Belwood Post Race Report

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Where else can you let the race organizer know how you felt about the race and get a ballot to win one of $11,000 in prizes? We really do use the feedback you provide to improve our races and hope you will take a few minutes to complete the Woodstock Customer Satisfaction Survey. After every race we will send out a Post-Race Survey where we ask you about your race experience. Complete the survey and you will receive a ballot in the Season Long Draw. The survey helps us improve, make changes and let’s us know how we treated you on race day. You just need to tell us what you think of the race. Here is the Belwood Post-Race Survey.

Our Season Long Draw – Everyone can win!

This year we will once again have a Season Long Draw, however now everyone has a chance to win. After every race we will send out a Post-Race Survey where we ask you about your race experience. The survey helps us improve, make changes and let’s us know how we treated you on race day.

As in past years we will also be awarding additional ballots based on participation. With the draw being held at the end of the race season it means the more you race the better your chance to win. We will track your races and once you have entered THREE OR MORE RACES you will automatically be given three extra ballots. Each additional entry will also give you another ballot.

Here’s an example: Compete in 5 races, you get 5 ballots. Complete the post-race surveys and get 5 additional ballots for a total of 10 ballots. Compete in 2 races and complete the respective post-race surveys you get 2 ballots. It’s our way of thanking you for coming out to our races all year.

We intend to keep adding prizes all year and will keep updating the prize list as the season progresses.

The Season Long Draw page has all of the details.

Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon in 2014

Make sure you use the special preview code that was in your race kit in Welland. You could win a Timex Run Trainer 2.0 valued at $325. If you lost your offer card here is a PDF version.

The Niagara Falls Half Iron Tri will be an epic race. On a fast and flat course, athletes will have an excellent opportunity to race towards a personal best, while friends and family will have plenty to do before, during and after the race. This race will be a standalone event and not part of the Recharge With Milk Series. Prepare yourself for one of the fastest and most iconic Half Iron races in Canada. Visit the Niagara Falls Half Iron website.

The Only Series With A Custom Podium Award Photo

Custom Podium Award Picture
Custom Podium Award Picture

The free custom photo for our award eligible athletes will continue but in a different manner. The award photos will now be in the FREEZONE gallery on My Sports Shooter’s Facebook Page.

Each race will have a FREEZONE, and each race will have an AWARDS Gallery.

The photo will be a customized podium shot with text and graphics with the race, date, names of all participants in the category as well as the statistics directly from Sportstats. You can download your free customized award in full print resolution instead of having to claim it by using a coupon. This totally streamlines the free award process and gives you an amazing keepsake to mark your achievement!

What if I can’t stay for the podium???  We are encouraging all podium participants to stay for the group shot but if you are not able, we are asking you to head to the Photo Tent area and get a great portrait done by one of our crew members. This photo can be taken with just you or with your bike if you want. The image will be customized with your race results and put in the FREEZONE gallery. You will be able to download it shortly after the event.


We will no longer be offering any coupons, discounts or free action shots for any participants. We have the FREEZONE gallery which will have lots of amazing photos from the day and encourage you to visit the Photo Tent to have a portrait done while you are on site. Those shots will always be free for you to download directly!


50 percent offWith the tightening of everyone’s budget for recreational activities these days, My Sports Shooter would like to announce the following BIG cut to all our prices.  We are responding to a continuing trend and would like to consider ourselves industry leaders in recognizing what our customers want.

Starting with the Gravenhurst Triathlon until the end of the season, we have cut almost all our prices in half.  That’s right 50% off!  You don’t need a coupon, just check out as you would normally.  For example our high resolution digital images used to be $19.99.  They are now $10.  Our Medium Resolution Archive (all your images in medium format) used to be $49.99. They are now $25!  Prints as low as $3.00 as well.

To be fair, this pricing is in effect from the Gravenhurst Triathlon forward.  There will be no reduction in pricing for the previous races from this year.  It simply wouldn’t be fair to those who have previously purchased their images from those races. I invite you enjoy the new prices and hope it helps to fit your budget a little better!

If you run into any problems, please contact Mike Cheliak at

TYR Racer of The Day and HERO of The Day


We will be picking a finishing position at select races and the athlete who finishes in that overall position will win a TYR wetsuit valued at $300.

Belwood TYR Racer of the Day

Belwood TYR Racer of the Day - Jeremy Goertz

Jeremy Goertz as our Belwood TYR Racer of the Day wins a TYR Category 1 Wetsuit.

My Sports Shooter – You’ve Been Shot Award

mysportsshooter.comYES! We are still running the wildly popular “You’ve Been SHOT!” race day award!

Mike Cheliak will be sorting out the most amazing shot from the race and the winner gets a FREE high resolution copy of the image!  Smile big, act silly, jump for joy or tuck and roll.  Just remember to do it for the camera!

Congratulations go to out to our Belwood You’ve Been Shot Award winner Marina Mooney of Markham.

Belwood YBS

Marina was our final finisher of the day. She was escorted by some of the members of the Markham Running Room Triathlon Clinic that chose Belwood as their graduation race. Congratulations Marina and the rest of the Markham crew! You can read about their story in our June Newsletter.

Belwood Markham Running Room Triathlon Clinic Group

Contact Mike Cheliak to claim your picture. Remember to smile and ham it up for the camera, and maybe you too can be a You’ve Been Shot Award winner.

Thank You To The Retailers and Sponsors At Belwood

We would not be able to provide the quality of races and draw prizes without the sponsors and retailers who support our series. Special thanks also goes out to on site retailers Big Race Wheels who rescued a racer or two on the weekend, Optimum Integrative Health Centre, who provided massage and post-race health care at Belwood, and One Bead, a great organization who supports a great cause and provided volunteers for the race.

Belwood Post-race Report & Results

By Roger Hospedales

After a one year absence, triathlon and duathlon made its return to Belwood. Even these ospreys were excited to see us back.
Belwood Ospreys

Even though the wind added some extra challenge to the hills on the tail end of the bike course, everyone had wonderful day.

Belwood Swim Start

We saw a great race in the Duathlon with many of the top duathletes in the province gathered to get in a final race before the World Duathlon Championships in Ottawa.

Belwood Du Start

The Triathlon gave a glimpse into some rising stars in the sport – Alexander Hinton and Leanna Lee. We had an incredible and enthusiastic group of first timers for the Give-It-A-Tri race (pictured below), and we also some some emerging young talent in that race – William Stewart and Emma Young.

Belwood First Timers

Special thanks go out to One Bead for providing all of our wonderful volunteers.

Belwood Volunteers One Bead

Thanks for choosing to join us at Belwood. By the way, how cool are those Recharge With Milk socks that were given away by the Recharge With Milk crew?

Recharge With Milk Socks

The next stop on the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series brings us to Bala Falls (Saturday July 28).

Here is a video recap of this weekend’s events:

For a complete rundown of Results please visit Sportstats, Official Timers of the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series and MultiSport Canada. If you need any adjustment to the final results please email Sportstats. 

Belwood Winners Collage 2013

Recharge with Milk Triathlon Series – Belwood Triathlon, Duathlon, and Give-It-A-Tri

Saturday July 20, 2013

Belwood Tri Podium

Belwood Triathlon (750m swim, 30 km bike, 7.5 km run)

Top 5 Men

1 Alexander HINTON Kingston 1:21:34.2 M-EliteAG 10:10 45:44 24:28
2 Devin WITTIG Timmins 1:29:17.0 M-EliteAG 13:21 48:11 26:30
3 Luke EHGOETZ New Hamburg 1:31:31.1 M40-44 12:52 47:26 29:41
4 Adrian LAWSON Toronto 1:31:41.0 M35-39 14:04 46:43 28:59
5 Andrew NAUSE Oakville 1:31:57.8 M30-34 12:20 49:12 28:34

Top 5 Women

1 Leanna LEE Scarborough 1:35:11.5 F-EliteAG 11:34 50:26 31:48
2 Robin BARKER Hamilton 1:45:12.9 F40-44 16:40 52:34 33:26
3 Phaedra KENNEDY Toronto 1:45:39.6 F40-44 14:33 56:40 31:59
4 Cathy CRAWLEY Guelph 1:46:11.4 F30-34 12:28 56:53 34:51
5 Erika KAMENZ Dashwood 1:47:06.6 F20-24 12:35 58:39 33:44


Triathlon Distance Best Swim (Top Male and Female)
Time Name City Category Pace /100m
10:10 Alexander Hinton Kingston M-Elite AG 1:22
11:34 Leanna Lee Scarborough F-Elite AG 1:33
Triathlon Distance Best Bike (Top Male and Female)
Time Name City Category Pace  km/hr
45:44 Alexander Hinton Kingston M-Elite AG 39.4
50:26 Leanna Lee Scarborough F-Elite AG 35.7
Triathlon Distance Best Run (Top Male and Female)
Time Name City Category Pace  /km
24:28 Alexander Hinton Kingston M-Elite AG 3:16
31:48 Leanna Lee Scarborough F-Elite AG 4:15


Belwood Du Podium

Belwood Duathlon (5km run, 30 km bike, 5 km run)

Top 5 Men

1 Erik BOX Milton 1:25:35.8 M20-29 18:39 45:34 20:12
2 Larry BRADLEY Mississauga 1:26:29.0 M30-39 18:01 48:13 19:01
3 Jesse BAUER Hamilton 1:26:43.9 M20-29 17:37 50:07 17:55
4 Scott FINCH Kintore 1:28:24.9 M30-39 18:16 49:13 19:41
5 Bert CANDELA Cambridge 1:31:36.5 M50-59 18:41 50:01 20:27

Top 5 Women

1 Carolyn SILVEY Toronto 1:40:22.9 F50-59 20:42 56:11 21:23
2 Katya MASUN Toronto 1:42:06.6 F30-39 23:01 53:42 23:15
3 Medeine TRIBINEVICIUS Toronto 1:46:12.7 F30-39 23:26 55:10 26:12
4 Christine RICHARDSON London 1:47:11.5 F40-49 22:17 59:23 23:47
5 Laura HAGERMAN Milton 1:48:26.7 F20-29 22:49 59:13 24:34


Duathlon Best 1st Run (Top Male and Female)
Time Name City Category Pace  /km
17:37 Jesse Bauer Hamilton M20-29 3:32
20:42 Carolyn Silvey Toronto F50-29 4:09
Duathlon Best Bike (Top Male and Female)
Time Name City Category Pace  km/hr
45:34 Erik Box Milton M20-29 39.5
53:42 Katya Masun Toronto F30-39 33.5
Duathlon Best 2nd Run (Top Male and Female)
Time Name City Category Pace  /km
17:55 Jesse Bauer Hamilton M20-29 3:35
21:23 Carolyn Silvey Toronto F50-59 4:17


Belwood GIT Podium

Belwood Give-It-A-Tri (400m swim, 10km bike, 2.5 km run)

Top 5 Men

1 William STEWART Strathroy 36:27.1 M01-19 5:53 19:41 9:10
2 Carl OLIVER Newmarket 36:45.9 M30-39 7:59 17:35 9:29
3 Samuel GATI London 38:57.6 M01-19 5:55 19:59 10:44
4 Evan MCDERMOTT Caledon 40:13.8 M01-19 7:57 19:47 10:22
5 David HICKEY London 40:34.4 M01-19 6:35 21:25 10:24

Top 5 Women

1 Emma YOUNG London 40:53.9 F01-19 7:22 21:18 10:30
2 Nadine VOGT Mississauga 41:48.5 F20-29 7:57 21:13 11:03
3 Scotia BRAILSFORD Hamilton 42:34.6 F01-19 7:04 21:23 12:06
4 Emily CHANT Waterdown 44:07.1 F01-19 8:19 20:51 13:19
5 Karen MORROW Uxbridge 46:28.8 F40-49 10:42 20:13 13:05


Give-It-A-Tri Best Swim (Top Male and Female)
Time Name City Category Pace /100m
5:53 William Stewart Strathroy M01-19 1:29
7:04 Scotia Brailsford Hamilton F01-19 1:46
Give-It-A-Tri Best Bike (Top Male and Female)
Time Name City Category Pace  km/hr
17:35 Carl Oliver Newmarket M30-39 34.1
20:13 Karen Morrow Uxbridge F40-49 29.7
Give-It-A-Tri Best Run (Top Male and Female)
Time Name City Category Pace  /km
9:10 William Stewart Strathroy M01-19 3:40
10:30 Emma Young London F-Elite AG 4:12


Triathlon Swim/Bike Men
Place Total Time Name City Swim Bike
1 1:08:20.6 Joel Palmer Newmarket 13:09 53:56
2 1:09:44.8 Clayton MacNeil London 12:52 55:34
3 1:11:08:.7 Leon Vanderburgt Guelph 13:46 55:44
Triathlon Swim/Bike Women
Place Total Time Name City Swim Bike
1 1:12:32.5 Shannon Merizzi Ottawa 12:55 58:27
1:14:30.9 Kira Neill Whitby 14:59 58:26
1:27:41.6 Kimberley Bannon Ariss 16:10 1:09:29


Give-it-a-Tri Swim/Bike Men
Place Total Time Name City Swim Bike
1 31:18.4 Tom Hughes Burlington 8:31 20:26
2 31:36.0 Andrew Orr Milton 10:25 19:16
Give-it-a-Tri Swim/Bike Women
Place Total Time Name City Swim Bike
1 42:43.7 Catharine Smyth Orangeville 14:32 24:58

See the full results at SportStats. All photos are courtesy of My Sports Shooter.

A Reminder to all Athletes

Maintaining great relationships with the communities hosting our races is essential to ensuring that these races are successful and continue to exist. Therefore, athletes, please remember to be courteous out on the race course. Not only to volunteers and fellow racers, but also to the residents of the community you are racing in. And just like when you are out training, you need to share the road. It is a race but we do not own the road. Adopting the spirit of sharing and co-operation will make it a better experience for all.