Always an outsider?

Written by TJ Flynn

Written by TJ Flynn

I’m a blow-in, an outsider. I’ve never denied this and it’s been this way for some time. It never bothered me during my time in New York, or San Francisco, or Peace River, Alberta. It never bothered me back home, either, in sweet parochial Ireland, where an offbeat roll of the tongue pinpoints your place of birth with the precision of some modern measuring tool. Accents are strange and beautiful and always revealing. But I digress.

We’ve been in Ontario for going on three years now and we’re not moving anytime soon, if ever. Our nine month old is here, a smiling, happy child of Cambridge, with its leafy summer trees and its grey winter roofs. Maybe it’s this new phase in life that shifts the mindset, but lately, a sense of home, of belonging, has begun to matter. In the old sod I never had to look too far for this. It was there in the shadows of beaten-down football stands, in the easy conversation of ancient pubs. I was there in the twist of my land’s purple mountains that forever feel familiar. I found it, in other words, in people and in places that made sense to me. Read more

Woodstock Post-Race Report 2016

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A Woodstockerific Day!

Heat, humidity, and sunny skies greeted everyone at the season opening race at the 2016 edition of the Woodstock Triathlon and Duathlon.

As was the case in 2014, Lionel Sanders and Angela Quick came out on top once again. Read more

Athlete Race Reports from Woodstock

We had a spectacular opening season race at Woodstock yesterday, and our athletes are clearly pumped about the start of the season too because the race reports and social media shares are pouring in.

You can follow along on social media or add to the conversation with the hashtag #MSCWoodstock

Here are some of the reports we’ve received or seen so far:

Triathlon Magazine Canada’s – Woodstockerific wins for Sanders and Quick

Angela Quick’s Wire to Wire Win

Miranda Tomenson’s Report

Billy Bostad’s Report

Spencer Summerfield’s Report

Ben Snider-McGrath’s Report

Join us for opening day in Woodstock

We will have race day registration at Woodstock.

So come and join us for our season opening race this Saturday June 11th, and get your chance to race against Lionel Sanders and our Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team members.

See you for all the fun on Saturday.

Wetsuit Rentals for Woodstock

If you need a wetsuit rental, fitting, or new suit, visit Trysport Niagara on site in Woodstock or book ahead at
You can opt for “in store pick up” when in our online store and include a note that you are racing at Woodstock and we will simply bring it with us to the race.
See you in Woodstock.

Bring your used shoes to Woodstock

Please gather up your used shoes and bring them to the race on Saturday June 11 at #MSCWoodstock to donate to Soles4Souls.
The shoes you no longer want give her the opportunity she needs.
Give a person a fish and they eat for a day;
teach a person to fish and they eat for a lifetime.
We help those devastated by poverty attain sustainable employment through our micro-enterprise program.
When you donate used shoes to Soles4Souls, you are helping us provide a steady supply of product to micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries,
where there are few ways to generate income.
Contact Hector Rodriguez (info@madebyhector.com416.9392673 for more details. Hector will be at Woodstock this weekend to collect all of your used shoes for Soles4Souls.

Race against Lionel Sanders at Woodstock

You can race against the “Green Flash” on Saturday June 11 at #MSCWoodstock.



Woodstock Season Opener – Register Before May 2

Our season opening race at Woodstock on June 11 will be here soon.

Register before May 2 to beat the next price increase.