FREE Zoomphoto Pictures

MultiSport Canada has paid Zoomphoto to take pictures at all of our races for the 2017 season and provide them to our athlete/customers for FREE! We have now had some athletes email the office or Zoomphoto asking why their pictures was not taken on either the bike or run course.
Zoomphoto does their best to have the appropriate number of photographers attend each event in order to try and get as many pictures of as many athletes as possible. Unfortunately it is just not possible to guarantee they will get a picture of every athlete on any of the courses.
In an attempt to make sure that every athletes is photographed at least once we have also paid for a finish line GoPro to be set up so that each athlete will have a video and picture crossing the finish line!
We ask that you enjoy the FREE Zoomphoto pictures,even if it is only your finish line picture or video. – John Salt