On Jan. 1 last year, my boyfriend and I decided to do triathlon while driving through some back roads he used to cycle on back in high school. It wasn’t meant to be a new year’s resolution – it was more that it just happened to be the day that we thought of it – but it’s turned out to be a very successful resolution anyways. I started training that same day.

I had gotten into this sport coming from a bit of a background in running and even newer background in cycling, but I had yet to try the swimming and the racing parts of it all. Oh, I can’t forget to mention that I’m dead scared of swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans… you know, non-swimming pools. My first year was a great one for learning new things, building up fitness and healthy habits for triathlon (and for life in general), surprising myself, and having fun. With two half-marathon, two sprint triathlon, and Age Group Team Canada qualifying IM70.3-distance triathlon performances in that first year, I’m definitely back for another for 2019.

I’m a member of the Triathlon Club of Burlington (thanks for the moral support in open water swim practice!) and I’m very excited to be a MSC Ambassador this year too. I’m not an expert in the sport, but I hope to contribute is some encouragement to try something new – whether it’s trying a new race, a new format, or trying triathlon for the very first time – you know, while my memories of sweating it through my first races are still fresh in my memory.