At the age of seventeen is when I raced my first triathlon. After struggling to reach my goals in Soccer, I decided to completely change from team sports to individual sports. Throughout high school I was self-coached. For my fourteenth birthday I received a Specialized Allez road bike instead of a mountain bike since I wanted to go faster. I rode my bike six days per week every summer for at least eighty kilometres. Vaughan, King City, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, and Nobleton were my go to escape destinations. Funny enough I did these rides in running shoes, engaging only the downward section of the pedal stroke. There were many times when I would get a flat tire and my mom would drive hours from home to pick me up. Other times, I would ride home on my flat tire, or walk my bike 15-20km back home (if I was close). I got hooked on these daily summer rides from age fourteen to age sixteen. When I was back at school from September to June, I substituted these rides with long runs. I would run ten to seventeen kilometres every day after school six days per week. Before I knew it, I was dedicated to this regimen because I enjoyed the powerful feeling of travelling as far as I could from home alone under my own power. Besides the post exercise endorphins, I really enjoyed studying about the area through self-travel. There was no regard towards effort, pace, or even nutrition. Besides water and darkness, there were no stressors.

At age sixteen, my older brother suggested I race a triathlon. I signed up for my first sprint triathlon in 2012. Being self-coached, I trained with minimal knowledge. After my first season I took triathlon very seriously and began to invest not only time and money, but also most of my thought process towards it. Many coaches, clubs, and varsity teams have contributed to my triathlon success today. I raced at two World Championships and the Junior Elite Series. In 2018, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Health Studies Degree from York University and now I am pursuing my Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming & Analysis at Seneca College. I like to think that triathlon has had a big contribution on my ability to deal with and resolve many other challenges in my life. Triathlon has enhanced my mental capacity for every other life task.

I am currently a twenty-three years old Hurdle Project athlete, on Loaring Personal Coaching Club in Guelph, Ontario. My coach, mentor, and advisor is James Loaring. My goals for 2019 is to win Multisport races, place top 2 overall at Provincials and race my first Half Ironman race. My future goals are to race as a professional non drafting triathlete and graduate with my Computer Programming & Analysis Degree.