I’ve been competing in endurance sport for about 10 years. I began as mountain biker, riding and racing on some of the best trails in Ontario (in my ‘unbiased’ opinion) at Durham forest and Hardwood Hills. I have always tried to seek new challenges and push my athletic boundaries, which is how I found triathlon. My first triathlon was a disaster and I declared I would never do another one again, but my pride wouldn’t allow me to finish my short-lived triathlon career on a low note. Since then I’ve grown to love the sport and even more, it’s companionship and sense of community. I look forward to race season each year because it means I get to train with friends, meet new people, and set new goals as I continue to improve. My goals are to continue to improve as an athlete but also help give back to the triathlon community through amazing events (like Multisport Triathlon races) and help grow the sport in Ontario. I’m extremely excited to be part of the Multisport ambassador program and I’m looking forward to helping out at a number of the events as well as compete in Gravenhurst and Kingston – see you there!!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matt.mcguckin.91/