Hello fellow triathletes! My name is Jessey The Elf – no seriously – I legally changed my name and had my ears surgically pointed to become a real Christmas Elf! For me, its Christmas everyday of the year, and I am also an Elite/PRO triathlete – happily returning to the Multisport Canada Triathlon Series as an Ambassador again this season!

As a local Ontario Triathlete I have been racing triathlons since 2010, usually over a dozen every summer! #raceeveryweekend – many of them Multisport Canada races around the province.  I find it extremely exciting to travel the province and race in so many unique and amazing venues and courses! So many memories and friends are made with MSC – like jumping off Steamships, racing on Toronto Island, racing through Iconic Kingston, in the Welland canal, and on Wasaga Beach – just to name a few!  With such a diverse line up of locations, race distances, Swim-Bike, Bike-run, Duathlon, Triathlon events to choose from, MSC truly has a race for everyone from the PROS to weekend warriors!

As a 2-time Aquathlon (1,000m Swim – 5,000m Run) World Champion, a full-time Lifeguard, and a Member of the Elite Lifesaving National Team; I love the swim! I am noticed as usually being the fastest swimmer of the day and 1st out of the water – and as a coach in the sport of Triathlon and Swimming I would love to give anyone some swim tips or pointers before the race! Just come find the guy in the Elf Hat  and Red MSC Ambassador Shirt with a huge smile on his face! I like to help out other athletes as much as I can race morning, because “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” and we can all lend a hand, and use some help! I often pass around my Candy-cane bike pump in the morning for athletes to use a last minute pump up, help with swim tips and transition pointers, and ALWAYS post race to have a chat about your race!

I love racing triathlons and making lots of new friends in the sport! John Salt and the MSC team create such a relaxing and local-race feel with their Triathlon Series – they are organized like a HUGE World Championship race – but at a local level in wonderful Ontario Communities.

A few other fun facts about me:

✔ My favourite colour is a combo of Red & Green

✔ I love triathlon so much I have a swimmer-cyclist-runner Tribal Triathlon tattoo that I designed on my arm – my first tattoo I got (when I was only 17!!!)

✔ My superstitious pre-race routine is to have a glass of my favourite wine the night before the race to calm the nerves

✔ My favourite pre-race food in the morning about an hour before the start is Candy canes!

✔ My pre-race dinner is almost always Pasta

✔ For fun I am a certified Solo Skydiver and jump most weekend’s in the summer

✔ My dog and I have the World’s Fastest 5k with a Dog in 15:26

✔ My favourite MSC race is Toronto Island (just ahead of Gravenhurst!)

✔ Even as a PRO, I get extremely nervous before the start of every race, just like everyone else!

✔ My first ever Olympic Triathlon was MSC Wasaga Beach in 2011

✔ My favourite part of a triathlon is T1 (1st Transition, Swim-to-bike) because the crowds are roaring and your heart rate is through the roof!


I hope I get the chance to meet you on Race Day!

Happy Training!!!

~ Jessey The Elf ~