I started training for my first triathlon without knowing it. I was a college level cross country runner and suffered a pretty devastating stress fracture in the spring after my first season. Naturally I needed to keep doing something active so I took up swimming and biking (and skiing against my better judgement) as low impact recovery to eventually get back to competitive running. Little did I know I would get hooked on multisport training. I joined the LPC Hurdle project team, got an awesome coach and some serious training. That July I raced my first triathlon in Ottawa. I ended up winning my first race and was eager to race more. I raced K-Town, Draft Legal Provincials and won those as well. I took an impulsive trip to North Carolina looking for some different racing and came next to last in the MLT Charlotte super sprint triathlon. This was exactly what I had been looking for. Now I had goals and the drive to train harder than I had last season.

While I still run competitively with my college and running is still my favourite part of training, I spend most of my training on the bike and in the pool working on my weaknesses. I am beyond excited to be the Bracebridge Sprint Ambassador for the 2019 season and I can’t wait to see what my personal racing season holds.

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