MultiSport Canada Virtual Triathlons are here!

Are you looking for an event this summer that’s right outside your front door? 

Are you looking to “Tri” out the sport as something new to “Du” this summer? 

Are you looking to challenge yourself to complete either an Olympic Distance or Long Couse event? 

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then you should consider our Virtual Events! 


Our Virtual Events are meant to be FUN, to keep you TRAINING, and keep our sport going until in-person RACING can return. 

Our Virtual Events feature both Triathlons and Duathlons in a variety of distances from two of Ontario’s favourite races; Lakeside and K-Town (Kingston). 

All participants will receive a race-specific t-shirt, race-specific medal, and a bib mailed right to your door.  Register early and get your shirt, medal, and bib before your race.  You’ll also be eligible for draw prizes, so take a look below and find the right distance for you – all for only $50 plus taxes and processing.

How to Do a Virtual Event? 

The only “rules” for a Virtual Event is that you need to do the entire event within two consecutive days, so no requirement to Swim (or Run) – Bike – Run one after the other. If you can’t get a swim in, make it a Duathlon (Run-Bike-Run).

If you are doing your swim in a pool, that’s definitely the safest option.  If you are doing your swim in open water, make sure you are visible to everyone else and have a spotter with you. 

For Cycling and Running, pick the safest routes you can and always obey all traffic laws. 

Submitting your Results  

All you need to do when submitting your results is enter your times for each discipline, so no need to include transition times. You will be able to submit your results during the official timeframe of each event.
You will be able to submit your results HERE, share them online as well as receive your custom Finisher’s Certificate all from our online platform. So challenge some friends and sign-up today!

The Events 

Lakeside – June 5th to June 20th 

  • Olympic Distance Triathlon 1500m Swim – 40km Bike – 10km Run 
  • Sprint Distance Triathlon   750m Swim – 20km Bike –   5km Run 
  • Give-It-A-Tri   400m Swim – 10km Bike – 2.5km Run 
  • International Distance Duathlon     10km Run – 40km Bike –  5km Run 
  • Sprint Distance Duathlon     5km Run – 20km Bike – 2.5km Run 
  • Do-A-Du  2.5km Run – 10km Bike – 1.25km Run 


K-Town (Kingston) – July 3rd to July 18th 

  • Long Course Triathlon 2000m Swim – 56.2km Bike – 15km Run 
  • Short Course Triathlon  750m Swim – 30km Bike – 7.2km Run 
  • Short Course Duathlon      4km Run – 30km Bike – 7.2km Run 

Other Highlights  

  • Enter two or more events to gain entry to our Season Long Draw 
  • If you deferred your 2020 entry, you can use your 2021 Entry Credit to enter 
  • You will have the option to transfer to one of our in-person events once they’ve launched should you like.  This can all be done online through your registration dashboard and you’ll just need pay the difference in cost of the two events plus our standard transfer fee.