Saturday, August 15

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400m Swim – 10km Bike – 2.5km Run
Give-It-A-Tri Swim Bike
400m Swim – 10km Bike
Give-It-A-Tri Relay
400m Swim – 10km Bike – 2.5km Run

Important Notes

Please read the Toronto Island Important Information

ALL RACE FEES include the Ferry To/From the Island – a $8.50 value.

Special Ferry Service to Hanlan’s Point will begin at 6:00AM departing every half hour (i.e. 6:00AM. 6:30AM) from the Ferry Terminal.

We recommend that you arrive at the Ferry Terminal with enough time to pick-up your bib and ferry ticket and catch a ferry that departs 90 minutes before that start of your race.



Friday 4:00PM – 6:30PM

Race Day: 5:45AM – 7:45AM

Race Kit Pickup & Race Registration
Toronto Island Ferry Docks


Race Start
Wave Starts

9:00AM – 12:00PM

Post Race Events


Awards Presentation

Course Details

Swim – 400m

The Swim uses a triangular course from Hanlan’s Point Beach. There is excellent water quality and the temperature usually ranges from 62-74F.  The start will be just off the beach in knee-deep water. The course doesn’t travel too far from shore and all the turns are marked with large (5.5ft) lime green triangular buoys.  There will also be a series of smaller orange buoys between the turns to guide you along.

Watching-over you will be an experienced on-water safety team comprised of Toronto Lifeguards as well as MultiSport Canada staff.  If you need to hold-onto one of our paddleboards for a short break, that’s not a problem.  If you are unable to complete the entire swim course, that’s also not a problem.  You will still be able to join your friends and go on to the rest of the event.

Once you have finished the Swim Course, you will run across the beach to a short wooden boardwalk.  You will then run along the boardwalk, back to the grass and follow a coned lane to Transition Area.  Once you reach the Transition Area you will enter under the Swim IN/Run Out archway which is on the beach side.

2013_toronto_island_bike_coursesBike – 10km

Athletes will exit the Transition Area under the Bike IN/Bike OUT Archway and run or walk their bikes to the Mount Line.  One you are past the Mount Line, you are free to get onto your bike and begin the Bike Course.

The Bike Course is ONE 10km loop on Toronto Island.  There are no cars on the course, but we do share the Island roadways with other fitness users, so be friendly to everyone you meet out there!  The course is almost perfectly flat, but there is a few “Rules of the Road” we need you keep in-mind to ensure safety, to keep the race fair and to make sure everyone has good time – please read-over the list below:

  1. Ride to the right-most side of the road – about 2ft from the side
  2. Keep 5m of space between you and the cyclist in-front of you unless you are passing
  3. When passing, firmly and politely call “On your LEFT” just before you pass
  4. If you are passed, please let 5m of space form between you and the cyclist now in-front of you
  5. Do not ride Side-by-Side as that prevents anyone from passing you safely
  6. NEVER cross the centre-line of the road, whether there is a painted line or not, as this creates a serious safety issue with on-coming traffic

Now for the details!  After 400m the course joins the main section of Lakeshore Ave. and TWO WAY bike traffic begins.  Lakeshore Ave. on the main section of the Island is approximately 8-10m wide, but do watch for the narrow section at Avenue of the Islands. This is also an area that may have more pedestrian traffic.

Once past Avenue of the Islands, the course travels to the East end of the Island.  As you near the East end of the Island, the road narrows before you reach a cul-de-sac adjacent to the Ward’s Island Ferry Docks. This is also an area that may have more pedestrian traffic.  After rounding the cul-de-sac you will be returning back towards the race site at the West end of the Island.

Once you are adjacent to the race site you will see the TURN AROUND sign. You will need to slow down and turn-around just after the sign post. The course then veers RIGHT and follows the cones to the Dismount Line to finish the Bike Course.

Run – 2.5km

The Run Course takes place along quite Park Roads (85%) and Grass (15%).  The majority of the course is TWO (2) Loops of a P-Shaped course to Hanlan’s Point (the Ferry Docks) and back towards the Race Site.  Everyone loves this course as you get to see your friends and fellow participants many times throughout.

To start the Run Course, athletes will exit the Transition Area by crossing under the Swim IN/Run OUT archway at the opposite end of the transition area to the Bike Course – this is the same place you entered the Transition Area finishing your 1st Run.

After running under the Arch, the course turns RIGHT following a series of cones to heads past the Finish Line.  The course then turns LEFT and heads towards the road and you will see the CN Tower in front of you!  Once you reach the road, the course turns LEFT and joins the LOOP section.

2015_toronto_run_lapfinishThe course now begins the 1st of TWO (2) P-Shaped loops to the Hanlan’s point ferry docks – each loop is just less than 1.1km.  Running on the LEFT side of the road, the P-Shaped course heads along Lakeshore Ave. and rounds the cul-de-sac at the Hanlan’s Point docks.

The course then heads back towards to the LAP/FINISH Point.  The LAP/FINISH point (marked by an eye-level sign in the centre of the road) marks the completion on one loop.  After completing TWO (2) Loops, you can make your way back across the grass to the Finish Line!!

There will be an Aid Station passed on each loop serving Water and F2C HYDRA-DURANCE™ – click HERE for more information on F2C HYDRA-DURANCE™.