Race Reports from the Gravenhurst Triathlon Weekend

Check out these Gravenhurst Race Reports from some members of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team (Kristen, and Scott).

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Race Reports from Huronia’s Triathlon Winners

Andrew Bolton and Kristen Marchant, both won the Huronia Sprint Triathlon. Here are the race reports from these two Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series Ambassador Team members.

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Huronia Triathlon & Duathlon Recap

Quick link – Get the full Huronia Race Results.

A perfect summer day greeted athletes at the 2014 Huronia Triathlon & Duathlon.


Kristen Marchant at Tour de Waterloo

Kristin Marchant at Binbrook.

By Kristen Marchant, member of the 2014 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team

So this past weekend I competed in a cycling race in Waterloo, mainly just to see what it was like. I spent the majority of my time over the winter focusing on the bike, so was curious to see how I would stack up against pure cyclists.

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Five Tips For Aspiring Duathletes

By Jesse Bauer – Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team member

Duathlon really is a different beast than triathlon, even though both are generally hosted on the same weekend and are often thought of as being interchangeable. Swapping that swim out for a run completely changes the dynamic of the race, and those who have experienced both can assuredly tell you that it is a different sport entirely! New duathletes need to be prepared for this shock as they navigate their first season of du’ing it. And what’s the point of having experience if you don’t share it and pass it on! Here are some tips from me that I have been sitting on for weeks and hope can help you, whether you are preparing for your first duathlon or looking for a personal best in your tenth one! Read more

Recapping the 2014 Binbrook Triathlon and Duathlon

Quick link – Get the full Binbrook Race Results.


The cozy setting of Binbrook Conservation Area set the stage for an incredible day of racing on Saturday June 7. Racers were treated to a cloudless sky, 70.5F/21C warm water temperatures, and hardly any wind during the flat and fast bike ride.

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Lauren Heinken’s Woodstock Race Recap

Woodstock Sprint Triathlon: Race Recap

Well the first triathlon of the season has come and gone. MSC started off their expansive season of events with a sprint distance race in Woodstock, which I have to say is always one of my favorite venues. Clean, calm water in a great park setting with safe country roads for the cycle…what’s not to love? The sprint distance is always fast and furious, especially with the increasingly competitive field that is turning out to local Ontario races. Read more

Woodstock Race Reports from the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team


We had an outstanding Series opening day at Woodstock and many of our members of the 2014 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team were there.

Check out these very entertaining, educational and revealing Race Reports from various members of the team.

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Previewing Woodstock 2014

This Sunday’s Woodstock Triathlon and Duathlon is the start of the 2014 season of the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series.

Weather conditions are slated to be arguably the best day we’ve had after such a brutal winter.  Sunny, a high of 23 degrees (although it will be in the mid to high teens during the race – perfectly cool for when you are pushing your body hard), and low winds (less than 10 km/hr).  The water temperature sits at 16 degrees Celsius (17 last year). We will have a spectacular and speedy day of racing.

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Tips for the Time Crunched Triathlete

By Lauren Heinken, Member of the 2014 Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series Ambassador Team

laurenhIt is no secret that amateur triathletes tend to be very on–the-go people. It is something I have noticed time and time again through my experiences training with a variety of individuals over my time in the sport. It seems that the same personality trait which drives a person to engage in countless hours of training and racing for fun is responsible for the tendency to dive head first into life in general. No challenge is too big…no timeline is too tight…any curveball life can throw can be handled with grace and speed. This can pose challenges with respect to triathlon training; every triathlete wants to accomplish all the training they need to complete their chosen race distance. Even if they are able to do this, often less than optimal amounts of time are left over for recovery and sleep.

I have developed a few strategies that have really helped me fit a demanding training schedule into my life, while capitalizing on my training effects by allowing my body adequate time for rest. These are applicable to those just wanting to start training for their first MSC event, those looking to increase their training volumes, or those just looking to fine tune their current training plan.

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