Halley is a self-professed tomboy. As a kid, it started with tag and hide-and-seek. Through her childhood and teenage years this turned into soccer, baseball, running, cycling, golf, skiing and the outdoors in general. If there is a sport, Halley has tried it and loves it. The tough part to any sport is dedication. How in the world can you dedicate yourself to one sport when there are so many?

Triathlon is a beautiful mix of sports and elements that truly fire any competitive spirit. You also meet a lot of really fun people along the way! Halley’s first attempt at a triathlon, an Olympic distance when she was 20 years old was a disaster.  She was last out of the water – who knew you had to swim in a straight line for this sport? She got a flat on the bike and it was so hot that she bonked on the 10km run.

Fast forward 17 years later and she was ready to try this sport again. This time, instead of starting with the Olympic distance, she decided to sign up for an Ironman! Thankfully she was a little wiser and hired a coach. It was a good decision, seven years later she is still fitting triathlon and training in to her busy schedule.

Halley’s home base is in Toronto and she is one of the many weekend warriors out there, usually averaging 10-15 races per year. During the week, she runs a Financial Planning and Investment Management business in Toronto and like all of us a busy household with a pre-teen daughter and a black Lab, Georgia. On weekends, she and her husband can be found biking & running north of the city with friends and the Toronto Triathlon Club. She even manages to get in the occasional round of golf.

You can follow Halley and her wild balancing act of life/family/sport on Instagram at @Halleynic75 and on Strava.