2017 Awards Banquet and Personal Best Endurance Day

The MultiSport Canada, Skechers Performance Triathlon Series Awards Banquet will be on Saturday December 2nd at McMaster University, Hamilton, ON from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Skechers Performance Triathlon Series Awards Presentation

Following the buffet lunch, the awards presentations will begin at approximately 1:45pm. Each award winner will be receiving a personalized plaque and photo taken by Zoomphoto.

Lunch Menu
Lunch will be served in Celebration Banquet Hall. A buffet lunch will be served with choice of:
  • Beef Lasagna or Penne with wild mushroom cream sauce
  • Three cheeses and garlic bread sticks
  • Caesar Salad Station
  • Tiramsu Cake
  • Coffee or tea


If you plan to join us for lunch you must RSVP by November 27th. Further details listed below. 

Directions and Parking

See campus map for location. Please park in parking lot C.  There is a parking fee is $7.00 per car or you can park on a local street and walk to the campus.  For directions http://www.mcmaster.ca/welcome/directions.cfm

Our Banquet will be in Celebration Hall which is located in Kenneth Taylor Hall.


Skechers/Personal Best McMaster Triathlon & Run Clinics

Olympic swim-bike-triathlon coaches, along with world-class lecturers, top Canadian elite athletes & researchers for a one-day opportunity to learn from the country’s best experts and develop your plan for 2018.  As an extra bonus, Trisport Subaru Race Series, MultiSport Canada Race Series & Triathlon Ontario will each have a separate banquet occurring throughout the day.  People may do a banquet and combine some of the day’s triathlon clinic as part of their personal day.


The day is set up for you to select the specific clinics, seminars or motivational talks you want in one trip. Meet the top athletes, learn from Olympic coaches, and hear from top researchers.  Come with a friend and follow the exact same day, or catch up after you both have very different clinic experiences.

Click here for details and registration.