The Importance Of A Proper Bike Fit

By Roger Hospedales

The importance of a proper bike fit from Frank Mizerski (Retul Master Certified Fitter, Solestar Certified Fitter). To discover more about bike fitting services available with Frank, CLICK HERE.

A look at the Aquila Crono

By Roger Hospedales

Discover the Aquila Crono from brand engineer Frank Mizerski.


Welland Sprint Duathlon

By Jessy Deroneth

OMG! Did I ever said how much I LOVE Welland! I LOVE #MSCWelland! The Canal is quiet and peaceful, and it looks like melted crystals… I have grown very fond of my accommodation there. All this romance to say that #MSCWelland is probably my favourite race. But being the first race of the season for me, it is also the one I am the most nervous for. However, I get to reconnect with my love for the sport and chat with people from previous year and considering that I HATE the winter and spend most of it on my STAC Halcyon in my basement, this is my first social event of 2019 also.

After years of racing duathlon, this is also my first year as an ambassador for MultiSport Canada which also allows for me to give back to my triathlon community. See, the triathlon sport has been tremendously generous to me. True enough that I have been somewhat successful at this sport (okay, always room for improvement, right?) including going to the Worlds in 2018 which was an amazing experience in itself and I have learned a lot about myself -mainly, not take the wrong route and get DQ’d. And yes, I can laugh about it now. But part of me doing not too bad for myself is based on the wonderful support I’ve got from the people I met at MSC races, the CBY tri club. I guess participating in races that focus on great experiences makes a difference,and attracts positive and supportive people.

In the last 3 seasons, I have been plagued with hamstring tendinopathy and VERY slowly recovering from it. But being now at the verge of recovery, I am impatient for this injury to go away… for good. After discussing my frustration and training limitation with coach Ryan Power from BPT I have decided that instead of competing with specific results in mind, I would compete to have fun this year which changed my focus for this first race. After all, I had strong training this winter on my STAC trainer and running on the track, so his suggestion was to trust my training.

The running course for the sprint du is 2.5km on the path along the canal which is quite a beautiful and relaxing run other than my brain repeatedly asking WHY, Oh WHY are you doing this again!!!! Those thoughts quickly stopped at the 1k mark.

I am sure everyone was intimidated about the 5 loops of 4kms. How would we count? How would we remember? Would a few of us get a DQ from not doing as many loops? Fret not, my dear friends. Of course, MSC had a mat a few meters from the dismounting line counting the amount of loops we each did. What a reassurance! So I knew that someone would yell at me when I was done to enter transition just in case I was off.

I am so grateful for closed traffic race despite my cornering lowering down my average. But I know what to keep working on.

So there you have it: not my fastest race but my strongest and my most confident on the bike. The STAC halcyon had got me onto a solid base of understanding my speed and powder, how my legs feel and with the help of weekly tailored programming with Ryan Powder at BPT along as being within a traffic safe course, I have never raced that confidently.

See you at Lakeside! (and Gravenhurst… and Bracebridge… and Wasaga).

Rose City 2019 Post Race Report

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Life In a Day

By Taylor Speirs

Triathlon, like many long distance endurance sports is like experiencing life in one day. One of my idols in the sport of ultra marathons, Ann Trason, describes this best stating: “I’ve always looked at running 100 miles as life in a day, it has all the trials and tribulations as life in one day.”

When that gun goes off as the sun rises, the emotions and thoughts that one experiences are unlike anything else. As we push ourselves to reach a goal, whether that’s completion of a race or a timed goal, we experience both joy and hardship. There is something magical about endurance racing, it can bring out the best and worse version of us. It can bring out utter frustration and promises of “I am never doing this again” but somehow we find ourselves at the starting line again.

For those who are starting triathlon for the first time, these races will enable you to discover yourself, as you push yourself further than you ever thought was possible. It is important to soak it all in, every cheering spectator, every aid station volunteer, everything thought and feeling.

At times the distances ahead may seem impossible, but don’t forget to take a deep breath and embrace this crazy experience. Remember there is no finish line, only the start of a whole new race.

2019 Welland Long Course Triathlon Race Day Summary

Some pre race, bike course footage and post race recap video.



2019 Welland Pre-Race Information

Thank you for registering to race with us at the Rose City Triathlon in Welland! A very special thank-you to our volunteer recruiters Ron and Lynda Lemon!

We are very excited about our partnership with our Presenting Sponsor Martin’s Family Fruit Farms!

Please take the time to read over the information below regarding event parking, course specific information, course maps, wave starts, awards and registration timing and more.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2019 season opener!

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2019 Welland Swim Waves

Saturday Long Course Swim Waves

Wave Time Categories
Elite 8:29 AM Pros / EAGs
1 8:30 AM M39 & Under
Self Seed Swim Wave # 1
2 8:35 AM M40-49
Self Seed Swim Wave # 2
3 8:40 AM W54&Under
Self Seed Swim Wave # 3
4 8:45 AM M50+
Self Seed Swim Wave # 4
Bike/Run 9:10 AM Bike/Run – ALL (from bike racks)

Sunday Sprint Triathlon / Duathlon Waves & Awards Timing

Please note: The waves are spread-out over a long period of time owing to the short multi-lap nature of the course and the fact that we have fully closed roads on the bike course. This will ensure that all participants have a safe, fair and fun experience on the day with adequate room to ride.

*Registration will be open from 6:15 am through 9:30am. Please ensure you arrive at least one hour before the start of your wave to find parking and go through registration. We recommend clearing Transition least 30 minutes before the start of your wave to give yourself time to get ready.

Wave Time Categories
1 8:00 AM M34 & Under
2 8:10 AM M35-49
3 8:30 AM Duathlon – All (from run exit of Transition)
4 8:50 AM W34 & Under
5 9:00 AM W35-49
6 9:30 AM M50-59
7 9:40 AM W55+
Swim/Run – All

Awards/Post Race Prizing:

10:00AM – Sprint Triathlon Awards Waves 1 & 2

10:30AM – Sprint Duathlon Awards

11:00AM – Sprint Triathlon Awards Waves 4 & 5

11:45AM – Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon/Relay/Swim-Run Awards Waves 6 & 7


Sunday Give-It-A-Tri Swim Waves

Wave Time Categories
1 11:00 AM Super Sprint
All Men
2 11:10 AM All Women

Dealing with the “Bad” Days

In triathlon training there is a continuous battle between mind and body. Training is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, good days and bad days. There are amazing training days, where everything seems to be going your way, and there are horrible, tormenting training days, where all you want to do is give up. Through these tough, challenging, and defeating training days, we become stronger, more capable athletes, and even better versions of ourselves. These mentally and physically draining training days allow us, as athletes, to see that it is possible to push ourselves to new limits. However, we must push past the temporary moments of pain and negativity in order to allow ourselves to then learn and grow from them.

It has taken me quite some time to wrap my head around the idea that “bad” training days can be turned into something good. Being a very competitive individual, I have spent so much time being hard on myself, especially when I feel like I am not performing to the best of my abilities. At practice, I used to dwell on every negative thought going through my mind. These thoughts made me think and feel like I was a bad athlete. I had gotten into a regular routine of beating myself up when I was not swimming, cycling, or running at my best. After having an amazing training session, I would get so obsessed with the idea that all of my training sessions needed to be just as amazing. I would tell myself things like, “If I can swim/bike/run this fast and feel amazing doing so, there’s no reason I can’t do this every practice”. However, as smart athletes, we should know that this is never the case. We need time for our minds and our bodies to recover. In my mind, a practice where I was not hitting my fastest swim, bike, or run splits, felt like a step backward.

My coach and teammates at Edge Triathlon have played a huge role in getting me to think more positively about my training and my overall performance as an athlete. Having a “bad” training day does not equate to being a “bad” athlete. Every training session completed, whether it was a good one or bad, contributes to you becoming a stronger, more capable athlete. It is important to remember that a mediocre session is so much better than no session at all.

Tips that have helped me get through the “bad” days:
1) Don’t focus on giving 100% during every training session, as this will only burn you out. Instead, focus on staying controlled, consistent, and comfortable.
2) Don’t compare yourself and your training to your teammates or other athletes. This is very hard to do, especially when you train with a regular group. Instead, look at your own fitness level, where you have made improvements, how you have done so, and where/how you can make future improvements along the way.
3) Mind over matter! I cannot stress how important positivity is. During the tough, gruelling sessions talk to yourself and say things like, “You’ve got this”, and “You can do it”. Even if you don’t believe it first, repeat it over and over in your head and eventually you will begin to own it.
4) Find a group to train with. If there are no training groups around you, try and find a buddy to workout/train with. There are so many benefits to training with a group or a buddy. Sometimes all you need is motivation, encouragement, and support for others when working through hard sessions. Group or buddy training keeps you accountable, and makes training so much more enjoyable!

-Adriana Csanadi, Edge Triathlon


Welland Water Temperature Update – June 18, 2019

Water temperature as taken today by WIFC staff was measured at 19.5C.