2020 Series Cancellation Announcement

The Road Forward to 2021

We are writing to you today to announce the cancellation of the remaining events in the MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series.

This has been an awful decision for us to make, but we know it is the right choice as our top priority has been to bring you a Fun and Safe race experience.

One thing is certain: we will back with you in 2021, stronger and keener than ever before.

Why Now?

Originally, we had planned to communicate with you on a race by race basis, but we felt it was not responsible to wait any longer.  Nor are we willing to bet on the fact that our situation will change sufficiently to be able to look you in the eye on race day, certain that you are safe at our event.

Could an Event Happen?

We have been tackling this very question for the past few months. We’ve done the math and we could create events with: reduced race capacities; expanded race sites; enhanced hygiene protocols; spread-out starts; no awards; no food; no handshakes at the finish; and absolutely no close contact with any of your friends or fellow athletes.  Stakeholder permit approvals for any large events are far from certain right now but we felt we needed to explore all options.

For many of you, even this muted experience would be acceptable, if only to race again. We salute that ‘never-say-die’ attitude but we are also responsible for you – all of you. We strive for a zero margin for error and this is more than your health and our reputation are worth. If just one of us is not safe, no one is safe.

So, even if hosting one event might have been possible, we are not going risk the trust you have placed in MSC over the past nineteen years for the benefit of the one or two races with higher risk.

I have Already Registered; What Happens Now?

If you are registered for a race this summer, you will receive an email early next week outlining your cancellation options. You will be given the choice to defer to 2021, obtain a partial refund or to support MSC and give back a portion of your entry. If you had previously chosen to transfer to another race this year from our previous communication regarding Welland, K-Town or Gravenhurst, we will email you with your new options as well.

Thank You

Since the pandemic began, we have received emails from many of you offering to forgo your refund. Some have even offered to provide financial assistance to support races you love to ensure they return in 2021. We are deeply grateful for these offers as MultiSport Canada is a small independent company with very few cash sponsors.  We survive on the net income after race expenses that support the year-round operating costs of salaries, rent and other fixed overhead. We are not suggesting that anyone provide us with additional funds; however, if you are registered for a race which is cancelled, we will give you the option to refuse a portion of your refund with our sincere appreciation.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the incredible supportive people in Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Welland, Toronto, Kingston, and Lakeside who have tried so hard to work with us these past 12 weeks to make the impossible possible. We would also like to thank you, our customers for your understanding and support as we have navigated these unprecedented times.

2020 will be an exceptionally challenging year for us all and while the cancellation of our complete race series will certainly leave a mark, but we will be back for you in 2021.

– Jason Vurma, John Salt, Joseph Park and the entire MultiSport Canada Team