A big reason why Andrew Bolton is fast on his bike

Andrew Bolton is a member of the 2014 Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series Ambassador Team. Andrew’s bike leg is his biggest weapon and there is good reason why, he rides all year round.

In his latest blog post, My Experience As A Die-Hard Bicycle Commuter, we get a glimpse of how dedicated he is to riding his bike.

There are only two seasons in Canada: Winter and July. With a ton of snow this winter and what seems like an endless cold spell (must be that polar vortex thing), winter seems like it will never end. Now don’t get the idea that I’m complaining (although it is quite understandable that most triathletes dislike winter)…this winter thing is really starting to grow on me.

Maybe it’s my inner Canadian talking here, but winter is not all that bad (and if you disagree, I understand if you stop reading here). Now I can see where triathletes are coming from. The endless hours on the treadmill or even worse…the bike trainer, can really test ones motivation to train (trust me a couple hours on the trainer in the basement 3-4 times a week all winter gets to you). So how do I combat this? I ride outside!!

As most of you know, I study at York University, which is a convenient 15km or so from my house. Now call me a poor student or a crazy cyclist (don’t call me anything else though), but I just can’t bring myself to take the bus over my bike. I have saved literally thousands of dollars by commuting by bike, and even saved time (commuting by bus is about half an hour slower than by bike). Winter conditions: no problem, just bundle up and you’re good right? Well sort of….Here is my experience as a die hard bicycle commuter.

Read the rest at Andrew Bolton’s blog.