Kingston Post-Race Report 2016

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#TheLegend Continues with the 33rd KTown Triathlon

It was another great day of racing at this classic must-do event on the Ontario race calendar. For all of you that raced with us, you know how incredible the volunteers are, and how special this race is. We hope to see you back again, and that you spread the word so that we can keep this legendary race going strong year after year.

KTown Finisher Medals

Before we get to highlighting the races and interesting stories from Sunday, we will address issue of the Finisher Medals. We’ve already posted this on our social media channels and emails were sent to all registered Sprint distance athletes. But just in case you missed it, here is a message from John Salt, Founder of the MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series.

A mistake was made involving the awarding of Finisher medals to all sprint distance athletes at K-Town on Sunday at the finish line. As we were setting up at the finish line to receive the finishers I made an error in communicating to the finish line volunteers about who should receive a Finisher medal.

Typically we do not give a finishers medal for races shorter than a Long Course but we had promised to keep this K-Town tradition alive when we purchased the race. And, while some athletes did receive their Finisher medal, many were missed.

We will be sending a separate email to all sprint athletes later this week asking who did not receive a medal. Once we determine who did not receive a medal, we will mail them out.

This error was my mistake and mine alone. The very simple explanation is that I somehow confused the Finisher shirt, for the Long Course athletes, with the Finisher medals for all. Don’t ask me how but I simply made a mistake. I know for some this is a very serious mistake and I do hope the athletes who were affected will accept my sincere apology. We all make mistakes and, as I said, this is mine and mine alone. Once again, my apologies to every athlete who was affected.

John Salt
Founder – MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series

Thanks to Local Presenting Sponsor

We would like to thank our Local Presenting Sponsor


Sunday July 31, 2016 – Another Beautiful Day in Kingston

It’s hard to beat such a pretty setting for a race. Zoomphoto captured the essence perfectly.

Ottawa’s Jordan Monnink and Robyn Hardage (both pictured above) won the Long Course Triathlon, adding their names to the impressive champions list that features legends like Mark Bates, Lisa Bentley, Sharon Donnelly, Tereza Macel, and 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist Simon Whitfield.

The Long Course Triathlon was the third race in Triathlon Ontario’s Long Course Series. The fourth and final race in that Series is the Niagara Falls Barrelman Triathlon on September 18 – it will offer extra points as it will be host to the Ontario Long Distance Triathlon Championship.

#KTown Long Course Triathlon 2016 – Top 5 Women and Men

Kingston Long Course Triathlon 2016 (2km Swim, 56.2km Bike, 15km Run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Jordan Monnink (Ottawa, ON) 2:45:52
  2. Andrew Bolton (Richmond Hill, ON) 2:50:19
  3. Mikael Staer Nathan (Toronto, ON) 2:50:58
  4. Adam Doxtator (Frankford, ON) 2:53:18
  5. Luke Ehgoetz (New Hamburg, ON) 2:59:13

Kingston Long Course Triathlon 2016 (2km Swim, 56.2km Bike, 15km Run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Robyn Hardage (Ottawa, ON) 3:11:17
  2. Angela Quick (Kitchener, ON) 3:11:40
  3. Natalie Groves (Montreal, QC) 3:15:05
  4. Nina Sieh (Mississauga, ON) 3:31:13
  5. Kristen King (Stouffville, ON) 3:32:30

Kingston’s Rob Campbell and Toronto’s Jessica Campbell took home victories in the Triathlon.

#MSCKTown Triathlon 2016 – Top 5 Women and Men

Kingston Triathlon 2016 (750m Swim, 30km Bike, 7.2km Run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Rob Campbell (Kingston, ON) 1:26:22
  2. James Corcoran (Toronto) 1:30:13
  3. Peter L MacIntyre (Waterloo) 1:31:05
  4. Tim Dewailly (Kingston) 1:31:10
  5. Bryan Cole (Elmira) 1:33:01

Kingston Triathlon 2016 (750m Swim, 30km Bike, 7.2km Run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Jessica Campbell (Toronto, ON) 1:42:39
  2. Jane Howe (Kingston) 1:44:29
  3. Lisa Meyer (Ottawa) 1:45:47
  4. Mitsy Layton (Toronto) 1:47:26
  5. Adrienne Morgan (Hamilton) 1:47:37

Tim Doris leading the way early during the first run of the #MSCKTown Duathlon.

Ottawa’s Angella Goran dominated the women’s Duathlon, and Toronto’s Peter Schindler earned the overall Duathlon win by 12 seconds over Tim Doris.

Kingston Duathlon 2016 (4km Run, 30km Bike, 7.2km Run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Peter Schindler (Toronto, ON) 1:34:34
  2. Tim Doris (Cobourg) 1:34:46
  3. Adric Heney (Kingston) 1:35:52
  4. Kevin P. Gallagher (Toronto) 1:36:30
  5. Dany Gignac (St. Lazare, QC) 1:40:16

Kingston Duathlon 2016 (4km Run, 30km Bike, 7.2km Run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Angella Goran (Ottawa, ON) 1:41:58
  2. Allison Lainey (Peterborough) 1:54:00
  3. Stephanie Zufelt (Niagara Falls) 1:58:57
  4. Elaine Renault (Ancaster) 2:10:57
  5. Sandra Wong (Toronto) 2:16:09

Swim/Bike Winners

Long Course Triathlon – Frank Sorbara and Stephanie Jansen

Triathlon – Krista Muis and Chris Kipouros

Relay Winners

Long Course Triathlon Relay – Less Coffee

Duathlon Relay – McRipps

Triathlon Relay – Team Tachycardia

Not ready for doing all three or two sports for yourself? Get your friends or family together to participate as a Relay Team. It will be a fun day for all.

MultiSport Canada Salutes Mr. Robert “Bob” McCaldon

Robert McCaldon is a triathlete in his own right, having completed all of the K-Town triathlons for the past 32 years! He is retiring from the sport in his 80th year. Robert and  his wife Jane, have represented Team Canada at the World Triathlon Championships. He hosts a mini triathlon called “Break The Ice”.

Read the full story here

Congratulations Bob and Thank you!

Media and Athlete Reports

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Post-race Chatter and Reports from Kingston

Recharge With Milk & The Ambassador Team

Make sure to stop by the Recharge With Milk Recovery Zone to get your post-race Chocolate Milk, swag, recover, to have to fun with your fellow racers, and to ask our Recharge With Milk Ambassador Athletes any questions that you might have.

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Mentholatum Fastest Triathletes of the Day

2016-07-31 | 2016 MultiSport Kingston Triathlon

Jordan Monnink and Robyn Hardage took home Metholatum Prize Packs as the Fastest Male and Female Triathletes of the Day.

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Here are some more cool shots captured by Zoomphoto.

Thanks to All of our Volunteers

A big thank you goes out to Kathryn Handford for recruiting volunteers for Kingston.


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