I arrived in Canada in 2011 and did my 1st triathlon that summer at Multisport Canada’s Toronto Island event. I was hooked, at that time I didn’t know anyone else who was involved in the sport but in 2018 I can say how much that has changed.  Since that day I have participated in all triathlon distances from Try a Tri to Ultraman Canada, with the belief that even if you are not born with athletic talent, with hard work and a lot of passion, you can achieve your dreams.

I joined Toronto Triathlon club towards the end of 2012 and have found this has made a huge difference to my Tri life. I completed my NCCP community coaching certification in 2015 and was able to lead group rides in Arizona, Angus Glen, Muskoka and Collingwood for the club. I have received so much knowledge and support from the tri club members that I wanted to be able to give some back, especially to those looking to take up the sport or expand their goals. I have also been able to be a volunteer back at a Multisport Canada events back on Toronto Island where it all started. You get to witness a completely different race experience when not a competitor and watching people push to their limits to achieve their own aims is amazing.

I was invited to speak at TTC Arizona Camp and TTC New Season Launch in 2016 to talk about Motivation and why I Tri. I also held a talk on my experience at Ultra520K Canada  to share my experiences, answer questions and let people know they can aim big and succeed.

I did my 1st 70.3 in Florida in 2011 and during 2012 & 2013 continued to travel around the US and Caribbean participating in races but then I realized that there were plenty of good races on my own doorstep and since then all my Half Iron distance have been done in Canada and 2019 will follow the same trend, #racelocal is a big part of my schedule and we are so lucky to have it so close to home.  As athletes we complain about lack of good races near us but then we don’t support the races that are there which results in some races having to cease.

Each year I like to take part in a different multisport race, last year was my first year at Gravenhurst Sprint Tri and to face my fear of jumping off a boat into the water but mainly a good reason to hang out and chat about all things Tri with my friends.

I train with athletes of all abilities and goals and no one’s goal is better than another where it be a give it a tri or an Ultra IM, they are all unique goals for the individual and require commitment. I am there to support and work with all those who want any help I can give them.

I love working with Multisport Canada and John Salt. I love that over the years he has shook my hand at the finish line, even in the pouring rain in Welland in 2015, but now it is nice to know the person behind the handshake and I believe in what he is trying to achieve in organizing such a great Ontario Multisport events and I believe I have a lot to offer myself and would relish the opportunity to work as part of the Ambassador team. I am looking forward to working with other members of the MSC family going forward.

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