I`m Emilie Whitson, 35, mom of two, lover of donuts and triathlon!

I have been racing Triathlon since 2016 after being sidelined from running due to a pelvic stress fracture. After being told I would never run again, I decided to pull out my old road bike and learn how to swim. After 9 months of cross training, I did my first triathlon at MSC Woodstock, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, I have raced across the province with Multisport Canada every summer. I discovered my love for long course racing and moved up the ranks of my age group and the Triathlon Ontario LC series. I could have never completed two late season full Ironman races without the preparation from a full summer with MSC. Occasionally, you`ll see me in a Sprint, though, I don`t discriminate on distance!

Having a full time career and mom to two small children, having world class racing available to me all summer in such an accessible way is a huge gift. Looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces out there this summer!

IG: @trithehammer