A few skincare tips for tri-duathletes

As I am getting myself into the triathlon world, I am asked more and more to weight in my skincare expertise and figured I would take a moment to share a few tips relevant to triathlon and to all gender.

Pool chlorine, time under the sun cycling or running, along with sweating profusely can wreck a havoc and there are many things you can do to maintain healthy skin.

  1. Cleanse but do not strip your skin: I am not a fan of soap bars on the face simply because they are meant to bind and emulsify your skin oils and wash those down the drain. And yet, sebum is essential for pH balance and anti-again. Stripping it off will only get your skin to either overcompensate by producing more for what is lacking… and age your skin sooner. I strongly suggest looking for a cleanser with no harsh surfactant, Cream cleansers may not foam yet many provide great cleansing action without dehydrating the skin.
  2. Toner: Many skip that step. As your cleanser and water have different pH, you skin is meant to stay slightly acidic. Beware of alcohol astringent that dries your face even further and choose a product with slight amount of vitamin C, Citric acid or anything that acidic in order to have your skin at a favorable pH. Just be conscious if your skin is inflamed to have those diluted.
  3.  Moisturize like your life depend on it: Tapes and race tattoos might not stick on very well but always make sure that once showered you use a good moisturizer. For  your skin to be quenched and nourish, your body might require a different moisturizer than your face. A reminder that if your skin still feels dry after 10 minutes, you may need to apply. There are many options as to ointments, cream which are oil based and heavier or lotion which contain more water which is also necessary to skin health. If you are prone to break outs, remember that NOT moisturizing will make it worst. Try to find a lighter lotion (often with more water than oil) for  your skin type.

A note about SPF: A reminder that the efficiency of skin protection lies in the reapplication so I would say you would be best with moisturizing and using an SPF on top for sun protection (as opposed to both in one). Broad spectrum protection with prevent burns from UVB and future wrinkle damage from UVAs from training under the sun.

Another reminder is that your moisturizer can do so much more once you scrub the dead skin cells off. A weekly scrub (pumice, coffee, salt or sugar based) can reveal wonders! Do not however scrub more than once a week as many of us will end up with more breakouts or raw skin.

  1. Lip balm: Because lips dry up too! A mild scrub or even a wet cloth can help in getting the dry skin. Once you have tackle the dry skin, make sure to prevent it by re-applying as often as you remember.
  2. Mask: A face AND a hair mask once weekly can do wonders especially when EVERYTHING is dry! Some mask will pull out impurities and some will add on moisture so be sure to select one that your skin or hair needs most. A hair mask or deep conditioner once weekly after the pool can help some of the damage from the chlorine.
  3. One of the most important rules of it all… Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Because your skin needs moisture…from the inside out! Do not take your water intake for granted.

Once you have a new skin care routine, your skin might breakout in order to release impurities now that it has the chance to do so. A reminder to be patient and to wait 2-3 weeks before noticing results and to stay consistent all year long for long term benefits.

More skincare questions? I work as a Health and Beauty Advisor at Quarter Master Foods in London, ON and I can be messaged info@quartermasterfoods.com or catch us on social media! https://www.facebook.com/quartermasterfoods @quartermasterfoods