Ever present on the club cycling scene since the late 90s, Virgil has been involved in cycling in one form or another for as long as he can remember. A few years ago, he decided to branch out into running, a sport that he continues to have a love-hate relationship with. However, his dissatisfaction with the field size of local duathlons encouraged him to take up swimming in order to join the larger triathlete crowd. The lure of triathlons got so strong that he eventually started to test himself on longer distances, from sprints to Olympics to half irons; and finally his first full ironman distance last year.

Training one’s mind and body to adapt to the stresses of endurance sport is an arena where Virgil finds most satisfaction. It has literally become not just a sport to participate in, but a complete lifestyle of early morning swim workouts, rainy brick workouts, mounds of dirty laundry, ogling the latest tech gear, and sharing these experiences with his large following on Facebook.

Virgil is always eager to document his active lifestyle and constantly encourages athletes of all abilities and backgrounds to step outside their boundaries and fears to achieve the unachievable. He is motivated by the next race, the next adventure, the next Big Thing™. Other sports he has an avid interest in include distance kayaking, wilderness camping, hiking, via ferrata, and rollerblading.