COVID-19 Multisport Canada Refund and Deferral Policy

We know you all want to race. Please know that we too want you to race and we can’t wait to welcome you at one of our races, as soon as it is safe to do so.

What’s new?

We want to provide you with clarity on our updated policy related to transfer, deferral and refund for cancelled races.

OK, but what is happening with races in 2020?

As you know, the race situation in 2020 is fluid. We will keep the current race schedule until the ‘Decision Date’ for each race. Each ‘Decision Date’ has been chosen to ensure:

  • Authorities allow public gatherings, travel and accommodation
  • Paid duty police and EMS professionals are available
  • People have appropriate time to train

*Decision Date subject to change based on more current COVID-19 updates in local communities.

On April 9, 2020 we sent an email regarding the postponement of the Gravenhurst and Welland races, which detailed the possibility of rescheduling and/or cancellation of other races throughout the season. You can read that here:

What are my options if a race is cancelled?

We are confident we have found the fairest solution in these extraordinarily challenging and unpredictable circumstances. Please note that in making this decision, we needed to strike a careful balance. We will always do the right thing by you, our valued customers; however, we must also take great care to protect ourselves from financial collapse/ uncertainty.

If a race is cancelled, we will send an email to all registered athletes giving you three options:

  1. You can transfer your entry to a 2020 race later in the season
  2. You can defer your 2020 entry to the same race in 2021
  3. If you wish to withdraw, MultiSport Canada will refund 75% of your race fees in 2020

Where does the 25% go?

Make no mistake: COVID-19 is now the defining challenge of our generation. MultiSport Canada is a small business, operating year-round with several full-time employees, 30+ part-time employees, an office and storage facilities for our equipment along with all costs associated with hosting each race. We carefully reviewed all our 2020 expenses and calculated what refund amount we can afford to offer. We want to be here in 2021 to produce the races you love.

Can I waive my refund or deferral?

We have already received emails from athlete/customers, anticipating that races may be cancelled, with offers to forgo any refund. Some have even offered to provide financial assistance and have told us that they love our races and want to be sure those races are back in 2021. We are extremely grateful for the offers! We are not suggesting that anyone provide us with additional funds; however, if you are registered for a race which is cancelled, we will give you the option to refuse a portion of your refund or 2021 deferral with our sincere appreciation.

What’s next?

As more information becomes available, we will contact all athletes who were registered in a cancelled race and provide all available options.

We sincerely hope you will understand the need for these policies and will continue to support ours and other races. While our offices remain closed and we continue to monitor emails please do not email requesting refunds until we announce cancellations. Our COVID 19 FAQ’s can be found here:

Please stay safe.

John Salt, Jason Vurma and Joseph Park and the entire MultiSport Canada Team