Race Reports from Rose City

Here are some great athlete race reports from #MSCWelland #MSCRoseCity to take a look at.

Angela Quick’s Race Report – Women’s Champion

Miranda Tomenson’s Report – Women’s Runner Up

Billy Bostad – 6th Overall

Lauren Heinken’s Report – 5th place woman

Orthotics for Cycling: Improving Power Transfer & Tissue Load

Cycling is often considered a healthy exercise choice because it is low impact, this typically means less pounding on your joints and often less injuries compared to other higher impact sports, which is a good thing! But cycling comes with its own plague; repetition. Unfortunately the repetitive nature of cycling can overload tissues; with the repetition of a slightly incorrect movement pattern you can be predisposed to injury.

If you wear orthotics in your everyday life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are needed in your cycling shoes. Pedal strokes are different to running and walking gait and cycling shoes are completely different in shape and stiffness. Since your foot never touches the ground when cycling there is a significant reduction in load sustained by the foot and lower limb compared to running or even walking. Often if orthotics are required, it is most effective to have a pair of dedicated cycling orthoses to ensure correct fit and function. Because of volume limitations with cycling shoes – narrow toe box & shallow shoe depth – size, weight and materials used to make the orthotics need to be considered as well as biomechanics considerations.

If you are injured or experiencing pain a great first step is having a bike fit done from a reputable local bike shop. Also consider how quickly you increased you mileage, are the shoes themselves causing the issue? Or potentially cleat position? And question if your injury is being exasperated by other activities off the bike.

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A Pre-Race “To-Do” List

Lakeside Angela Quick Bike

By Angela Quick, A member of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team, and Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

Most of us at the end of the triathlon season pack up our transition bags and all of its content to stash it away in the closet until the next season of racing rolls around. We then go dig it out to find that gel that has expired over the winter, that small beach of sand at the bottom of the bag, that race number still attached to our race belt from the final race of the season… sound familiar?

Here are a few things to check off your “to-do” list to be more prepared rolling up to your first race of the season… Read more


Quick link – Get the full 2014 Lakeside Race Results.

Local Presenting Sponsor

We would like to thank our Local Presenting Sponsor Du Tri And Run for their support. Please visit their website for details on their products, services and the work they do with athletes. 

We are very excited about our partnership with Recharge With Milk and the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series!  Look for the Recharge with Milk Team  at the finish line for your sample of chocolate milk to help you refuel and recover!

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Woodstock Race Reports from the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team


We had an outstanding Series opening day at Woodstock and many of our members of the 2014 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team were there.

Check out these very entertaining, educational and revealing Race Reports from various members of the team.

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Previewing Woodstock 2014

This Sunday’s Woodstock Triathlon and Duathlon is the start of the 2014 season of the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series.

Weather conditions are slated to be arguably the best day we’ve had after such a brutal winter.  Sunny, a high of 23 degrees (although it will be in the mid to high teens during the race – perfectly cool for when you are pushing your body hard), and low winds (less than 10 km/hr).  The water temperature sits at 16 degrees Celsius (17 last year). We will have a spectacular and speedy day of racing.

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How to Make the Most of Your Pool Time?

By Angela Quick

prpv.dllMost triathletes have limited time to train due to juggling family and work commitments as well as trying to balance and refine three demanding sports simultaneously. Bike and run workouts are easier to fit into a hectic schedule as they require less planning to incorporate them into your day. Unlike running, where you can just slip on your running shoes and hit the pavement virtually anywhere, finding and getting to a pool can be more challenging.  Here are my tips on how to use that valuable swim time most effectively. Improving your swim times really comes down to having good and effective technique, reducing drag in the water and increasing endurance and strength.

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