My name is Tory, aka ‘ 🦄  Jones’ and I am thrilled to be returning as a 5th year MultiSport Ambassador! I am mother of 4, lucky wife to Curtis, veteran 24 year Professional Firefighter, stunt-woman, Team Canada 4x World Championship Duathlete and LOVER of coffee, my 3 doggies and my long-run beer! 

Growing up on the International and National  stage of athletics has given me the drive to continue to compete at the highest level I possibly can, and to inspire others to do the same!

Loosing my mother from cancer as a teenager, being a young mother with our son Mathew and surviving and succeeding as one of the first generation female Firefighters in Canada – has fueled my passion to speak globally as a motivational and keynote speaker –  encouraging women of all corners of the world to take a swing at that glass ceiling both professionally, athletically and personally and to live their most epic life!  I am honoured and humbled to be an active participant with my own story in the #metoo movement, and that MSC, my athletic sponsors, friends and my family tirelessly support me speaking up about the challenges women face – so that those needing support know that they are not alone.

My experience as a MultiSport Canada Ambassador has allowed me to connect with other athletes who are striving to succeed at a variety of levels. Despite all of the worrisome changes lately in the world, I still hope for the most connected and successful season for all of us! I am positive that 2020 will require us all to be there for one another a little bit more, be a bit more hopeful, more conscientious and really value the opportunity to a part of the MSC family!

I always speak about the feeling of being in the MSC family. It’s how my journey began and that of the whole Jones clan! It’s a wave from Chris Pickering  on the race course, a cheer from the crowd, encouraging words from all those who volunteer,  a hug from John Salt at the finish line and the support and love of all the athletes that are instantly a part of this family….of something bigger and more meaningful than just a race series! It’s post race BBQ’s and bunking together at the world championships.  It’s friends that understand training, injuries, disappointments and the joy of crossing the finish line! Our MSC family has been one of the greatest additions to the Jones family!

So let’s get through this pandemic together and look to brighter days filled with friends, MSC family and the love of a sport that unites us all!

MultiSport on beautiful people!!!!!

In 2020 I am proud to race with:


Ziggy’s Kitchener

1st Endurance Canada 

Trainer Road

Bike makeover

Beet It Canada