Life In a Day

By Taylor Speirs

Triathlon, like many long distance endurance sports is like experiencing life in one day. One of my idols in the sport of ultra marathons, Ann Trason, describes this best stating: “I’ve always looked at running 100 miles as life in a day, it has all the trials and tribulations as life in one day.”

When that gun goes off as the sun rises, the emotions and thoughts that one experiences are unlike anything else. As we push ourselves to reach a goal, whether that’s completion of a race or a timed goal, we experience both joy and hardship. There is something magical about endurance racing, it can bring out the best and worse version of us. It can bring out utter frustration and promises of “I am never doing this again” but somehow we find ourselves at the starting line again.

For those who are starting triathlon for the first time, these races will enable you to discover yourself, as you push yourself further than you ever thought was possible. It is important to soak it all in, every cheering spectator, every aid station volunteer, everything thought and feeling.

At times the distances ahead may seem impossible, but don’t forget to take a deep breath and embrace this crazy experience. Remember there is no finish line, only the start of a whole new race.