Hello, my name is Chris Yuen, 44, lived in Buffalo since 1997, but originally from Hong Kong. I have been unathletic and unhealthy for pretty much all my life. In the fall of 2014, I was laid up in a hospital for a week. My boss called me up in the hospital and asked what happened and what caused it, and my response while in the hospital bed was, “you.” Clicked I hung up. With a whole week of nothing to do at the hospital, I reflected, and really, it was “me.” I needed to do something about my health and to learn to manage stress from work better. That was the turning point.

By February 2015, A friend of mine talked me into doing a charity bike ride. At that time, I was knees’ deep in dealing with work, still hadn’t manage well with stress. I gave my friend free range to sign up whatever distance he liked, and 65 miles (102 km) he signed up for us as a team. When I learned the prospect of doing this distance, I screamed and yelled at him how crazy the distance sounded. Month by month, reality set in, I began training for this seemingly impossible ride.  In June 2015, we finished the metric century ride together, dead last, but finished. To my surprised, I actually felt good by reaching a goal that I originally didn’t believe in.

After the charity ride, I learned to swim, started to run, and signed up for a sprint tri race with MultiSport Canada in Welland in 2016. The triathlon community had been a great support.  No one cared how slow I ran nor how bad I swam.  Everyone races with his/her own goals, and supporting your fellow triathletes to achieve their goals is a part of the triathlon culture.  That’s how my multisport journey all began for me.  Since then, I completed several more races:  Olympics (Finger Lake and Cranberry Tri’s), Welland Long Course (2x),  Halves (Muskoka and Barrelman), and a full Iron (Lake Placid).

2019 is the year I want to work on some time goals and will be back at Barrelman Niagara Falls since 2017, and it will be an honour to share my training season here with everyone else.  No matter from where you begin, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  YOU CAN DO IT.