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Polish Off Your Winter Training with THREE Free Interactive Real Course Videos & $200 Off All Models

Its cold outside and the ice is everywhere! You need to train, but you know those roads are going to be treacherous. And even if you could summon the courage to brave the icy conditions, they won’t match the real world conditions when you hit the race course. What better way to polish your Winter Training Program than THREE of our latest Interactive Real Course Videos.

CompuTrainer’s unique ability to replicate road physics makes it the ONLY cycling-specific trainer on the market. This creates the optimal muscle recruitment that creates champion cyclists.  Without the laboratory-grade inertial and electronic flywheel properties of CompuTrainer it’s impossible to create the true challenges of the road and real road feel. Proprietary features and world-class accuracy come together to cause users to see an incredible 10-20% increase in power.

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Stefan Baatz – Ext. 311
Mike Massoth – Ext. 306
Jim Donaldson – Ext. 347