January 2014 Newsletter

Have a great 2014!

Wow! What a chilly start to 2014. But we hope to heat things up for you right up to the start of our season on May 25th at Woodstock.

We continually strive to be the best race series anywhere, and deliver to you the ultimate race experience. So expect some more exciting announcements to come in 2014 and we have a few in this January newsletter to kick off the year. Have a look and check out our Series News, Training Articles, Deals, Athlete stories, and Training Opportunities to get you ready for the 2014 season.

As always, the latest news and updates will be posted on the Series website, on Facebook and on Twitter. Feel free to send any articles and feedback.

Series News

2014 Registration is Open

Now is the time to set your goals, pick your races, and kick start your training for the 2014 season. Make sure you Register for your 2014 races now so you are not disappointed. Consider racing at our new addition, the K-Town Triathlon in Kingston.

Also, when you register, take advantage of the Multi-Race Discount when you enter 3 or more races at the same time. The more races you enter, the greater the discount. Race specific technical shirts are back too. Check out the designs on our Event page.

Visit the Series website for full race details.

Woodstock  – Sunday May 25
Binbrook – Saturday June 7
Welland – Saturday June 14 & Sunday June 15
Huronia/Midland – Sunday July 6
Gravenhurst – Saturday July 12 & Sunday July 13
Belwood – Saturday July 19
Bala Falls – Sunday July 27
K-Town Tri (Kingston) – Sunday August 3
Bracebridge – Saturday August 9 & Sunday August 10
Lakeside – Saturday August 16 & Sunday August 17
Toronto – Saturday August 23 & Sunday August 24
Wasaga Beach – Saturday September 6 & Sunday September 7

Book your hotels with our accommodation partners

Most of our races have a accommodation partners that we’ve negotiated preferential rates and/or reserved a block of rooms that you will have available to you.

Please visit each individual race website for details.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon – Duathlon Option is now open!

MSC Niagara Falls logo

The Niagara Half Iron Triathlon will be one of the world’s highlight events of the 2014 season. Will you be there to join us for this epic race? Events include the Half Iron Tri, the Swim/Bike, Bike/Run or Relay, and now the Half Iron Duathlon!

Duathletes have until January 31st to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing. Additionally, there needs to be at least 25 athletes entered by March 1st for the Half Iron Duathlon to take place. So spread the word or challenge your fellow duathletes to an end of the year showdown.

You can sign-up for the race newsletter and register for the race at the Niagara Falls Half Iron website.

Niagara Falls Half Iron Coaching Package

As the official training partner of the Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon, Ignition Fitness is very excited to be able to offer an exclusive opportunity to train for a race that promises to be one of the fastest, most iconic courses in Ontario, and perhaps even Canada! This course is flat and FAST with no intimidating hills or terrain. It’s a beautiful course and offers participants the chance to swim in the clean, calm waters of the Welland Canal; bike through beautiful Welland and Niagara Falls countryside; and run through the heart of downtown Niagara Falls’ most spectacular scenery. Twice!

We are offering two group training programs for athletes that are training for the inaugural Niagara Falls Half Iron. Each program will be two-tiered and designed for athletes of all abilities. Participants in this program will also receive a complimentary entry into the race! That’s a savings of up to $250!

If you’re new to triathlon and are looking for a long distance race goal, this is the one! If you’ve done shorter triathlons and are looking for a new long-course challenge, this is it! If you’re a seasoned triathlete and are looking to set a personal best time at the half distance, this is where to do it! Here are some highlights of the program, and for all the details of the, please visit our website.

Program 1 – $850 + HST

– Complimentary Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon race entry*

– 2-tiered 32-week group training program designed by Ignition Fitness coaches Tommy Ferris and Roger Hospedales that runs from Monday February 10th, 2014 until September 21st, 2014.

– Bi-weekly email check-in and monthly phone call from your Ignition Fitness coach

– Ignition Fitness triathlon uniform (tri top + tri shorts)

– Ignition Fitness tshirt

– Exclusive athlete discounts on products and services from Ignition Fitness partners

– Exclusive discounts on Ignition Fitness camps and group training workouts

– Exclusive priority check-in at the Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon registration

– Exclusive pre-race Ignition Fitness athlete briefing

– Exclusive access to post-race Ignition Fitness finish line meeting area

Program 2 – $650 + HST

This second program is the identical to the first but instead offers a shorter, 20-week program that runs from Monday May 5th, 2014 until September 21st, 2014. Each participant will have the option of following the program of their choice. It’s totally flexible and participants can also move from one tier to the next at any time! If you have any questions about the program, please email us at info@ignition-fitness.com.

*participants will be charged a small administrative fee when registering.

Hammer Nutrition is Back!

Hammer Nutrition CanadaHammer Nutrition has been a loyal sponsor of the MultiSport Canada and that relationship will continue for 2014.

In fact, you’ll notice a larger Hammer Nutrition presence this year with the Hammer Road Show. More details will be released soon. Meanwhile, check out their Hammer Nutrition Canada Facebook page and check out this video.

Welcome aboard HUUB!

We are excited to announce that HUUB is the new Wetsuit Sponsor of the Recharge With Milk Triathlon series.

Team Huub has 4 decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports. Focusing wholly on the athlete and maximizing performance and comfort, they explore both the odd and the conventional to create the best. They are not slaves to fashion, but to form, fit and performance. They believe quite simply that they have delivered what competitors want. What’s more, they know their suits work, because the science says so.

The Huub team understand the specialist technical and scientific fields associated with triathlon, including hydrodynamics and swim stroke analysis. From smart scientist Huub Toussaint, clever Swim Smooth guys Adam Young and Paul Newsome to pragmatist Dean Jackson, they are focused on bringing cutting edge innovation to their products, whilst retaining a sense of reality and accessibility.


Looking ahead to Challenge Roth 2015!

MultiSport Canada and Healthy Results Training will be heading back to the world’s biggest triathlon once again in 2014 and twelve athletes will be joining us – three of the 2013 group had so much fun they are coming back in 2014.

The 2014 edition of Challenge Roth sold out in record time, and so did the MSC/HRT Roth trip. In fact we now have a list of athletes who are hoping to join us in 2015.

Find out more about the trip and this classic race at Team MultiSport Canada – Challenge Roth 2014. If you are interested in hearing from us once we open the 2015 trip please email and let us know. We will add you to the list.

Make sure to check out our 2013 MultiSport Canada Challenge Roth Trip Photo Gallery to see all of the fun that this year’s group had.

Coffee is coming to the races

Full Cup CoffeeAt all 2014 races there will be a mobile coffee stand set up by Full Cup Coffee.

This isn’t just any old coffee stand. This new, innovative company will be using solar energy to brew each cup. And if that wasn’t cool enough, the company was started by a pro triathlete!

Check out their social story.

MultiSport Canada is The Largest Canadian Owned Triathlon Series in Canada!

We are very proud to announce that going into season ten MultiSport Canada is now the largest “Canadian owned” series in Canada. We would like to thank all who have raced with us and supported the series.

Sponsor Deals for MSC Racers

MultiSport Canada Virtual Race Series powered by Tour de Giro and CompuTrainer

Tour de GiroMultiSport Canada and Tour de Giro have partnered to create a virtual cycling race series featuring three of your favourite triathlon bike courses. Add some excitement to your indoor cycling and stoke your competitive fires over the winter!

Tour de Giro is an online, multiplayer bike racing simulation that uses your CompuTrainer®, ANT+ powermeter, or speed-cadence sensor to let you race against real people in real time on real course profiles. 3D graphics create a head-to-head racing experience.

The three race series will kick off with the Woodstock Sprint bike course (20 km) in January, followed by the Wasaga Beach Olympic course (40 km) in February and culminating in the NEW Niagara Falls Half Iron course (90 km) in March. Not only will you have the opportunity to race your Canadian friends and rivals, but a cross-border challenge is also in the works!

To learn more and receive updates about the series, create a FREE account with Tour de Giro. A no-commitment 14 day FREE trial will start when you complete your first race.

Don’t have a Computrainer? Order one today!

With the Performance Improvement Guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Canadian Orders – NOW with lower cost USPS Shipping!

$475.00 Down and balance split into 12 equal payments. Down payment includes USPS Priority Mail International shipping ($125.00 total) into Canada. Average delivery time is 6 – 10 days. Call or email for faster delivery times and pricing.

Ray David — Ext 311 / Rob Schryver — Ext 338 / Jim Donaldson — Ext 347

Training Articles

What is protein?

There are three types of nutrients that provide the energy athletes need to perform at their best: protein, carbs and fat. Today we will be talking about the power of protein: the main functional and structural building block of every cell in your body.

Protein supports growth, maintenance, repair and provides energy for the body to keep active throughout the day. Additionally, protein is comprised of various small components called amino acids. The combination of the two helps our body to produce important molecules like enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and antibodies. Our muscles, skin, bones and many other parts of the body contain significant amounts of it. In fact, it accounts for 20% of our total body weight, making it one of the most important factors to consider when planning meals for an athletic lifestyle.

The basic recommendation for protein intake is 0.8 grams per kilogram (or around 0.36 grams per pound). For instance, a 150 lb (68 kg) person would consume around 54 grams a day. For people doing high intensity training, protein needs might go up to about 1 gram per kilogram (or 0.64 to 0.9 grams per pound). So for example, a 150 lb (68 kg) would require 95 to 135 grams of protein per day.

Including good sources of high quality food protein in your diet can help support your fitness goals. For those leading a heavily active lifestyle, there are plenty of protein sources to choose from like Greek yogurt, quinoa, egg, milk, beef, soy, chickpeas and wheat.

One protein-rich super-food which is currently on the rise in terms of popularity is chocolate milk. The nutritional benefits of chocolate milk has made it an athletic recovery superstar. In addition to providing water and electrolytes to support hydration after exercise, it also contains carbs and protein to recharge muscle glycogen stores and to build and repair muscle. For less intense training sessions, white milk is a great alternative to support recovery. It’s a great way to make tomorrow’s workout better today. Bookmark rechargewithmilk.ca for more information and all the latest news, events and updates throughout the year.

4 Training Phases For Your Best 2014

Jessica AdamBy LifeSport coach Jessica Adam

It’s a New Year and many triathletes start to think about really getting serious and kicking their training up a notch.  If you haven’t already done so you should really lay out your season’s plan.  It’s not too late to start now but optimally you would have done this before the New Year.  Many athletes don’t realize the value and potential improvements there are to be had by implementing a well planned, year round schedule.  This is where a professional coach can really assist you so that you optimize all windows of opportunity.  If you don’t have a coach, now is a great time to hire one to help you plan your season, aid you in racing to your potential, and then get ahead of the game for next season with a strategic off season plan.  Below is a breakdown of how a coach can guide you through a full year of training.

1. Pre-season (General Preparation Phase).  This phase starts approximately 2-3 months before your first goal race.  It may include a few training races to get you primed which is something you and your coach can work out together early.  A coach will help you pick these events so that they give you perfect lead up and recovery time to optimize the training effect you want to be prepared for your goal events.  A coach will also guide you through the appropriate training efforts you will need on a weekly basis according to the types of races/distances you are planning.  For example, the duration and intensity of endurance and pace work intervals, how many recovery workouts, and how much to build each week to name just a few things to consider during this period. Identifying early season heart rate zones keeps you on track for appropriate training this time of year.

2. Peak/race season (Specific Preparation/Competition Phase).  The list is endless here when it comes to how much a coach can benefit your training during race season.  The majority of athletes have the most questions at this time. There a lot to consider physically, as training intensity gradually increases, and the athlete makes sure to peak equally in swim, bike and run. This is also where many other decisions have to be made ranging from equipment to nutrition to strategy and so on.  These things should be considered all year round but become fine tuned during this phase.  Having a professional coach help guide you through your race season is not only increasing your potential for a good result but can also take the stress out of making many of these decisions on your own which in turn will help you to race better.

3. Active Recovery.  After a full season of racing it is important to plan a recovery phase.  Maybe some complete time off is necessary but this is again where a coach can guide you.  How much is too much? What if you have an injury incurred during the season that you want to get recovered?  What kind of recovery is best given the type of season you had be it long or short course racing?  It seems like a simple phase but you can still develop and enhance your fitness by planning this time with a purpose, and doing some specific activities that keep you in touch with your hard earned fitness while allowing you to fully recharge.

4. Winter Skill Development and Single Sport Emphasis.  There are so many athletes that miss the boat here for many reasons.  Maybe a lack of motivation, inclement weather for training, and/or the recovery phase goes on for too long and it’s tough to get going again.  However, this period can be quite a long stretch and provides a great opportunity to refine and sharpen some skills to benefit your performance, or keying for  winter run event or swim meet to improve your level in a single sport. You and your coach can go over the past season, looking at where improvements can be made and plan for next season accordingly.  The type of training during this phase can be just as specific as any other time of year when you are working on a plan and especially if you know the races you want to do the next year.

The bottom line here is if you want to race to your full potential, improve, and set goals for yourself you need to consider the full year as a training cycle.  With the assistance of a professional coach, this year can be planned out with ways to help you improve all three triathlon disciplines.  The plan for these improvements can fall during different phases by implementing blocks that focus on one sport at a time. These decisions are the reason hiring a coach now will take the guesswork out of your training and elevate your program to the next level.

LifeSport triathlon coach Jessica Adam has been a coach in Victoria, Vancouver and now resides in the Toronto area. She loves to share her years of experience with beginner triathletes and also experienced triathletes that are trying new distances like ½ IM or IM for the first time. She coaches athletes online all across the country. If you are interested in working with Jess, write Jess@LifeSportCoaching.com

Winter Alternatives

By Ryan Cain 

If you are anything like me, winter can get you down, especially when the dreaded ‘winter blues’ set in.  Thinking of the distant warmth of summer can be really challenging, heck it can be difficult to just get out of bed when it’s cold and you have to shovel before going out in the morning! This does not have to be the case.  Growing up near the Rocky Mountains, I often looked forward to the snow flying and hitting the slopes.  However, times have changed and I am more interested in chasing the endless summer than deep powder.  The reality is that we are north of the 49th parallel and we need to embrace the cold and the winter.   Below are a couple of little tips, tricks, and ideas, to get you and your family through the frigid months ahead.

You will never be further away than right now from your A race, so get out and enjoy other winter activities.   No doubt you need to get your swim, bike and run workouts in, but you have all year to do that.  I find that logging big miles on the treadmill and indoor trainer can be mentally difficult; your resulting unhappy nature will start to wear on those closest to you.  So I recommend getting outside and finding something new to get your heart rate up.  Maybe you find something that you can do with your spouse or better yet your entire family, so they feel more included and will be more willing to let you log those longer outdoor miles when the weather turns.   There are many benefits to cross training and getting your body moving in non-linear directions; you will get stronger and be a more complete athlete.

So what can you do?

Skating – What is more Canadian than that?  Seriously though, there are quite a few different options here, whether it is pond hockey, speed skating or my newfound favorite, Nordic skating, which combines long blades similar to speed skating, mounted to a x-country ski binding and attach to your x-country skate boots.  It is awesome and you can often hit speeds of 30+km/hr.

Snowshoeing – Again given the amount of snow and poor footing that accompanies it, why not strap on some snowshoes and get off the beaten path.   You can use traditional snow shoes and hike anywhere (with your family) or you can look into the newer lighter weight snowshoes geared towards running.   Snowshoe running utilizes a lot of the same muscles as regular running, but puts even more emphasis on your glutes or butt muscles.   Trust me, this will tax all of them to the max and will help to prevent injury when back to pounding pavement in the spring and summer.  This can be a great winter alternative as it can be a lot more forgiving on the joints and can be done as a family.

X-Country Skiing – This has to be the gold standard in endurance exercise.  There is a reason why most of the highest ever recorded VO2max results have been in Nordic skiers.  It requires total body control, challenging every major muscle group, not to mention busting your lungs at the same time, regardless of your ability!  With so many similar and complementary movement patterns requiring upper and lower body as well as core strength you will get an incredible workout.  Not only will you maintain your fitness but you’d be hard pressed to not see an overall improvement.  So pick your poison, classic or skate and take your winter training to the next level.

Regardless of what you choose or decide to get out and do, remember to wear breathable clothing and layer it.  Choose warm fabrics that wick away moisture, such as merino wool, smart wool or Siberius by Saucony, my go to when it’s freezing cold. Also, try to shift your focus on these workouts or outings to effort level, perceived exertion and time, not distance.

Again, if you are like me and don’t want to lose your competitive edge, there are a ton of races all winter long; whether it be x-country skiing, snowshoeing, running, skating or even a combination of all the above.   My personal fave is here in Ottawa and is held during Winterlude, it consists of a skate on the frozen Rideau Canal, a ski through the Arboretum and then finishes with a run along the canal.   Details can be found at the Winterlude Triathlon.

So get outdoors, break the monotony of indoor training and find something new to challenge yourself during the colder months of the year.  It will keep you and those around you happier; you will no doubt be stronger and fresher when it comes time to log the big miles of SBR in the summer.

Ryan Cain is a professional long course triathlete with multiple top 5 finishes, currently living in Ottawa, ON.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, he is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP) and is an associate coach with NRG Performance Training – www.NRGPT.com.   More information on Ryan can be found at www.ryancain.ca or on Twitter @ryancaintri

Athlete Profiles and Special Stories

Introducing the MultiSport Canada / Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team

Lakeside Sanders Interview

We proudly announce that the following athletes have been selected to be on the 2014 MultiSport Canada / Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team:

Angela Quick, Derek Quick, Alex VanderLinden, Cody Beals, Andrew Bolton, Lauren Heinken, Mikael Staer Nathan, Lionel Sanders, Scott Knowles, Meghan Lamers, and Kristen Marchant.

These up-and-coming and top performing Ontario triathletes will receive a minimum of four free races, a racing jersey and will be racing for $5,000 in prize money. Stay tuned for athlete profiles, race reports, articles and more from this outstanding group.

A Song From the Talented Chris Pickering

Chris Pickering is a top age group triathlete, triathlon coach, our web master extraordinaire, and now a recording artist? Check out his triathlon song.

Camps, Clinics & Other Events

Big Training Days – The first one takes place on Saturday, January 25th

Ignition Fitness LogoMake big gains in your fitness this winter by joining us for our Big Training Days! Each Big Training Day will include an indoor group ride of up to 3 hours; a run off the bike of up to 90 minutes; a core/functional strength session; and a stretching/cool down session. Consistently getting in big endurance-base focused workouts like this over the winter season will have huge payoffs throughout the race season, regardless of the distance you’re training for. All participants will be following the same workout but working at their own pace, so these days are suitable for all athletes of all abilities. Each Big Training Day will take place at Balance Physiotherapy in Etobicoke from 8.30am-2.30pm. These are open to everyone, so please come join us and bring a friend!

Class sizes are limited so book early to reserve your spot! Participants must bring their own bike and indoor bike trainer. Please visit our website for all the details.

When: Saturday, January 25th, 2014 / Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 / Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 / Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Where: Balance Physiotherapy, 1 Eva Rd, Suite 111 Toronto

Cost: $50 per session ($40 for those that qualify for a discount)* / $90 for two sessions ($75 for those that qualify for a discount)*

$120 for three sessions ($105 for those that qualify for a discount)* / $150 for all four sessions ($120 for those that qualify for a discount)*

*We are extending our athletes’ discount to members of the Toronto Triathlon Club, Kim Lumsdon Triathlon Swim Club, and NYAC Masters Swim members. If you are a member of any of these programs, you qualify for our athlete discount!

Absolute Endurance Arizona Training Camp (April 6-13, 2014)

Tucson-Camp-2014_finalOur camp will be based out of the Golf Suites at Starr Pass again as we did in 2013.

This year’s camp will feature new cycling routes! Full itinerary to come. We always welcome cyclists and triathletes from beginner to elite.

Our camp is cycling focused but there is opportunity to participate in swim workouts most mornings as well as run through the trails and roads around Starr Pass. Cost is $1675+HST if paid in full before December 31 2013 or $1875+HST if commitment is paid after December 31.

This camp sells out every year so if you are interested in joining us in 2014 let us know so we can ensure you have a spot!

Click on the image above to download a pdf of the camp details.

The Milton Half Marathon, September 14th, 2014

Milton half marathonIt is that time of year again when race schedules are considered for the upcoming season, goals are established and plans put in motion to make the upcoming year even better than the last. There is no better way to ensure you stick to your training plans than to register for some key races early on. It keeps you focused and motivated, not to mention it saves some money with Early Bird rates.

This September, come join us for the 3rd Annual Milton Half Marathon, 5km Run/Walk or the new 1km Family Fun Run! We have some exciting new things lined up for the race this year! Same great swag bags as last year, with more excitement within!

Check out www.miltonmarathon.com for full and complete details….

www.ridemilton.com | www.miltonmarathon.com | www.pumpkinsummit.com

2014 NRGPT France & Florida Training Camps

Nice, France (May 8-18, 2014): This is the 10th anniversary our hugely popular European spring training camps, come and ride on the Nice Ironman course and swim in the Mediterranean all while staying in a 4 start hotel just outside of Nice while getting on the road feedback from the NRGPT Coaching Team! Get more details.

Florida Winter Training Camps (Feb 15-22 and March 1-8): 2 x 1 week camps open to all athletes, come and get some hands on attention by some of the country’s top coaches as we swim/bike and run with you for a week! Get away from winter and kick start your season with a great week of training and education, you can find the details here. This is an all inclusive week (except for airfare) with food and accommodation all taken care of for you. We are offering some early bird discounts as well this year

Please Support our Sponsors

We extend our thanks to each and every sponsor. Race entry fees never cover the complete cost of a particular race or series of races and without the sponsors there is no race or race series that would survive without their support. We hope that you all take a moment to check out our Series Sponsors below or visit the sponsors page and see what they do and look at the products they sell. Please thank them for supporting the sports of Triathlon and Duathlon by trying and using their products. If you do visit them please take a moment to thank them for supporting Triathlon, Duathlon and Kids races in Ontario.

MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series

We are extremely grateful to have the support of our sponsors. The Series Level Sponsors contribute a great deal to help make our series successful.