Life will happen, so let it

By Dempsey Cruz

It’s hard to believe how quickly this race season has come and gone. I remember looking forward to another fun year of racing back in May, and it definitely feels like September arrived just like a blink of an eye. 

Being an age-group athlete has its challenges, mainly having to juggle my full time job, time with loved ones, and training. The last several months unfolded quite unpredictably, to say the least. I had such a solid, consistent pre-race training season that I dove into my first couple of races full of promises. Despite being strong enough to qualify for next year’s ITU Worlds, I had no idea what was coming my way. To share a few, I became a homeowner in June, suffered from a concussion in July, had my first DNF, and now have the honour of being my sister’s “Man of Honour” for her wedding at the end of this month.

All that said, life took over which impacted my training and performance for the rest of the season. I’m sure many of you can relate. 

Last weekend, MultiSport Canada hosted its final race of the season in Lakeside, one of my favourite venues of the series. Sure it was the standard du provincial championships but my goal was to have fun, cheer on fellow athletes on the course, and race without concerning myself with the numbers. It’s incredible how an intention can make you look up and around, instead of looking down at your gadgets.

The first thing I noticed was the scenic venue. It was a pleasure running on the lush trails and cycling surrounded with clear skies and acres of fresh farmlands. The next were the volunteers and spectators. They created a positive atmosphere for all athletes as they were all so happy to be there and encouraged athletes by their names. The energy was infectious, I couldn’t help but smile and have a great time!

Most importantly, there were so many athletes rooting for each other. I heard my name being cheered for at least ten times from different athletes on the race course. There’s a general realization that we’re all in it together, not against each other. This is the type of friendly atmosphere that so uniquely defines MultiSport Canada.

What I love most about the amazing team at MultiSport Canada is the focus put on the athlete experience and the celebration of diversity in the community. At every race, they make a genuine effort to recognize athletes of all ages from all walks of life such as first timers, and first responders. They also do their very best to make every race as fun and safe as possible for all athletes. More than ever this year, I was constantly reminded of why I’m such a huge advocate for MultiSport Canada. I’m thankful to be part of a community that is so inclusive and welcoming.

There is a place for everyone.

A few things I learned from being a Lakeside Ambassador

Let’s leave our stats for a moment. Let’s pause and reflect. For many like myself, Lakeside was the last tri/duathlon of the season and the cooler weather is a reminder that we will soon be back to our training dungeons until the sun peeks out again, maybe in just a few months time.

This year was my first time as an ambassador for #MSCLakeside and being there are so many different aspects of the race, I have learned a lot. I wanted to share a few things that have striked me before but even more so as a helper on site:

  1. Tri/Duathletes are the best. I had a talk with my RMT and when I explained to her the feeling of being around fellow racers, she was surprised: she thought the competitive nature of the sport would make us mean and aggressive. But instead, you have a very focus group arriving in the morning either deep in their thoughts or giving hugs to everyone. During and after the race, you can count on other athletes to cheer for you or give you a hand. Whether or not you podium-ed, you made a connection with the person before or after you or even on the course. You look into each other eyes, and you both know how you felt on the course. You shake hands, you smile. You’ve connected with a pure stranger in a way that most don’t get to in their lives ever. As the dopamine and hunger creeps, the sharing begins. The smiles, the cries. At this moment, we don’t know nor care where you are from, what you did (it is starting to sound like a backstreet boys song, I am aware), we are all a family.
  2.  We’ve all been there. Around the 10/11 o’clock mark, try-a-tri athletes came through. As much as many started their first race that weekend doing the sprint and the Olympic, many more started with that one race. Do you remember that moment? Yes, I see me…. when I started 5 years ago. Needing guidance, encouragement, a smile. Those are what makes people compete again. We might have a tri/duathlon social network back home but many don’t. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Even better, volunteer!

Body marking… I might just have given you a smiley face

4. Inclusivity. ALL. EVERYONE. That means, it doesn’t matter what stage of life I get, you can be assure that someone going through it is there and doing their best. People of all age, size, racial background, etc. At this point we are all there for one reason and one goal.

5. Everyone is inspiring someone whether they know it or not. Some might tell you up front. Some might just gaze at you from a distance, or remember a kind gesture you made and remember you for years on and even pass it forward.

6. Have you met any of the staff at MSC? Hopefully you have or you will. Sure enough, they are there giving us instructions all the way through. But president Jason for example, will have a way to find you and connect with you at some point. If you ever needed help, Chris and Nathan are always around. You are part of this moment despite the individuality of this sport. Furthermore, they provide with a safe event that is well organized EACH and EVERY time. They will listen to your feedback.

Jason and his helpers that day. Always a great spirit.

7. This is fun. Once you get out there in nature, onto a a safe course and location, your body is free and your mind knows this is where you want to be. You might forget each year but you’ll remember once the season kicks off again.


So if you are a tr/duathlete thank you for your contribution to that community.

If you are looking for a community, please join us next season. You will gain so much.

If you have children, hopefully you can include them as well. They will also gain skills that life wouldn’t otherwise and give them a way to deal with situations in a positive manner.

All the best luck for everyone participating in the #BarrelmanTri

In the meantime, cheers to everyone making the world a better place… one race at the time.

Jessey Deroneth

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Ryan Van Praet and Syd Trefiak on the run course at the Welland Long Course Triathlon.

For many the end of the triathlon season is approaching. For myself, it is somewhat beginning. After a race in Welland Long Course, I’ve spent the summer training and getting ready mainly for #BarrelmanTri (in two weeks) and Ironman Florida in 10 weeks.

However, this weekend I will return to a race I’ve done a few times, twice as a solo athlete (back when my vision was better) and once as a Paratriathlete.; I’m speaking of the Lakeside Triathlon, held northeast of London, somewhat in the direction of St.Mary’s.

I’m vague on the exact direction as to me this is part of the appeal of Lakeside. Plopped down in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, if you were not looking for it, you’d never know there was such an awesome triathlon venue tucked away in those trees and farmers fields. Read more

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A Duathlon Showdown at Lakeside

It will be quite a competitive weekend of racing at Lakeside, with the Sprint Duathlon on Saturday, and the Ontario International Distance Championship on Sunday.

Remember that we will have Live Coverage – Lakeside CoveritLive Page. You can sign up now to get a reminder to tune in.

You can join the coverage and conversation on Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #MSCLakeside

Also, be reminded that the start times for the Sunday races have been pushed back by one hour.

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