for health remained the same. Unfortunately, during this time Raymond’s father suffered a severe heart attack. Thankfully, he was able to recover, but it’s a moment in time that galvanized Raymond. He knew that his father’s health habits were a contributing factor and he was determined to help others avoid the same danger areas.

A new venture.

In 2008, Raymond established the Bye Bye Body Fat Bootcamp, with a focus on weight loss through full body exercises. Raymond has found that the hardest part of his job is getting people to embrace new, healthier lifestyle choices. He understood right away that exercise wasn’t enough if you weren’t also getting the right nutrition to go with it.

Keeping with it.

Raymond feels that his experience with his father has helped him to genuinely care about each one of his clients. He knows first hand how devastating it can be to let your health slide. His goal is just to inspire people to take one good step at a time. Whether that’s just a brisk walk or a better food choice, it’s a start towards better and better results ahead.

Milk on the job.

As the owner of a bootcamp, Raymond needs to help his clients recover from his grueling workouts so they can make quality gains and avoid injury. As an expert, he recommends the 16 essential nutrients of chocolate milk. Drinking chocolate milk within 30 minutes of an intense workout can help provide the fluids, carbs and protein your body needs to rehydrate, refuel and recharge. After less intense training sessions, white milk is a great alternative to support recovery. It’s a great way to make tomorrow’s workout better today. Bookmark for all the latest news, events and updates throughout the year.

Coach’s Note By Lance Watson – Is Age Just a Number?

Lance Watson

While triathlon is still relatively a young sport, we are now seeing athletes who have been training and racing for 10, 15 and 20+ years. Training knowledge has evolved in triathlon, and like many endurance sports, athletes are enjoying being fit and fast into their 50’s, 60’s and beyond. While triathlon is for many, a fountain of youth, it is important that the maturing triathlete doesn’t keep reapplying the same training template and body stress year after year, decade after decade. The annual plan has to adjust as the body ages, after age 40.


Many athletes will hit their lifetime potential in Olympic distance triathlon (1.5km-40km-10km) in their early 30’s, and Ironman distance in their mid to late 30’s. In lifelong athletes, studies show peak endurance performance is maintained until ∼35 years of age, followed by modest decreases until 50–60 years of age, with progressively steeper declines thereafter.

Age group racing in the 40-44 and 45-49 categories is fierce. Athletes are still going really fast. In fact we have seen professionals racing successfully into their 40’s at the Ironman distance.  VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption) appears to be the primary mechanism associated with declines in endurance performance with age, with a reduction in lactate threshold (the exercise intensity at which blood lactate concentration increases significantly above baseline), being secondary. In contrast, exercise economy (i.e. metabolic cost of sustained sub maximal exercise) does not change with age in endurance-trained adults.

Many athletes can replicate the same types of threshold training sets they did in their mid 30’s through their early 40’s. The biggest change in training regime is recovery time. The good news for the long term athlete is muscle memory, which can best be described as a type of movement with which the muscles become familiar over time. The more often you do a certain activity, the more likely you are to do it as needed, when needed. While the amount of training intensity needs to be monitored, exercise economy should be high due to muscle memory. Athletes can attain previous levels of fitness with less threshold work so long as they stay healthy and can perform consistent strong aerobic efforts.

Recovery weeks should take place every 3rd week, and they need to be a really good recharge, especially as you approach your late 40’s. The most common reason competitive athletes’ performances drop off in their 40’s is they don’t respect the increased need for recovery and develop a serious injury. Increased focus on body maintenance through massage and stretching can also prolong the athletes’ high performance window.


Research out of Australia has shown that of the three sports, cycling declines less with aging than does swimming and running in triathletes. The decline in running vs. cycling is more pronounced in Ironman distance than Olympic distance triathlons, suggesting that task duration exerts an important influence on the magnitude of the age-associated changes in triathlon performance.

Bone mass or density is lost as people age, especially in women after menopause. The bones lose calcium and other minerals. Impact of exercise helps maintain bone density, and supplementing calcium is a good idea. Changes in the muscle tissue, combined with normal aging changes in the nervous system, cause muscles to have less tone, elasticity and ability to contract. Muscles may become rigid with age and may lose tone, even with regular exercise.

Cycling is non weight bearing, and most athletes in their 50’s can do similar volume to those in their mid to late 40’s. Emphasis should shift to a higher percentage of aerobic mileage in all 3 sports, but still performing 50-75% of the high intensity work done in your 40’s. Good cycling fitness will help support a declining run split. I.e. if you can start the run feeling fresher, you are capable of running closer to your current maximal level. Generally, placing two recovery days after a hard interval session helps you reap the fitness benefits without tearing down the body.

Athletes in their 50’s need to carefully “pick their spots” in the season. They can train for a high level performance, but cannot sustain the same high levels of training output for as long of durations through the year as athletes in their 30’s and 40’s. You have to be really clear on what your peak event is, and have a shorter threshold emphasis peaking phase that follows a longer aerobic base phase.

Strength training becomes more important after age 50. Lifting 2-3 times per week much of the year and doing core strength regularly is a good idea, as does a regular flexibility routine. Need for recovery increases more, and a minimum of 2 weeks out of every 5 should be a dedicated recovery week.


We often think of age chronologically. But chronological age doesn’t do a very good job of predicting your functional age or fitness level. We all know 45-year olds who have never been very physically active. When compared with the 65-year old masters athlete, you’d place bets on the 65 year outperforming the 45 year old in a host of fitness measures like muscle strength, flexibility, and maximum oxygen consumption despite the 20-year chronological age difference.

Protecting the joints from inflammation, pain, stiffness, and even deformity which can result from breakdown of the joint structure means the mature athlete has to respect the pain body signals. The healing process from injury at this age can be much longer.

Most adults continue to gain weight (body fat) until their mid 50’s and then begin to lose weight afterwards. Weight loss can be exacerbated in senior athletes. Be vigilant about consuming adequate calories carbohydrate and protein calories to maintain your body weight.

People typically lose about 1 cm (0.4 inches) every 10 years after age 40, and this accelerates after age 65. Coupled with losing some range of motion, bike set ups may have to change.

After 60, the injury risk and recovery required from frequent high intensity training is not worth the benefit. One high intensity swim, bike and run workout every 2 weeks, coupled with frequent aerobic work emphasizing efficiency of movement is a good guideline. Take 2 days of per week, and every second week should be a lower intensity, lower volume recovery week.

Along with your aerobic conditioning work, include resistance exercises that work the major muscle groups, and regular flexibility and stretching. A gentle yoga class is a really good idea for maintaining strength, range of motion, balance and stability.

Given their impressive peak performance capability and physiological function capacity, Masters and Senior athletes remain a fascinating model of ‘exceptionally successful aging’. Athletes functional ages may vary, athlete longevity continues to evolve, meaning exercise prescription evolves as well.  In fact there are many fine genetic specimens out there who will disregard the outlines and recommendations of this article!  Regardless, as you age, the take home message is “use it or lose it”!

LifeSport head coach Lance Watson has coached a number of Olympians, Ironman and Age Group champions. Lance and the coaches at LifeSport enjoy working with athletes of all ages and abilities. Contact us here for coaching inquiries or visit us at

Athlete Profiles and Special Stories

Raymond Ortiz Profile

Here is an extension of the Recharge With Milk article featured earlier in this newsletter. Ray is the owner, manager and personal fitness trainer at Invest In Fitness, located in Markham, Ontario. Here he runs a weight-loss program called “Bye Bye Body Fat Bootcamp” that inspires participants to use fitness and proper nutrition to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Ray had been overweight himself and after his father suffered a heart-attack he enrolled in a personal fitness training program in college and later started his own business.

Camps, Clinics & Other Events

RIDE-ing into the Fall…RIDE Milton Computrainer Studio.

Ride MiltonWattsUp Cycling @ RIDE is Milton’s first individualized power-based cycling program within a group environment. The training program is science-backed, performance-based, focused on improving your performance. The WattsUp Cycling @ RIDE program is an annual periodized cycling program designed for optimal performance even through the summer months. Every WattsUp class is performed on CompuTrainers. The WattsUp program is developed and refined by certified cycling and triathlon coaches.

FREE TRIAL until November 17th. Paid program begins November 18th. Classes – Monday & Wednesday @ 6pm, Saturday @ 10:45am, Sunday @ 12:00pm. Threshold Testing – Nov 9th, 11th, & 16th. Times TBD. Visit for more information. Visit us at 446 Harrop Drive Milton L9T 3H2  (905) 878 – 4800

2014 NRGPT Florida Winter Training Camps (Feb 15-22 and March 1-8)

2 x 1 week camps open to all athletes, come and get some hands on attention by some of the country’s top coaches as we swim/bike and run with you for a week!

Get away from winter and kick start your season with a great week of training and education, you can find the details here.

This is an all inclusive week (except for airfare) with food and accommodation all taken care of for you. We are offering some early bird discounts as well this year.

Absolute Endurance Arizona Training Camp

Absolute Endurace

Our annual Triathlon and Cycling Training Camp in Tucson in Arizona will be taking place once again. 2014 dates will be April 26th to May 3rd.

This years camp will feature some new cycling routes but will include the famous Mount Lemmon and Gate’s Pass rides. Sign up before December 31st, 2013 and pay the same rate as 2013! This camp is guaranteed to sell out. Call 416-483-AETT (2388) or email for details.

Please Support our Sponsors

We extend our thanks to each and every sponsor. Race entry fees never cover the complete cost of a particular race or series of races and without the sponsors there is no race or race series that would survive without their support. We hope that you all take a moment to check out our Series Sponsors below or visit the sponsors page and see what they do and look at the products they sell. Please thank them for supporting the sports of Triathlon and Duathlon by trying and using their products. If you do visit them please take a moment to thank them for supporting Triathlon, Duathlon and Kids races in Ontario.

MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series

We are extremely grateful to have the support of our sponsors. The Series Level Sponsors contribute a great deal to help make our series successful.