Looking To Track An Athlete at Niagara Falls Barrelman?

A message from Sportstats to all of this who are looking to track your athletes this weekend here is how:
  • Add them to your watchlist on the link below
  • Login to facebook/twitter and follow them on your page
  • Simply search on the bib or last name click the circle under Facebook or twitter
  • Sportstats will have predicted times at each split and for the bike and run

Here are the links:

Individuals: https://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=43787

Relays: https://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=43788

Aquabike: https://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=43789

Bike Run: https://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=43790