CompuTrainer Blue Flywheel Recall

CT Recall

RacerMate, Inc., is recalling all CompuTrainer Blue Flywheels and replacing them with new forged steel flywheels – all free of charge to you. Blue Flywheels were last supplied with CompuTrainer in 2007.

If you own a CompuTrainer with a Blue Flywheel you are advised to remove and discard it immediately. Recent reports from four CompuTrainer owners indicate their blue flywheels have disintegrated during use. This will pose a possible risk of injury to the rider and/or bystanders. The purpose of this recall is to completely eliminate any risk to you or bystanders.

To receive your free flywheel replacement, you must complete the form providing us with your current shipping address. Including the five digit Load Generator serial number is appreciated, but not mandatory.

Removal of the flywheel involves loosening the set-screw on the flywheel hub and sliding the flywheel from the shaft. A special Flywheel Pull Tool has been created to help with the more difficult removals (see separate instruction sheet). This tool accompanies each replacement flywheel.

The CompuTrainer can be ridden without a flywheel with no effect upon accuracy and press-on force calibration. You are advised to remove the Blue Flywheel immediately and to ride the CompuTrainer without a flywheel until your new replacement flywheel is installed.

RacerMate is committed to uncompromising quality and safety standards which this recall confirms.

This is the Second Notice on this recall. If you are receiving it and believe you filled in the form before, something happened in the process and the form didn’t submit. Please make sure you go to the bottom of the form where you get the message that the form was completed. If you have not filled it out, please do so now. Thank you.