K-Town (Kingston) has a NEW Venue!

I’m writing to you today with an important and exciting announcement about the K-Town (Kingston) Triathlon and Duathlon. MultiSport Canada’s priorities for our events have always been Safety, Fairness, and Fun. Those of you that have participated in past K-Town events have no doubt noticed several ongoing safety concerns that we’ve done our best to manage.

Over the past five (5) years we have identified several notable road-related safety issues in Downton Kingston prior to the LaSalle Causeway. These issues have only worsened over the past three years and now there is significant construction surrounding the Wolfe Island Ferry Terminal.  Adding to that, the long-standing challenges of the metal LaSalle Causeway in the first and last few kilometers of the Bike Course have always been a concern.

Additionally, the safety challenges presented by a Swim Course that is fully exposed to the winds off Lake Ontario, as well as the increased congestion on the Run Course, have caused us to worry about the event’s future. There have been also been security-related challenges around the venue as well as the escalating costs of parking.

We are happy to announce a NEW Home for the K-Town Triathlon and Duathlon at Canadian Forces Base Kingston and Royal Military College. Through our partnership with Somersault Events, we have been working for the past six months to gain all official approvals. Understandably when working with the Canadian Armed Forces, all these details had to be worked out before we could make this announcement.

The event distances will remain nearly identical and we see only positives now for the future of the K-Town (Kingston) Triathlon and Duathlon. Here are some of the highlights our the NEW Venue at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre:

Race Site

  • FREE Parking for over 700 Cars
  • Secure Venue on CFB Kingston
  • Larger Transition Area = Less Congestion

Swim Course

  • Inside Harbour and Protected from Winds on Lake Ontario
  • Far less Boat Traffic

Bike Course

  • Removes sections of the dangerous road surfaces through Downtown Kingston and across the metal LaSalle Causeway
  • Rejoins Historic Bike Course at Navy Way at CFB Kingston
  • Both Long Course and Short Course still travel out towards Gananoque along scenic Rd 2

Run Course

  • Removes congestion and risks of running on open streets in Downtown Kingston
  • Run through RMC and along Lake Ontario with a view back towards Downtown Kingston

As mentioned above, we had hoped to be to make this announcement sooner but wanted to ensure that all permissions were obtained through CFB Kingston before making the official announcement.

IMPORTANT – Updated Course Maps HERE.

We want to thank all of the staff at Canadian Forces Base Kingston, at Royal Miltary College as well as HMCS Cataraqui for all of their cooperation in finding one of Ontario’s most long-standing Triathlons a new home.

We know this will provide a safer venue with safer courses, but we respect that leaving the long-standing Downtown venue will be saddening for some that have raced there many times in the past.

If you have any feedback about this decision, please feel free to reach out to us at info@multisportcanada.com and I’d be happy to have a more nuanced discussion that might allow us to expand further on the points above.

Kind Regards,

Jason Vurma


MultiSport Canada Productions Inc.