Adversity and Tough Times are Part of the Process – By Healthy Results Training

When was the last time you had a perfect season?

Conquered every workout?

Felt great on every km, every lap, of every day?

And yet, that is the expectation many of us.

But that sure isn’t reality, is it?

If you are like me you have learned that adversity, discomfort, and outright failure happens…..a lot!!

Adversity and tough times are part of the process.

Here are some ideas for how you can work through tough times.

1. Lean on your support system.

Your friends, family, coaches; they are there to provide unconditional love, psychological safety, and to remind you we will get your chance just not right now.

2. Be there for others.

Instead of getting caught up in the endless cycle of dwelling of how your season is toast, or how your training has suffered, be strong for the people in your life. Be the rock, be the reason someone else’s day got better,

3. Routines.

Ok so its day what now??? It’s easy to lose track of our routine and good habits. Even though we may complain about the early mornings and the long workouts, there is a great deal of comfort in the routine.

Goals have change so time to change up your routine.

4. Focus on the things you control.

Be real about the things you control, and the things you don’t. I say this all the time to my athletes.

When you find yourself drifting into the arena of things you don’t control, stress, anxiety and frustration go up.

When you feel frustrated, or the doubt is beginning to rise in the back of your mind have a zoom chat with your coach and answer this simple question.

“How can I make today better than yesterday and set myself up for tomorrow?”

Decide where the story will take you.