Triathlon Canada – Race Distances and Age Requirements

Age as of Dec. 31 (Current Calendar Year) Max. Ind. Distances Allowed Example of Permitted Races
14 400m Swim – 10km
Bike – 2.5km Run
Give-It-A-Tri Race
16 750m Swim – 20km
Bike – 5km Run
All Triathlon / Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon / Sprint Duathlon Distance Races
18 1500m Swim – 40km
Bike – 10km Run
All Olympic Triathlon/International Duathlon Races
18 2000m Swim – 56km
Bike – 15km Run
Long Course Triathlon, Swim/Bike or Bike/Run


These races are for first time racers to the sport of triathlon or a race for those who want a short race where they can go all out. An average race will be a 400m Swim, 10km Bike, 2.5km Run.

*super sprint category: The Super Sprint category is the same distance as the Give It A Tri. Athletes who are more competitive can register in the Super Sprint and will go off in the first wave of the Give It A Tri. Just check Super Sprint when registering. For more info read this article Super Sprint 

Sprint Triathlon

Sprint Tri These races will vary in length. A typical race would be 500m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run


These races will vary in length. A typical race would be a 750m Swim, 30km Bike, 7.5km Run

Olympic Distance

Compete in the same distance event that Canada brought home a gold medal in Sydney! This world recognized distance offers a challenge to both the experienced and inexperienced. The distances in this event are: 1.5km Swim, 40km Bike, and 10km Run.

Long Course

The Long Course Triathlon is a 2,000m Swim, 56km Bike and 15km Run.


For those who prefer to leave out the run! Many of our races in all distances have a Sim/Bike category. Please check the individual event pages.


The relay format will be a part of every MultiSport Canada event and is a way to get involved in the sport, have fun with your friends or tune up your swim, bike or run. Teams can be made of one, two or three members and be all female, all male or coed. All relay teams will compete equally for race awards.

Duathlon Series

These races are a combination of Run/Bike/Run.Most course distances are a percentage of the International Distance duathlon with the first run being longer than the second run.

Sprint Duathlon

Event distance may vary slightly depending on venue. A typical sprint would be 5km Run, 20km Bike, 2.5km Run


Event distance may vary slightly depending on venue. A typical sprint would be a 5k Run, 30k Bike, 5k Run

International Distance

International Distance Duathlon race consists of a 10k Run, 40k Bike, 5k Run.

Triathlon Kids and Duathlon Series

These races are an introduction to the world of triathlon and duathlon for kids below the age of 18. The emphasis is on fun and learning about the sport. The race distances posted below are the maximum per age group as per Triathlon Canada and ITU guidelines. Please check the individual races to see if an age group is racing that day and the actual distance.

Triathlon Kids Rules

KOS Rules should be read by all participants and their parents.