5 Reasons why Barrelman is the perfect race for any triathlete

In just five years, our Niagara Falls race, Barrelman, has become a favourite in North America and grown to the largest independent half distance (also known as “70.3”) race on the continent. We’re fortunate that many members of our MultiSport Canada family return each year, knowing that this is a race you don’t want to miss. But we want to let the rest of the world know why Barrelman is a world class race and the perfect choice for any triathlete! Here are just a few things that make our race so special:

The perfect beginner race for jumping up in distance

If you’re stepping up to the half distance for the first time, Barrelman is the race you’ll want to do it at. A calm swim in the rowing basin means you don’t have to worry about the anxiety of open water swimming, which is a big hurdle for many triathletes. The flat (yet scenic and engaging) course will challenge you, but won’t present any major technical aspects. We are there to make sure you finish safely and have created a course that allows for that.

 Get that half distance PB

Want to smash your half distance personal best time? Barrelman is a great course to do that on, for the reasons mentioned above. Fast, flat and point-to-point, this race is the place to set your goals high and achieve them. For many of our seasoned triathletes, this is where they’ve finally surpassed a particular time barrier.

Right on the Canada-USA border

Niagara Falls is easily accessible to Canadians and Americans! For our friends down south, the Canadian pricing and exchange rate make this a favourable option from a cost perspective compared to many of the alternatives.

Top-rate athlete experience

The feedback we get each year that really makes us smile is hearing that the athletes feel so well taken care of. We go the extra mile to ensure your safety is a priority — smaller numbers of athletes on the course plays a huge role in this. We have worked with our sponsor partners to bring some great benefits to our athletes, and have the logistics of the point-to-point course as seamless as possible.

A family friendly race destination

We know that many of our athletes have families. There is plenty to do in the Niagara region if you make Barrelman a race-cation of even just want to spend the weekend there with the family. Niagara Falls has many world-class tourist attractions. More info can be found here. For those without kids, the beautiful countryside around Welland plays host to Ontario’s wine country.

We hope to see you out at Barrelman this year. We have a price increase on July 15 so register before then to save.


Daryl Flacks seeks third Bike/Run Title at Barrelman

Daryl Flacks winning his second Barrelman Bike/Run title in 2016.

When it comes to long distance duathlon in Canada, Windsor’s Daryl Flacks is often the man to beat, making use of his ultra running background to finish with a strong final run.

In 2016, Flacks won the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Muskoka Duathlon, and the Niagara Falls Barrelman Bike/Run event for the second time. Flacks returns to the Rev3 Barrelman Bike/Run event this Sunday to defend his title, but the preparation this time around has been less than ideal.

Flacks battled cellulitis early this year, knee issues (meniscus tear, loose kneecap, and the onset of osteoarthritis), and on August 24th, while on a training ride, a truck pulled out in front of him and he collided with it, snapping the aerobars of his bike.

“Luckily, I anticipated the turn and was able to dramatically slow down before coming to a sudden halt while smashing my body against his truck,” said Flacks.

Determined to be on the start line Sunday, Flacks got right back into training, and raced to a third place finish at the Lakeside Standard Duathlon last weekend.

We will have to wait until Sunday to find out if Flacks will capture his third Barrelman Bike/Run title, but there’s one thing we know for sure, when he toes up to the start line, he will give it his all from start to finish.

Find out more about Daryl Flacks below: Read more

Daryl Flacks reclaims the Barrelman Bike/Run Title

The third annual Skechers Performance Niagara Falls Barrelman Triathlon presented by Recharge with Milk, took place September 18th , 2016. It was a chance for redemption, an opportunity to reclaim my Bike/Run title I won in 2014. In 2015, Brad Arndt put together an impressive 1:26:21 half marathon for the overall win, relegating me to a 2nd place finish. I lost it on the run of all places, witnessing a 9 minute lead to Brad dwindle away. I was beat by a stronger competitor but that didn’t make things any more palatable.

Barrelman is without question, a personal favourite of mine and for a number of reasons: (1) I won the Inaugural event! Any time you can put your stamp on a race, it immediately makes it more memorable, (2) the bike course is flat and fast and mimics the roads of Essex County. This allows me to train with race specificity in mind, (3) it’s a late season race; enabling athletes ample opportunity to tailor training for a peak performance, (4) iconic run course; passing the falls twice and finishing in the heart of Kingsbridge Park adjacent to the splash pad and the large covered pavilion, and (5) Race Director John Salt, who’s passion and attention to detail is outstanding. John goes out of his way to speak to as many competitors as possible, ensuring their experience is a memorable one. Read more

Jackson Laundry is ready for the #BarrelmanTri

Jackson Laundry

By TJ Flynn

MultiSport Canada Ambassador Jackson Laundry has had an outstanding season to date, with some big results not only in the MultiSport series, but also in races further afield and across North America. We caught up with him as he puts his final preparations on the remainder of the season, which includes an appearance at Barrelman on September 18. Read more

Larry’s World

By TJ Flynn

Larry with an injury is Sinatra with a cold, Tiger with the yips.

With an injury, Larry’s world rotates a little slower, just a touch off-kilter. Those times when he manages to glimpse his stationary bike, his palms will bead and his heart will flutter ever so slightly, for Larry’s bike should be a thing of movement, particularly at this time of year.

The injury happened mid-summer – of all times – right at the crest of high-season in the world of duathlon. It was one of those wild but common cycling incidents that inflict athletes from time to time: an unexpected bump in the road, a slight lift off of the saddle, an uncomfortable reconnection with gravity.

Those two millimetres of air time were enough to alter the flow of Larry’s summer.

If you follow him on Strava – and you probably do – then you’ll imagine this incident taking place somewhere on the western edge of Toronto, somewhere with many strip malls and stop lights and suburban eateries, and after flipping through his Strava files you’ll have wondered, too, how the man can ever reach such impressive bike speeds amongst such an urban landscape. But that’s Larry – forever defying logic, forever redefining boundaries for age groupers.

Take this as an example. Back in May 2005, he decided to improve his fitness. Like many who had turned the corner into their third decade and had let things slip for one reason or another during their busy twenties, he’d had enough of the quasi-sedentary lifestyle. The odd rip at the ice rink just wasn’t cutting it.
So he earmarked the Niagara International Marathon in October of that year, got to work on a programme and with only a few months of training under his belt, ran an impressive 3:40. Read more

Paratriathlon – It’s Okay To Be Curious, Some Facts & Fiction to Consider

Written by Ryan Van Praet (pictured on the left)

As the season has kicked off recently in Ontario and I look to toe the line in Welland for the Long Course to kick off my year, it seemed like a good time to write this article.

No doubt in the past you have seen the odd triathlete or two show up at a race and look a bit “different”. Maybe they were missing an arm or leg, rode a specially adapted bicycle, or were tied to another triathlete by a cord? Paratriathletes (athletes with a physical disability) are out there and with Rio just around the corner, the Paralympics provide a new visibility for Paratriathletes.

Being a legally blind triathlete for over 18 years, I have had the privilege to race all over the world, from ITU sprints, to the Hawaii Ironman, and more. It has provided a wonderful opportunity to gauge the curiosity of the public on what exactly are Paratriathletes. Often times we can seem like some sort of alien beings descending on a race with our contraptions and ropes and braces, etc. I wanted to tell you first and foremost: IT IS OKAY TO BE CURIOUS!! Read more

Spencer Summerfield – What’s on tap for 2016

With one duathlon already in the books (Iron Hawk) that means the start of the 2016 MultiSport Canada Duathlon/Triathlon Recharge With Milk Series is just weeks away. Read more

How Unorthodox Training, Dieting and Nutritional consumption helped Mark Lawrence

I began 2016 with a fire burning inside me, to address my physical weaknesses, train harder, ride faster and set myself up with the right equipment to give myself the best competitive advantage that I could. The last 4 and a half months have been the most challenging of my life, full of ups, downs, gains, losses and concerns about my overall health as I kicked my training intensity up nearly 400% over what I had been doing in the past. I would like to tell you all about it.

In 2015, I was 195 lbs, 5’7″ and moderately healthy coming from an endurance cycling background and during the 2015 Multisport Canada Recharge With Milk Duathlon series I was by no means in the fastest group of athletes, but I was consistent race after race, while showing small improvements. However, I enjoyed chasing after the lead group throughout the season as I noticed myself getting closer and closer. I knew I was going to need to completely transform myself If I wanted to run with the big dogs in our sport and the work would begin Jan. 1st 2016. Read more

Congratulations Joe Putos


Click on the picture of Joe Putos to see him being interviewed on CKWS TV.

Huge congratulations goes out to Joe Putos, former race director of the K-Town Triathlon on his induction to the Kingston and District Sports Hall of Fame on Friday May 6.

Joe started as a volunteer in 1984, and performed various roles in his 30 year involvement with the race, including the aforementioned race director role for 25 years!

As quoted from the Kingston Whig-Standard article “Kingston’s Putos ‘races’ into hall of fame.

“If I hadn’t been chief pin-head, which I was the first year, would I have ever been race director? It’s one of those serendipitous things. You take advantage of some opportunities. You have no idea how they will turn out.” said Putos. “All of a sudden I ended up as race director. It was great, though, because there were so many around to help. I’ve said it so many times: the original race directors set such a high standard for organizing the race that if you followed that standard you could not go wrong. I think that was fortuitous.”

K-Town Triathlon Many Hands Slideshow

Why I Race Local?

Miranda Tomenson winning the 2015 Toronto Island Sprint Triathlon.

Miranda Tomenson is one of our new members of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team. On a recent post on her blog, she writes about why she chooses to race local. We’ve included that post below and invite you to read this insightful article. Read more