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Not so fast; relish the accomplishment

— By Daryl Flacks “It’s not how fast you go but how long you go fast.” No one knows this better than endurance athletes. The ability to maintain speed over the longer distances requires consistency…. draining the reserves and then going beyond. It’s not uncommon in a hard training session to puke a little, shed […]

Your best

— By Niels Dekker  When I hear the rhetorical question, “is one sport not enough for you triathletes?” I can’t help but chuckle. For those who truly love this amazing sport, I don’t think that crosses our mind. If anything, the muliti-discipline nature is what adds to the challenge, and triathletes love a good challenge! […]

Going Short

— By Felicia Long This year my friend in Florida selected an early season Ironman for us to do together — Ironman Brazil in May. This seemed like a good idea last year when we entered but as we all know this year’s winter was especially long. Swimming and running are not affected by the […]

Helping your competitor helps you

— By Emilie Whitson The title of this article is a little click-baity, but you’re reading!  How many times has something small (or maybe something big!) gone wrong in a race, and you find yourself in a negative self-talk spiral into oblivion? Speaking from personal experience, sometimes mental game is our own worst enemy when […]

Just steamed, please

— By Angela Hofstra “Would you please ask the kitchen to just steam the broccoli and not add butter or salt”.  “That’s how it is done, maam”.  “Really, just steamed?”.  “Yes, ma’am”.  Despite the promising conversation the broccoli was dripped with fat and salt, and didn’t get eaten by me. This is a common conversation […]


— By Randy Cornelisse  Multisport…Why? Has anyone ever told you that no matter what you’re doing, it should be fun, or there’s no point? Let’s put that oft-used statement into perspective. I have completed a few triathlons and half Ironman events… not fun! Not because of the distance, but because they kept the swimming portion […]

Reverse-engineer your happiness

— By Ken de Jong When it came to motivating myself to get out there and have a better life, the direct approach just didn’t seem to work. I could pick a decent challenge, or I choose a weight loss goal and meet it, but I couldn’t sustain the change in lifestyle that I was […]