In order to qualify for a series award you need to complete at least 3 races of the same category (GIT, Triathlon, or Duathlon) within the season. If you complete more than 3 races only your top 3 will count towards your best score.

Three Age Group Series Award Categories

Triathlon, Duathlon, and Give-It-A-Tri.

Age Group Series awards will be presented to age-group racers only as the top three men & women in each of

  • Triathlon: Your best three races (includes sprint, triathlon, olympic & Long Course)
  • Give-It-A-Tri: includes your  best three give-it-a-tri races.
  • Duathlon: Your best three races (includes all Duathlon distances + Long Course Bike/Run (Welland/K-Town))

The awards will be given to those athletes who have accumulated the most points based on the following criteria:

  • The total points will be tracked based on your three (3) best races. i.e. If you compete in six (6) races only the best three (3) races will be used for the Series Age Group Award.
  • Points will be awarded based on race day results.
  • The athlete with the most total points based on their best races will be deemed the Series Champion for that Age Group.

The Top 3 athletes in each Age Group will receive a Series Award. (While in some cases the race day awards might be given in 10 year increments, the Season Awards will be in 5 year increments.)

TIE BREAKER – Criteria to break a tie for any Series Awards in an individual age group

  • The best three races count towards the Series Awards in an individual age group, however if there is a POINTS tie leading into the final weekend we will use the following criteria:
  • Total times for the races in which both athletes competed head-to-head.
  • If athletes did not race head-to-head at any race then the Tie Breaker race will be in Lakeside. (If this race is sold out room will be made for any athlete involved in a Tie Breaker).
  • The athlete awarded the most points at Lakeside will be declared the Series Champion for the respective age group.

Our year end awards day are typically held in early November.

Points Distribution

Points will be awarded as follows for each eligible race:

Placing Give-It-A-Tri Duathlon Triathlon
1 100 100 100
2 90 90 90
3 85 85 85
4 80 80 80
5 75 75 75
6 70 70 70
7 65 65 65
8 60 60 60
9 55 55 55
10 50 50 50

What Does Your Award Look Like?

MultiSport Race Day Photo Award

Age Group Awards

On race day award winners will be recognized for their accomplishments by receiving a medal plus the Customized Podium Award Picture.

  • For races with over 150 registered two (2) weeks prior to race day will have medals and pictures for the top three (3) finishers in 5 year age categories.
  • Races with under 150 registered two (2) weeks prior to race day will have medals and pictures for the top three (3) finishers in 10 year age categories.
  • Race with under 50 registered two (2) weeks prior to race day will have medals and pictures for the top three (3) finishers for under 40 and 40+ age categories.

Age Group Birth Date Information
Adult age in a category is based on your age as of December 31.

KOS age categories are based on your age as of December 31.

Kids Of Steel (KOS) Participation Medals

Each child will receive a Participation Medal. In the spirit of participation there will be no Age Group Awards for children’s events.