October 2020 Newsletter


Who is on your triathlon dream team?

By: Miranda Tomenson (Tomenson Performance & Wellness)  Most people think of triathlon as an individual sport, but that is not the case. When you see an athlete line up at the start line, persevere through the race itself and cross the finish line there are all sorts of people who helped him or her to […]

NRG October Post

2020 has been a year no one was expecting and everyone’s year has been different to what they had planned but what should you do this fall when thinking about 2021? First off you need the mindset that there will be races in 2021, there are no guarantees of course, but even a make your […]

An Update on the Triathlon Series from President Jason Vurma

I hope everyone has taken the new opportunities that this summer provided.  Happy to report that we had nearly 600 participants in our Monthly Challenges through July, Aug & Sept.  We have been very pleased to hear that that many folks have really appreciated having something tangible to work towards over these past few months.  Despite the current uncertainty […]

Making The Best Of 2020

Yes, it is an absolute bummer that we’ve not been able to race the MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series or the fabulous Barrelman, but there’s nothing we can do about that. However, we will be toeing the start line again one day, so the training must continue, and that part of our lives is not cancelled. […]

Netherlands 2020ne

by: Carolynne Simons Team Canada was supposed to toe the line for the ITU World Duathlon Championships in Almere, Netherlands this past weekend. Yet a cocktail of swim, bike, run, coaching, mechanicals, performance software, solo practices, Zoom calls, physio, fireworks and bbq’s still seemed to trickle through various parts of the country. During qualifications in Victoriaville back in […]

September 2020


Summer Covid Checklist By Miranda Tomenson

Summer Covid Checklist During these unprecedented times, it’s hard to stay motivated. While there’s no need to crank out super hard sessions or put in heavy training blocks that may compromise your immune system, it does help to stay consistent. So, I’ve come up with a summer checklist of 8 things to complete by Sept […]

September – The Consistency Challenge

September introduces the Consistency Challenge. Details can be found on our challenge page MSC Consistency Challenge

August 2020