The Importance Of A Proper Bike Fit

By Roger Hospedales

The importance of a proper bike fit from Frank Mizerski (Retul Master Certified Fitter, Solestar Certified Fitter). To discover more about bike fitting services available with Frank, CLICK HERE.

Bike Fit: Why you should have one done

Spencer Summerfield – A member of the 2015 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team


A bike fit is like going to the tailors and having dress pants altered, perhaps you think it is a waste of time and you could just wear them off the rack but how much nicer is it when they really fit you properly.

How you hold your handlebars, sit on your saddle and even something as simple as pedal cleat position can drastically effect your comfort on the bike. You would be surprised just how much your comfort directly effects your performance. The two main reasons to have a professional bike fit done are to avoid injuries and improve performance, a third might also be efficiency but I think that falls under performance.

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