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June 20, 2019
20 Jun 2019

2019 Welland Pre-Race Information

Thank you for registering to race with us at the Rose City Triathlon in Welland! A very special thank-you to our volunteer recruiters Ron and Lynda Lemon!

We are very excited about our partnership with our Presenting Sponsor Martin’s Family Fruit Farms!

Please take the time to read over the information below regarding event parking, course specific information, course maps, wave starts, awards and registration timing and more.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2019 season opener!

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June 19, 2019
19 Jun 2019

2019 Welland Swim Waves

Saturday Long Course Swim Waves

Wave Time Categories
Elite 8:29 AM Pros / EAGs
1 8:30 AM M39 & Under
Self Seed Swim Wave # 1
2 8:35 AM M40-49
Self Seed Swim Wave # 2
3 8:40 AM W54&Under
Self Seed Swim Wave # 3
4 8:45 AM M50+
Self Seed Swim Wave # 4
Bike/Run 9:10 AM Bike/Run – ALL (from bike racks)

Sunday Sprint Triathlon / Duathlon Waves & Awards Timing

Please note: The waves are spread-out over a long period of time owing to the short multi-lap nature of the course and the fact that we have fully closed roads on the bike course. This will ensure that all participants have a safe, fair and fun experience on the day with adequate room to ride.

*Registration will be open from 6:15 am through 9:30am. Please ensure you arrive at least one hour before the start of your wave to find parking and go through registration. We recommend clearing Transition least 30 minutes before the start of your wave to give yourself time to get ready.

Wave Time Categories
1 8:00 AM M34 & Under
2 8:10 AM M35-49
3 8:30 AM Duathlon – All (from run exit of Transition)
4 8:50 AM W34 & Under
5 9:00 AM W35-49
6 9:30 AM M50-59
7 9:40 AM W55+
Swim/Run – All

Awards/Post Race Prizing:

10:00AM – Sprint Triathlon Awards Waves 1 & 2

10:30AM – Sprint Duathlon Awards

11:00AM – Sprint Triathlon Awards Waves 4 & 5

11:45AM – Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon/Relay/Swim-Run Awards Waves 6 & 7


Sunday Give-It-A-Tri Swim Waves

Wave Time Categories
1 11:00 AM Super Sprint
All Men
2 11:10 AM All Women
June 18, 2019
18 Jun 2019

Welland Water Temperature Update – June 18, 2019

Water temperature as taken today by WIFC staff was measured at 19.5C.

June 7, 2019
07 Jun 2019

June 2019, Issue 1 Newsletter

May 22, 2019
22 May 2019

May 2019, Issue 2 Newsletter

May 7, 2019
07 May 2019

May 2019, Issue 1 Newsletter

April 24, 2019
24 Apr 2019

April 2019, Issue 2 Newsletter

April 9, 2019
09 Apr 2019

April 2019, Issue 1 Newsletter

April 8, 2019
08 Apr 2019

Forks Rd Bridge to be Demolished – Updates to Welland and Barrelman Bike Courses as a Result

The Forks Rd bridge in Dain City has been permanently closed and is set to be demolished.

Further information on the Forks Rd bridge can be found in the Welland Tribune Online.

As a result, both the Rose City Triathlon and the Barrelman Niagara Falls bike courses have received modifications for 2019.  This presents a challenging turn of events not only for our planning, but also for local residents and business.

What goes into finding a solution? While a perfect solution is always difficult to find, one must consider topics such as:

  • condition of roadways
  • distance of total course with changes
  • local traffic patterns on weekends
  • ingress / egress of residents and which road options exist as alternative routes
  • day of event and how traffic flows on that day (example, is it near the local church on Sunday morning)
  • number of police required to implement the closures, and number available in the detachment
  • stakeholders and municipal support for approval for the usage of the roadways
  • are regional roadways being used, and which traffic controls will need to be established in order to obtain permissions

This is not an exhaustive list however, we have come up with the following solutions for 2019 allowing us to continue to keep the courses as similar as possible to previous years. The City of Welland as well as the local stakeholders have agreed to support these changes. The new courses have been published to the event websites, a summary of the changes can be found below for crossing the Canal without using the Dain City Bridge.

Rose City Triathlon

  • Long Course will access Forks Rd via Fitness pathway from Canal Bank St to Colborne St and onwards to Forks Rd.
  • Short Courses will limit road usage to Townline Tunnel Road between Prince Charles Drive and Canal Bank St as well as Canal Bank St between Ontario St and Townline Tunnel in order to allow for ingress/egress of Dain City residents during the event. The result of this is that we have less road to work with, resulting in more laps, however the roads will remain fully closed from vehicular traffic…a big positive!

Barrelman Niagara Falls

  • Access to Forks Rd will be done via Prince Charles Dr, Kleiner, Pietz for outbound cyclists only. See first 3kms of route on course page.
  • Canal Crossing will be done via Colborne St and then using the Fitness Path to access Canal Bank St for cyclists on return route towards the Tunnel. See kms 56-58 on gps map on course page.

See Course Page for details

Once the future of the Dain City bridge; specifically if a replacement will be built or not has been determined, we will revisit the routes once again.

– The MultiSport Canada Team

March 29, 2019
29 Mar 2019



Barrie, ON (March 29, 2019) – Ragnar, the largest series of overnight trail and road running relays in the United States, has officially announced a partnership with Ontario-based MultiSport Canada for its Niagara Road (May 31st – June 1st) and Ontario Trail (Aug 24th & 25th) events. Ragnar events will be conducted in Eastern Canada under a license agreement between Utah-based Ragnar Events, LLC and Ontario-based MultiSport Canada Productions Inc.

MultiSport Canada President Jason Vurma remarked on how both Ragnar events will combine the strengths of two very like-minded companies, “We found a great deal of common ground with Ragnar as we know how hard their team works to create unique and unreplicateable customer-focused experiences. We also know that Ragnar sets an industry benchmarks for detail and professionalism”. Vurma also stated that “Our team has produced several long-distance relay events in past years and has long sought to find the right opportunity to be able to host this format of event again.”

Tanner Bell, Co-Founder and President of Ragnar said, “We have been searching for the right Canadian partner for our events for some time and have found that in MultiSport Canada! Our companies share common values as well as a likeminded approach to event production.” Bell went on to say that “the strengths that our two companies bring together will allow for continued growth for Ragnar in Canada and I’m truly excited for what the future will hold!”

Rebook Ragnar Niagara starts in the Town of Cobourg just over an hour east of Toronto.  The course will cover just over 300km on sidewalks, backroads, bike paths, paved trails and road shoulders. Ragnar is about doing something together with friends that you could never do alone. The route is divided into 36 sections (called legs) and teams of up to twelve (12) run relay style with each team member running three (3) legs totally between 18km to 45km.

MultiSport Canada is also happy to announce the opening of registration for Ragnar Ontario Trail hosted at Hardwood Ski and Bike. “MultiSport Canada has been hopeful for an opportunity work with Hardwood Ski & Bike”, remarked Vurma, “as it is a world-class venue right in our backyard and with the addition of the Ragnar Ontario Trail Relay we finally have that opportunity.” Located just north of Barrie, Hardwood Ski & Bike was the Mountain Biking venue for the 2015 Pan Am Games as well as annually hosting major Cross Country Ski, Cyclocross and Mountain Bike races.

Ragnar Ontario Trail see teams of eight (8), or Ultra teams four (4), conquer just under a 200km course over two days and one night. With friends and a community of runners by their side, each participant will complete three (3) loops that add up to between 20 and 25km. Each loop starts and finishes at the central Ragnar village which is the epicenter of the Ragnar Trail social experience. There participants have the chance to grab some well-deserved food, cheer-on other runners, buy Ragnar gear, watch a movie or just hang out around the campfire.


Ragnar Niagara Website –
Ragnar Ontario Trail Website –
Ragnar Facebook –
Ragnar Instagram –


Road Relay –
Trail Relay –


Jason Vurma
MultiSport Canada Productions Inc.
(705) 797-4951