Iron Canucks Triathlon Club and Niagara Barrelman (September 21, 2014)

By Chris Nardi, club member since 2013 

Last year I was struggling with injuries and looking for some inspiration to get back into racing and pushing me to do what others think is impossible. A great friend and training partner mentioned she had joined Iron Canucks Triathlon Club. So last year, in the middle of the summer, I joined, not knowing what to expect.
What I found was a group of friendly inviting people who are all there for the same purpose to have fun, train, race and celebrate. From the first swim at Gulliver’s Lake, I found the group very welcoming Coach Nancy Hastings’s enthusiasm very motivating. All the teams’ coaches and mentors are great at getting the best out of everyone.
I find my team mates encouraging as well as easy to communicate with, friendly and
supportive. I am amazed at the amount of support at races from the others in the team who aren’t racing. They travel to the races with their team flags and bells and cheer you on.
Having a strong team motivates me to push myself to try longer distances so when
Christine Cassey mentioned that she wanted to do the BarrelMan Half I jumped on
board. I remember that day so clearly as we stood at Lake Ontario after an open swim and next thing I knew 5, then 10 and now 25 members are racing on September 21st!
IronCanucks Triathlon Club is a Burlington Ontario, and surrounding area team. The IronCanucks provide support and development to triathletes/duathletes of all levels. We have an average of 60 members on this very active team. We are training and supporting one another the entire year. Our Coaches and Team Leaders organize training and social events to give athletes the opportunity to meet new friends and training partners. There are many organized events during the year and at many races you will see our IronCanucks cheer squad supporting their fellow team mates. You cannot miss us on race day, equipped with bells and inspiring signs. IronCanucks are always having fun! Website: