Carolynne Simons is a strength coach based in Milton Ontario. She has been in the Multisport community since 2013 and expects to connect more people with MSC. Her background in gymnastics/cheerleading at the University of Western Ontario where she met her long-time coach Chris Pickering, lead her into a swim/bike/run lifestyle. Studying business and health science fueled a relentlessly curious and entrepreneurial mindset early on. As the director of Stay Fit Plans Inc she’s gained 13 years of health and wellness industry experience, now partnering with leading global health care organizations.

Training towards her fourth consecutive ITU Multisport World Championship, she’s constantly building a network of like-minded athletes regardless of age or ability level. Fortunately, she discovered that her skill set can co-exist in both athletic and corporate arenas. She doesn’t always obtain a perfect balance either, as she’s currently being mentored out of her highly analytical ways in order to expand and reach people on a broader scale.