Saturday June 8th & Sunday June 9th

JUMP – Swim – Bike – Run

Qualifying Event: 

Standard Duathlon

View the Triathlon Canada Qualifying Events page HERE for full details.

Hosted at the Muskoka Wharf Sports Fields and featuring a JUMP from the iconic Muskoka Steamships, Gravenhurst has been one of the most sought-after events in the MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series for over 10 years. 

The event has now moved to June to take advantage of quieter roads prior to the start of summer in Muskoka. 

The event sells out every year as it is limited by the capacity of the Muskoka Steamships, so be sure to register early to guarantee your spot! 


  • Large Grass Transition Area 
  • Registration, Food, Awards, and Finish Line all close by each other 
  • Great view opportunities for spectators


  • Locally Sourced Custom Finisher’s Medal
  • Race-Specific T-Shirt in a Casual Sport Cut
  • Professionally timed by Sportstats
  • Post Event Food, Draw Prizes, and Age-Group Awards
  • Multi-Race Discounts, as well as U23 (10%) and U18 (20%) Discounts

Swim Course 

After your JUMP into Lake Muskoka, the Swim Course has plenty of long straight sections with the sun at your back.  As the event is in June, wetsuits are recommended as the temperatures are projected to be in the 19C-21C range (66-70F). 

Bike Course 

After departing the Muskoka Wharf, you’ll stay on Rd. 169 all the way out-&-back to the turn-around.  Rd 169 has long steady grades, paved shoulders that vary in width, as well as excellent sightlines for cyclists and motorists alike.  This is SHARED ROAD Course, so be sure to follow all safe riding practices. 

Run Course 

After following the pathways in the Muskoka Wharf Sports Park out to North Muldrew Lake Rd, the hills begin.  Regarded as one of the more challenging in the Series, the Run Course climbs and descends throughout its length.  This is a SHARED ROAD Course, so participants will run facing traffic at all times. 

Olympic Maps

Triathlon – 1500m Swim – 40km Bike – 10km Run

Duathlon – 10km Run – 40km Bike – 5km Run

Sprint Maps

Triathlon – 750m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run

Duathlon – 5km Run – 20km Bike – 2.5km Run

Registration Pricing

To view event-specific pricing, as well as which dates prices change, please click HERE

Why do I need to purchase a Triathlon Ontario Membership or One Day Fee during registration?

Triathlon Ontario supports the development of safe multisport in Ontario. All participants are required to purchase a One Day Fee for an additional $9 OR provide a valid Triathlon Ontario Membership Number. Please select one of the mandatory options during registration.

Why do I have to pay a processing fee with my registration?

Race Roster allows participants to select their desired event(s), enter personal information, and process payment. Log in to Race Roster to manage registration for your event(s), edit your email address, and set communication preferences. If you experience any errors or have questions about processing fees, please reach out to

Registration Dates & Deadlines

Register by Sunday, May 19th to receive a T-Shirt with the Event Logo, registrations received after Sunday, May 19th  will receive a T-Shirt with our Series Logo.

Any Transfers or deferrals MUST be initiated and completed by 11:59PM on Wednesday, May 29th. See Registration Info HERE.

Register by Sunday, June 2nd to receive a personalized bib with your name. Registrations received after Sunday, June 2nd will receive a non-personalized race bib.

Registration closes on Thursday, June 6th at 9AM. NO Race Day registration will be offered.


The Pre-Event Notice will be sent on Wednesday, May 29th by 9PM. It will contain important info such as Course Details, Final Event Schedule, Retailers in Attendance, and other tips for the event.

The Final Event Notice will be sent on Thursday, June 6th  by 9PM. It will contain important information such as your Bib Number, Wave Start Time, Water Temperature, and Parking Suggestions.

The Post-Event Report will be published in the News Feed  in the middle of the week following the event. We will send notifications to all registered participants as well as include a social media post. A Post-Event Report will contain links to our photo galleries, results, and any other articles written about the event.

Start Details

To create a Safe, Fun, and Fair event, during registration for the Olympic and Sprint Triathlon Events we ask for your Projected Finishing Time. We use these times to create our Start Waves – Fastest to Slowest. If your Projected Finishing Time was not requested for your event, we will assign bibs by Age – Youngest to Oldest.

All Duathlon Events feature a Mass Start from the Finish Line. All Triathlon Events will feature Wave Starts of approx. 40-50 participants from the Muskoka Steamships.  

Schedule of Events 

Saturday June 8th 

Olympic Triathlon & International Distance Duathlon 

6:00AM – Packet Pick-Up Opens 

7:00AM – Pre-Race Meeting (In Transition) 

7:15AM – Packet Pick-Up Closes 

7:30AM – First Three Triathlon Waves Load onto RMS Wenonah II and travel to the Start Line

8:00AM – First Three Triathlon Waves Start (one every 4min) and then RMS Wenonah II returns to the Dock

8:00AM Internation Distance Duathlon – Group Start from the Finish Line

8:30AM – Final Three Triathlon Waves Load onto Wenonah II and travel back to the Start Line

8:50AM – Final Three Triathlon Waves Start (one every 4min)

11:45AM – Awards for the International Distance Duathlon

12:15PM – Awards for Olympic Distance Triathlon

Sunday June 9th 

Sprint Triathlon and Sprint Duathlon 

6:15AM – Packet Pick-Up Opens 

7:00AM – Pre-Race Meeting (In Transition) 

7:15AM – Packet Pick-Up Closes 

7:30AM – First Three Triathlon Waves Load onto RMS Wenonah II and travel to the Start Line

8:00AM – First Three Triathlon Waves Start (one every 4min) and then RMS Wenonah II returns to the Dock

8:15AM Sprint Duathlon – Group Start from the Finish Line

8:25AM – Final Three Triathlon Waves Load onto Wenonah II and travel back to the Start Line

8:45AM – Final Three Triathlon Waves Start (one every 4min)

10:45AM – Awards for Sprint Duathlon

11:15AM – Awards for Sprint Triathlon


Click HERE sign up to join us as an Event Volunteer.  You can choose from a variety or roles and request the one(s) that interests you most. All Volunteers are provided with a High-Vis Event Shirt and Lunch afterward.


IMPORTANT – Please review the Parking Information below as there is a detour in place owning to the start of the Bay and Beyond project this week. This will also mean a minor adjustment to our lane usage in the first/last 200m of the Bike Course.

Parking is available in the area – please look for the MSC Parking signs .  Once you have parked your car there is approximately a 200m walk back to the race site. If a lot is full, there is other parking available in the area. Please check the Suggested Parking Map above  – PLEASE PARK IN DESIGNATED AREAS ONLY.


Please be considerate of the local folks who live in the condo buildings next to the event parking lots. Please either lock your cars manually or click the fob just once – the vehicle should lock without beeping.  

Getting There

  • HWY 400 North to Barrie
  • Continue North on HWY 11 towards Orillia
  • Continue North on HWY 11 to Gravenhurst
  • Exit on Muskoka Rd 169/Bethune Drive at the south end of Gravenhurst
  • Once off Hwy 11, continue Straight on Muskoka Rd 18 until you cross the railway tracks
  • Turn Left on James St and follow it until it ends at North Muldrew Lake Rd
  • Turn Right on North Muldrew Lake Rd and travel 100m North to Rd 169 (you’ll see the construction)
  • Turn Left on Rd 169 and travel 200m West to Steamship Bay Rd
  • Turn Right (North) onto Steamship Bay Rd and drive around the condos and past the hotel to reach the Main Parking
  • Parking is on the left-hand side – please look for the MSC Parking signs in the area
  • Be sure to Obey ALL Parking Signs in the various lots as some spaces are reserved for vehicles with trailers.
  • Once you have parked your car there is approximately a 250m walk back to the race site.

Venue Information

Site Layout

Muskoka Wharf Sports Field

861 Bay St,
Gravenhurst, ON

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